Hippie Hairstyles for Men

When you think hippie hairstyles, you might picture luscious braids and flower crowns on beautiful women. But this bohemian style of wearing your hair isn’t exclusive to girls. Laidback, relaxed surfer boys and men who love dreads also fit into this chic hairstyle category.

A “hippie” is known to be someone with an unconventional look. Back in the day, it was almost synonymous with “oddball.” But in modern times, that hippie look can be edgy and outrageously attractive.

Thinking of sporting a more casual, chill, easygoing hairstyle? Emulate that cool hippie vibe with these hairstyles for men.

Men’s hippie hairstyles:

Long, Wavy Brown Hair a la Prince Charming

The OG hippies of the 70s loved wearing long hair and blowing in the wind. That’s exactly what this look tries to go for, but with a cleaner finish.

To look like a chill, laidback Prince Charming, ask your stylist for a cut that goes just a little past your shoulders. Add in some layers for some texture and a side part to complete the look.

Dreadlocks Worn Down

You can’t talk about hippie hair without mentioning dreadlocks even once! Locs are a massive part of hippie culture, especially for traveling nomads who want hair that is as low maintenance as possible. 

If you want a bold, dramatic look that’s sure to turn heads, consider getting dreadlocks installed in your hair.

The Man Bun

Not sure how to wear your long hair on a hot summer day? Beat the heat by putting your tresses up in a classic man bun. It takes less than a minute to brush your hair back and tie your hair up. 

If you want a more casual, carefree look, don’t use a brush at all! Just finger comb your hair back for a more natural, free-spirited effect.

Low Ponytail with Face-Framing Locks

Don’t care that much for a man bun? Try a low ponytail instead. This gives you the look of a sensitive artist type, which is awesome for musicians and introverts.

Put your medium or long hair in a low ponytail by tying it right at your nape. You can leave out a few strands by the hairline to frame your face for a free and easy vibe.

Thick, Messy Curls

Long hair doesn’t always have to go past your shoulders. You can maintain it to be short but still thick enough to show off your natural curls and waves.

When you rock this style, don’t forget to use wax or cream to style your locks and bring out your curls!

Classic Greaser Pompadour

The 60s and 70s weren’t only about long, messy hair. The greaser style was also all the rage back then. If you prefer a clean-cut look without the length, try rocking the classic pompadour. It’s sure to be a hit with the ladies and is also perfect in a professional setting.

Disconnected Undercut and Bun

This hairstyle combines a modern style with a hippie one—the trendy disconnected undercut with a man bun on top. 

This is a great haircut to sport if you live in a tropical climate. When it’s cool outside, you can simply wear your hair down. When it’s getting kind of hot, tie up your locks in a bun and feel the breeze on your shaven sides and nape.

Curly Mullet with Subtly Shaved Sides

Are you tired of how your coily, kinky curls give you a triangular mane? Give a more flattering shape to your locks by getting a mullet. This shows off your curls just the same, but without the frizz and afro-shaped mess that’s difficult to manage.

Long, Tamed Curls with a Matching Beard

Hippie meets biker in this beachy hairstyle matched with a thick, luscious beard. Maintaining long, curly hair is tough, but if you use a leave-in conditioner, you can bring out the natural beach waves and still keep your hair tame and frizz-free. Grow out a beard for that tough, grungy touch to match!

Turban Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are always gorgeous. But sometimes, they can feel a little heavy. One way to ease the weight off your roots and scalp is to tie up your dreads. A creative way to do so is with a scarf or turban. Make sure the tips of your dreads peek out at the top so you can still show them off!

Medium Afro and Short Beard

If you want an R&B and disco vibe to your hippie hairstyle, put your kinky, coily curls in an afro cut. Not one that is so big and cartoonish, but a medium-sized one that holds its shape nicely all day long. Pair it with a short beard for a sexy, sultry finish.

Ponytail Dreads

When it’s hot or windy out, try tying your dreadlocks up in a ponytail. It’s an excellent look for traveling or lounging at the beach. And since it keeps your locks out of your face, it’s super refreshing, too. Make sure to use a big, thick hair tie for this, so it doesn’t snap off.

Johnny Depp’s Vintage Bad Boy Look

If you want to emit moody, mysterious energy with your long, hippie hair, get it cut to this shaggy, medium length. Slick it back ever so slightly with a flexible-hold gel or oil, but make sure it’s still touchable and has a messy look to it. Light up a cigarette and watch women fawn over your bad boy look.

Curly Brushed Back Shag a la Harry Styles

Harry may seem like a pretty boy, but his hair has always been ruggedly handsome and hippie-like in terms of length and style. If you have curly hair, get a shag haircut and brush your mane back gently to achieve this casual look.

Medium Curly Hair with Hippie Headband

When you think hippie, this is probably the look that comes to mind—long disheveled hair pressed neatly with a headband that goes around your forehead. 

Not only is this a quintessential hipster look, but it also tames your hair while allowing you to show off your length. For extra pizzazz, use a colorful scarf as your headband.

Beachy Surfer Look with Layers

Emulate that beachy vibe wherever you go with this tousled, carefree hairstyle. Add layers to your long hair and shake it out a bit for a messy yet sexy finish. You can even put in some blonde highlights for that extra sun-kissed glow reminiscent of island vacations!

Highlighted Quiff Brushed Forward

If you want a more modern hippie look, go for a quiff. Instead of styling it upward to take the shape of a pompadour, brush it forward to look soft and wavy. 

You can add more attitude to this hair by creating blonde or silver highlights. If you want a cleaner finish, you can even shave some of the sides off to create a nice faded undercut.

The Bowl Undercut

The bowl cut was a popular haircut in the hippie generation, but it was never exactly “cool.” That is, until now. 

This undercut version of the bowl cut gives you that classic geometric bowl shape up top but tapers down to an undercut near the bottom to show some skin. It’s a great look on curly or wavy locks, which adds extra texture to the hair.

Curly Bohemian Fringe


Who says that bangs are only for straight or wavy hair? You can rock a fringe too, even with springy curls. Add thick, full bangs slightly above your eyes and pair them with a short mullet to accentuate your hair texture even more. This look will definitely earn you some double-takes on the street!

Medium-Length Dreadlocks a la Bob Marley

Dreads don’t have to be hip-length to make an impact. Even the great Bob Marley, king of dreadlocks and reggae, rocked medium-length dreads at some point. It’s an awesome way to showcase this protective style without adding so much weight and tension to your roots with long, heavy locks.

Careless Curly, Medium-Length Hair

If you have naturally wavy curls, consider yourself blessed. All you have to do to rock a hippie look is wear your hair down. Just style your hair with some curling cream to enhance your natural waves, and you’re all set! 

Play around with different hair part techniques like a middle or side part to see which is most flattering for your face shape.

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