Everybody goes through an anime discovery phase at some point. Some get into Pokemon or Card Captor Sakura in their elementary days, while others come across Studio Ghibli films or Attack on Titan on Netflix in their twenties. Whichever way you first learned about anime, it’s likely that you fell in love with it and never looked back.

There’s a lot to love about anime. The shows’ plots are intriguing and whimsical, and the characters are always fashion-forward. But another thing that’s special about anime is the unique hairstyles you’ll see in every series.

These anime hairstyles are so inspiring that anime enthusiasts go out of their way to recreate them in their own life. Whether you want to look like your fave anime character for a cosplay event or in your day-to-day, we’ve got you. Here are 30 anime hairstyles you should consider trying!

Anime Hairstyles In Real Life Examples:

Long, Spiky, Warm-Toned Dreads

Dreadlocks might be the last thing you think of sporting when you want to look like you’re in an anime. But if you style it to be spiky and play with colored extensions in red, yellow, and orange, it’s easy to pull off a fantasy villain look. Pair it with a badass outfit and dark eyeshadow, and you’ll be the perfect anime baddie.

Lilac Lob with Baby Bangs

Anime characters are known for the outrageous colors in their hair. Lilac purple is a shade that’s perfect for sophisticated girly girls. Cut your hair in a chic lob (note: a long bob!) and add in some baby bangs for that avant-garde touch that is a hallmark in anime looks.

Voluminous Silver Bob

If you have thick hair, you might be tempted to keep it long and color it with dramatic colors. But if you go short and go for a monochromatic tone, you’ll still look just as bold. Dye your hair a metallic silver or gray and cut it to a short bob. Then, tease the back to lift your hair a bit, giving it more volume.

Loose, Messy Bun

For a more youthful style, put your hair in a baggy bun—so much so that there are pretty little tendrils falling on each side of your face. This is perfect for cosplaying young female characters. Add in some pink ribbons for that kawaii look!

Tomboy Sidetails

Sidetails are popular among anime characters with a more tomboyish side. If you don’t mind how bold the layers look, you can try them out yourself. Cut your hair so that the sides are longer than the back part, with a harsh “disconnect” instead of a gradual one.

Edgy Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

If you want to look like an anime character without looking too flashy, a shaggy, shoulder-length style like this can work. Keep your hair long, and add some side-swept bangs for that anime heartthrob finish.

Short, Pink Hair with Natural Regrowth

Yuji Itadori fans will love this one! Cut your black hair short or medium length while leaving the underside of your head shaved. Color your locks hot pink, but leave the shaved part black for the look of “natural” regrowth.

Stacked Long Pixie Cut

Rock an anime-inspired cut that’s still suitable for the office—a short, stacked haircut. Get a pixie cut but make sure you ask your stylist to add in short layers. This will bring out that “stacked” and voluminous effect that females in anime always flaunt.

The “Hime” Cut

The hime cut (“princess” cut in English) is inspired by Japanese noblewomen of ancient times. The key is to create cheek-length locks on the sides of your face that complement the rest of your hair. In this style, the sidelocks are paired with a sleek bob. 

High Bun with Long Sidelocks

If you’re going to a formal event and want a sleek look that still has a touch of anime, this is the one for you. Put your hair in a high bun, but leave long locks that fall on each side of your face. The style keeps your hair out of your face, but you still tease those around you by showing just a little bit of your length.

Two-Toned Layered Shag

Shock people when you reveal different colors in your hair with this multi-toned shag! First, cut your hair in a shaggy, layered bob. Then, divide your hair into two lengthwise sections. Clip the top half up and color your hair a light shade, like yellow. Then, dye the top half a darker hue, like maroon. When you put your hair in a ponytail or half-updo, you’ll show off the two-toned shade!

Rogue Highlights + High Pony 

Jump on a recent highlighting trend while looking like Makio from Demon Slayer in one go. Get “Rogue” highlights by bleaching the frontal sections of your hair while leaving the back of your locks a darker shade. Then, put the unbleached locks in a high ponytail.

Purple and Green Bob

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Here’s another way to rock two-toned hair, this time with a straight-cut bob. Color the top of the hair purple and the lower part green. You may think that the colors won’t go together, but they’re a fabulous pop of color that still complement each other!

Mismatched Layers with Dyed Tips

Here’s an anime-inspired look that is sure to turn heads! Cut your hair so that your frontal area is cheek-length and the back of your head is super long. Then, dye your hair a bright, light color (like blonde or silver) and color just the tips a flashy, neon tone, like hot pink.

Half-White, Half-Red Mop 

If your kid loves Shoto from My Hero Academia, let him try out this hairstyle! Get their hair cut in a casual mop, and then part the hair down the middle. Color one side white blonde and the other a deep, rich red to look like the main protagonist of the manga!

Electric Blue Razor Cut

For the ultimate main character look, go for a razor cut and dye your locks the most scene-stealing color ever. A razor cut is great for adding edginess and that jagged, spiky look to your hair. We recommend dyeing it electric blue for that masculine touch!

Black and Maroon Inverted Bob

If you want a mysterious vibe, you can go for a sleek short cut with deep grungy colors. An inverted bob that is short in the back and long near the face is awesome for this because it’s subdued but still full of attitude. Colors like black, maroon, or deep violet would go well with this style. 

Neon Pink Waves with Highlights

Stand out from the crowd with neon tones. For a feminine hairdo, go for bright, neon pink on long hair. Put in a few soft highlights in shades of baby pink and silver to add dimension to your tresses. Don’t forget to curl your hair to add pretty waves!

Salmon Mane with Side-Swept Fringe

Here’s another take on pink hair—this time with a salmon shade that is more muted but still packs a vibrant punch! This color looks great on sleek, pin-straight hair. Show off the color more in your frontals by adding a fringe to your hair. A chunky, side-swept one looks best for this!

Bright Pink Reverse Mullet

A traditional mullet is short at the sides and longer at the back. For that outrageous anime touch, why not do it in reverse and add a light, vivid color to it? This reverse mullet is longer at the sides and is clipped towards the back. And need we say more about the bright pink hue? You’ll be sure to grab attention in any room with this hue!

Messy Shag with Baby Fringe

If you want to sport that iconic Princess Mononoke looks, you’ll be relieved to hear that it’s quite easy! Just cut your brunette hair in a short, messy shag and add a baby fringe near your hairline. Wear some eccentric, nature-themed jewelry pieces to complete the look.

Sultry Orange, Wavy Locks

This look is a cross between a beautiful anime character and a glamorous Japanese pop star. Dye your long hair the orange hue of your dreams (we prefer pastel or deep orange!) and part it down the middle for that trendy look. Style your tresses in waves for that bombshell effect.

Yellow and Green Choppy Hair

Hair that looks choppy and jagged is common in anime, so how do you stand out with this style? Simple—by adding pastel tones to your locks! Pastel shades like yellow and green go well with this style. Try it out at your next cosplay event.

Black and Blue Mullet

Get that emo anime look with a modern mullet—short on the sides and longer towards the tail. To look like the ultimate goth baddie, dye your hair in dark, vampiric colors. We love a black base with deep blue streaks, like in this style.

Red-Orange Undercut

Combine modern styles with anime-inspired colors! Get your usual undercut that’s long up top with shaved sides. Then, color your locks with gradient tones, like an orange that works its way up to a blazing red.

Fire Engine Red Mop

An easy way to grab people’s attention at the next anime convention is by sporting an eye-catching color. Deep, vibrant, fire engine red is one that always shocks people, even when it’s paired with a simple haircut like a shaggy mop.

Pretty Pigtails

Exude the cheery youthfulness of girls in anime with a classic pigtail style. This looks fantastic on super-long hair! Just part your hair down the middle to divide it into two sections. Put each one up in a high pigtail using bows or cut hairpins, and you’re done! Super kawaii!

Blue Jagged Mullet

Mullets are usually textured with waves and soft curls, but this one is more jagged as if it was carelessly cut with scissors. That gives it the ultimate anime touch. But to amp up the Japanese vibe, color it a deep electric blue!

Platinum Blonde Bob

Not every anime character’s hair is flashy. Some are just as impressionable with sleek styles in “natural” colors. One that is quite common in sophisticated female characters is a chic bob. Here’s an example in a platinum blonde hue.

Super Long Pigtail Braids

Sexy baddie meets adorable cutie in this braided pigtail style. This look just screams “protagonist in a fantasy video game,” so gamer girls will love it. Start by putting your hair in high pigtails. Then, put each one in a tight braid and secure it with an elastic band at the ends.


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