16 Long Hairstyles for Men

Let’s admit it—men aren’t the most adept at long-styling hair. Intricate braids and ponytails can be intimidating for any man, so putting their long tresses in a style that suits them is always a challenge. 

First, there are so many styles to choose from. Should you wear your hair down naturally or tie it up in a bun? Should you add some texture to it, or is it okay as it is?

Styling hair for everyday looks can be stressful for men with long hair. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. If you’re having trouble styling your long locks, just take your pick from this list of easy long hairstyles for men. Let’s jump right into it!

Long Hairstyles For Men:

Curly Man Bun

One of the easiest ways to fix your curly hair and get it out of the way is by putting it up in a quick man bun. Use a comb (or just your fingers!) to gather all your hair to the back of your head—preferably up high. Twist your hair into itself to make a bun shape, and secure it in place with a hair tie.

Long and Natural

Sometimes, when you’re having a good hair day, the best style to wear it in is down and natural. This is especially handsome when your hair is silky straight or has just a little bit of a wave to it. Experiment with different hair parts (middle, side, or slicked back) to see which one suits you best.

Ponytail Dreads

If you hate the upkeep that comes with thick, coarse, curly hair, put your locks in a protective style, like dreads. They’re low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about how to style them every day. When you want them out of your face a little more, you can always toss them in a ponytail like this.

Combover Mullet a la Joe Keery

If you want that 70s and 80s vibe, try your luck with growing your hair out in a soft mullet. Most mullets are short at the sides and longer at the back, but a combover mullet can be longer at the sides, too. Comb your hair to one side to give it that debonair touch.

Hair Half-Up, Half-Down

Want to get your hair out of your face but still show off how long your hair has gotten? The half-up, half-down style is perfect for you.

Take the top half of your hair and put it in a fast and easy bun—nothing too fancy. Leave the rest of your hair down so that people can see and appreciate your length!

Easy High to Mid Ponytail

A ponytail lets your hair swing behind you while keeping it in place. To do this, take all your hair and hold it taut to your head where you want your ponytail to sit. We recommend a high or middle position for an everyday ponytail. Then, simply tie it with a scrunchie or hair band.

Slicked Back Style

Show off that gorgeous forehead while still wearing your hair down. It’s all a matter of slicking your hair back just right so that it doesn’t look like the top of your hair is flat. Instead of using gel or grease, slick your locks back with pomade or wax, so you retain that volume and hold.

Thick, Voluminous Afro

Got long, coarse, curly hair and don’t know what to do with it? Embrace your Afro roots by sporting one of the community’s signature looks—the classic afro! Make sure to style your hair with curling creams and gels to bring out the tight, defined curls.

Long and Soft, But Spiky a la SUGA of BTS

It’s easy for your hair to look too soft and rounded when you have long, shoulder-length hair. One way to bring back the edginess to your hair is to style it with soft spikes. 

Use a bit of wax to style your hair and make it look thick and effortlessly messy, and then use a flat iron to give your ends a few flyaways like the SUGA of BTS.

Double French Braid Bun

Who said braids were only for girls? This double French braid look will be terrific on any man who wants to add a bit of boldness and oomph to their regular bun.

Put your hair in two French braids that stop right where you want the bun to start. Then, gather all the hair and put it into your favorite man bun.

Silver Mullet a la RM of BTS

When it comes to rocking long hair, no one does a better job than the men of K-pop. They always have a way of making it look glamorous and dramatic but still casual and cool. If you want an extra wow factor to your long hair, style it in a mullet and dye it an outrageous color, like metallic silver.

The Long, Messy Undercut

Undercuts are known to be sleek and short, but you can also get a trendy haircut and maintain your length too. Just ask your barber to trim your sides super short but still keep the top of your hair long and luscious. Wear it combed to one side for a dashing look.

Multiple Box Braids

Look like your favorite rapper or basketball all-star by putting your curls in protective box braids. Not only will they keep your hair in place even as you dance all night, but they’ll also make you look super trendy and Instagram-worthy. If your hair is long enough, you can even put them up in pigtails and ponytails!

Braids and Half-Up Combo

Do something a little more daring with your hair by combining two or more hairstyles from this list! This hairdo puts together the classic braid on one side of the head and the neat, princely half-updo to keep the hair away from the face. The result is a handsome, fantast-like look!

Low Ponytail

Having long hair can get many men in trouble, especially in formal and professional settings. But there are always styles that you can put your hair in to look a little more appropriate and put together. One of these is the clean and tidy low ponytail. Pair it with a suit or tux for your next event!

Slicked-Back Top and Multiple Braids

Here’s another hairstyle combining two hairdos we’ve already seen—the slicked-back style and multiple braids. Instead of starting your braids at the roots, slick your hair back and tie it in two or three ponytails by the nape. Then, create multiple braids from those ponytails, allowing them to drape down your shoulders.

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