Many women prefer long, luscious, waist-length hair that blows in the wind and makes them look like a fairytale princess. But edgy, daring, fashion-forward women like it a little different. For some of them, the shorter, the better. And boy, does short hair on women look good!

The thing is, it’s not that easy to style short hair. Those with long locks can easily sweep their hair in a high ponytail or adorn their locks with butterfly clips and clamps. This is difficult to achieve when it comes to short hair.

Have you recently gotten the big chop and don’t know how on earth to style your bangin’ new hair length? Don’t worry—there are lots of ways to make it look cute, elegant, and oh-so-spicy! Check out these 16 short hairstyles for women of any age.

Short Hairstyles For Women:

Naturally Curly Pixie

Most people think that curly hair and short hair don’t work together. If short hair is curly, it’s going to look poofy. But as long as you style your natural curls with a cream or gel to tame the frizz and boost the definition, it’s going to look stunning! It even works on super short haircuts, like the classic pixie.

The Sophisticated Blunt Bob

If you want a haircut that you can just wash and blow-dry, you’ll love a blunt bob. It’s still pretty long, just hitting a little below your chin, but it’s the quintessential short haircut for any metropolitan gal. It’s perfect for lazy days but also for evening occasions and a professional setting. Add some wispy curtain bangs too, for a softer touch!

Curly Afro

The thing with super kinky, curly hair is that even if you grow your hair long, it will still look short because of how much the hair shrinks when dry. Some black women hate this, but embracing your voluminous, fluffed-out ‘fro is easy when you have the right haircut. Ask your stylist for layers to get the most out of your natural afro.

The Femme Pompadour

Cut your hair into a pixie length and brush it back into an androgynous pompadour if you want an edgier, bolder look. It looks great with shaved sides!

This hairstyle is great for any age but especially for more mature women in their forties or fifties who want to amp up the glam and sophistication.

Sideswept Short Shag

A lot of women don’t want to cut their hair short because they’re scared it may look like they don’t have any hair left. But if you play around with your hair part, like doing a little side-swept swoop of your bangs, it creates a lot more volume in your short locks. This is another excellent hairdo for women over 50.

Soft Bob with Side Part

If a blunt bob is too harsh for you, you can go for a softer bob with the ends flipped inward for a friendlier vibe. Add a side part to your hair for a more flattering finish that doesn’t accentuate any big facial features!

Bubble Side Braids

Here’s a youthful, trendy style for shoulder-length hair—side bubble braids! Instead of going for the usual Dutch or French braids, which can be too complex for beginners, do bubble braids with a few elastic bands going down your hairline and spilling onto the sides of your face to frame it. Don’t forget to leave a thin lock of hair on each side of the hairline to act as cute tendrils!

Braided Bob a la Marsai Martin

Who says women with African hair can’t rock a glamorous bob? Just get the big chop and put your short hair in thick braids and locs of the same length. For added glitz, you can also put some sparkly or colorful beads on your ends, much like Marsai does in this hairstyle. 

Braided Pigtails

Pigtails seem too childish, so if you want a super young look, you might want to opt for braids instead. Divide your hair down the middle to section it into two. Then, braid your hair in your favorite style, going down your hairline and into the back of your head. Style your edges so that they stay in place, and you’re done!

Braided Half-Up Space Buns

When you have short hair, it’s hard to put your locks up in a high bun. Why not go for a half-up look instead? Here’s one that’s perfect for concerts and music festivals—half-up space buns! 

Instead of putting all your hair in the buns, do it with the top third of your hair instead. Add some braids before putting your hair up in buns for a charming finish.

Double Dutch Braids

Double braids are usually associated with girls with long hair, but it looks super cute on short hair, too, even if the braids don’t drape across your shoulders that much. 

Part your hair down the middle and create a Dutch braid on each side, making sure to grab a little hair from your head as you go so that they stay in place. Secure each braid with a hair tie when you get to the ends.

Messy One-Length Shag with Full Fringe

If a bob is too clean and structured for you, go instead with a messy shag. For a more relaxed vibe, add a full fringe to it. The key to rocking this hairdo is not styling it meticulously. Don’t drown it in gels and creams—just wear it au naturel!

Hair Half-Up a la Kendal Jenner

Even Instagram’s it-girls are wearing their hair short! One of Kendall Jenner’s go-to hairstyles, when she has downtime, is a half-updo. This is convenient for girls with hair too short to be put in a high ponytail. Gather half of your hair up and tie it, and you’re done.

Sleek Low Ponytail

Short hair can’t be raised in a regular ponytail. But what you can do is put it in a super low and sleek pony. Comb your hair and tame any flyaways with your favorite gel or hair oil. Then, gather all your locks near your nape and tie them with an elastic band. It’s an easy glam look for night events!

Face-Framing Braids

Wear your hair down while keeping the hair nearest your face in place by putting them in easy braids. To achieve this trendy look, simply take a half-inch-thick section of hair on each side of your face and put them in quick and easy plaits.

Braided Half-Up Look

Here’s an interesting take on the half-updo. Instead of just grabbing half your hair and putting it up, create a thick braid near each temple. Make them meet halfway towards the back of your head and pin them together. This is an adorable look for young girls and teens. Add a heart-shaped clip for more cuteness!


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