When we talk about men’s hair, we usually only categorize length in two ways—long and luscious, or short and sleek. But the in-between medium length can be handsome and dashing too, as long as you know how to style it properly.

A lot of men don’t keep their hair in a medium length because it’s kind of awkward. It’s not necessarily short, but it definitely can’t be called long. So, it tends to just look like a messy shag that can’t be fixed.

But believe us when we say that medium-length hair can look incredibly attractive. Because it’s technically both short and long, it can look sleek and neat but also effortless and breezy. Check out these 20 haircut ideas for men with medium-length hair to see what we mean. Who knows—maybe you can find your next medium-length hairstyle somewhere on this list!

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men:

Tousled, Floppy Hair a la Andrew Garfield

Because medium-length hair is a bit thick and chunky but never unmanageably long, it’s perfect for that sexy, tousled, “just got out of bed” look. It never leaves your hair looking frizzy or poofy like long hair. Instead, you get a charming, boyish look like Andrew Garfield’s.

Clean, Straight Bob Cut

The blunt bob is quite popular among girls, but it also has a stunning effect when men wear it—specifically men with naturally straight hair. A haircut until just below the chin is ideal for this look.

Pro tip: ask your stylist for a blunt, one-length cut when you get a bob. The thickness at the ends of your hair will force your tops to flip out just a tiny bit, adding a little bit of texture to your hair.

Naturally Curly Layers a la Timothee Chalamet

Medium-length hair looks quite princely on naturally curly or wavy hair, like Timothee Chalamet’s. Ask your barber to add in some shorter layers at the top of your hair just to create more texture and volume. We recommend leaving your hair as is with little to no product when wearing it this way to keep it as authentic-looking as possible.

Pompadour with Greaser Swirl

If you love the greaser aesthetic of the 60s, check out this look. The pomp is a classic short haircut, but if you shaved your sides and keep the hair longer than usual at the top, you can retain your medium length. Use some hair gel or oil to comb your hair into a sleek swirl at its ends, and you’ve got yourself that old-school greaser swagger.

Blown-Out Hair

To get that perpetually blown-out appearance in your locks, ask your barber to cut up some layers in your wavy hair. Then, take the time to actually blow your hair out with a hair dryer even just for 10 minutes in the morning. Use your fingers to comb back your hair, creating a subtle slicked-back look.

Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs a la Jungkook of BTS

For that instant K-pop vibe, add some face-framing curtain bangs to your shaggy, wavy, medium-length hair. If you can, wear some rollers in those bangs overnight to create a small wave when you wake up the next day. This frames your face perfectly without making it look like you tried too hard.

Medium-Sized Afro

If you’ve got coarse, tight curls with a lot of shrinkage, try wearing your hair naturally in an afro. Hair of medium length is perfect for afros because it’s not too long to create a big, poofy, heavy ‘fro that weighs you down. At the same time, it’s not too short that your afro looks awkward and barely there. It’s luscious, voluminous, and just right.

Box Braids a la Jordan Clarkson

Another way to wear your medium-length curly hair is by putting them in a protective style, like box braids. This is a hairdo that’s popular among athletes and hip-hop artists because it oozes style and creativity while keeping your hair more manageable on the day-to-day.

The Dreadlocked Quiff

If you prefer your hair to be tall and upright instead of falling on your shoulders, consider styling them in a quiff haircut, which is the combination of a pomp and a mohawk. To add extra drama to your hair, put your hair in dreadlocks too. This bold look is sure to attract some attention from the ladies.

Combover with a Shaved Side

Gunning for an edgy, tough look? This one might be more up your alley. Put your medium-length hair in a combover style by brushing all of it on one side of your head. Then, take your clippers and shave down the other side of your head. The contrast of medium length on one side and buzzed hair on the other will make an impression on anyone you meet. 

Thick and Spiky

Thick, straight hair looks amazing with a bit of spikiness, so why not add sharp, jagged layers to your hair to achieve that unique look? Not a lot of people will be brave enough to rock this haircut, but if you don’t need to look super professional in an office setting every day, it’s worth a shot.

Shaggy Cut with Wispy Bangs

Complement your shaggy, low-maintenance cut with an element that looks a bit more meticulously styled—soft, wispy bangs. This look gives you a boy-next-door charm without ever making your hair look heavy, the way thicker bangs would. 

Mullet with Temple Fade

Retro-inspired mullets have been making a resurgence these days. Some men (and even women) with long and medium-length hair love to style their locks this way. 

If you want to rock this classic cut but still make your hairstyle a bit different from everyone else’s, shave off your sides in a temple fade. This emphasizes the distinct shape of a mullet while making your haircut breezier.

Wet, Slicked-Back Look

For a sultry look oozing with sex appeal, style your hair with lots—and we mean lots—of hair oil while slicking it back. You can either use a comb or your fingers for this as long as you can keep your hair brushed back in a messy, natural, imperfect way.

Undercut Styled in a Bun

Trying to beat the heat in the summer months? Retain your medium length while still cooling down by getting an undercut. Get creative when showing off the shaved areas. Some ideas to do that are to put your hair up in a bun or create small braids in the front of your face.

Pin-Straight, Side-Swept Emo Hair

Channeling the emo-ness in your soul? Express that gothic style with a side-swept look, like this one. Make sure to keep your hair super straight to achieve the classic emo look. Pair it with some eyeliner, and you’ll be looking like a punk rock heartthrob right away.

Bowl Cut a la Mick Jagger

Prove that you don’t give a care in the world what people say by rocking a dramatic look, like this bowl cut made popular by The Beatles and Mick Jagger in the 60s. It’s a look that will raise eyebrows in modern times, but it’s stylish and has a hipster vibe nonetheless.

Curly Fauxhawk

Wearing an afro isn’t the only way to show off your natural curls. If you don’t want to deal with such poofy, heavy hair but still show people your defined curls, get a fauxhawk cut—not quite a mohawk, but still shaved in the sides.

Skater Boy Cut with Flipped-Out Layers

Emulate street style with a haircut reminiscent of the boys at the skate park. Make sure to get layers in your hair to get that extra texture and movement in your locks. If you can, use a flat iron to flip out the ends of your hair for that extra sharpness.

Tall, Anime-Inspired Hair

If you’re an anime lover, you might find this one interesting. Using wax or pomade, slick your hair back while keeping it tall and voluminous to get that anime villain look. It looks perfect with dark hair, but will work on any shade too!


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