Hair length trends for women change like the seasons. Sometimes, androgynous pixie cuts are in. And then one year later, we’ll see that long, hip-length ponytails are all the rage.

But men’s hair is a little more straightforward. No matter the year, decade, or season, short hair seems to be the go-to. It’s sleek, easy to work with, and not that hard to maintain, which is why laidback guys love it.

What’s awesome about short hair is that there are a bunch of different ways you can wear it. Short locks on men are surprisingly versatile. Don’t believe us? Allow us to prove it to you. Here are 20 short hairstyles every guy should try out at least once in their life.

Short Hairstyles For Men:

The Undercut with Skin Fade

A short haircut that will never go out of style is the undercut. A crowd-favorite, the trend of shaving your sides and keeping the hair long and lush at the top doesn’t seem like it’s going to die out soon. The look is clean and polished, but the smooth and suave skin fade can give any man a bit of a bad boy streak.

The Caesar Cut with Baby Bangs

If you want a look that’s kind of eccentric but isn’t flashy or over-the-top, try a Caesar cut. It’s a short haircut that gives you a blunt fringe. While a lot of men make sure their horizontally cut bangs cover most of their forehead, super short baby bangs are a great option if you want to earn a few double-takes from passersby.

Shaggy, Unkempt Caesar

Here’s another version of the Caesar cut. Except this time, the bangs aren’t cut as bluntly or as short, so there’s more wispy texture and softness to the look. The hair is left longer as well, falling right above the eyes for a sultry, rugged look. Pair this haircut with shaved sides, and you can get that sexy skater-boy look going.

Heartthrob Pompadour

When it comes to sleek and dreamy short haircuts for men, the pompadour is one that always makes the list. It’s a favorite hairstyle among male models and actors because of the air of sophistication and prestige it gives off. Try adding this much volume and height to your hair the next time you attend a wedding or formal dinner.

Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut is when there’s a sharp and noticeable contrast between where the shaved sides end and the top of the hair begins. There’s little to no fade between your sides and your hair with this one, so it’s definitely for those who want something bolder than a regular undercut but isn’t anywhere near gaudy.

Blonde Buzz Cut

A buzzcut is quite common among men who love that masculine military man look. It’s so common that it can get a little boring if you’ve been sporting it for years. One way to spruce things up is by hopping on the trend of bleaching your buzz cut and dyeing it blonde. It adds a bit more spice and character to the regular old buzz.

Fauxhawk with Mid Fade

If you’re gunning for a rock-and-roll look that isn’t too dramatic or daring, you could opt for something that gives you the illusion of being grunge without having to commit to a wild haircut. How? With the classic fauxhawk. Get shaved sides with a mid fade and style your hair with wax or pomade upwards and to the center to achieve this look.

Short Waves with Middle Part

Having a middle part as a guy can be strange. It can make you look like a high school student in the 80s if you’re not careful. But if you style it with perfect waves positioned to look like face-framing curtain bangs, you’ve got yourself a hard-hitter. Wear this stylish look to look playful and trendy.

Spiky Hair with Very Low Fade

Nothing screams “nineties” as much as spiky hair. But if you pair this classic look with something modern—like shaved sides—you can reinvent it and make it look hip and in fashion. 

Not ready to commit to shaved sides? Go for a very low fade that starts just above your ear so that not too much of your scalp is exposed.

Short Bowl Cut

Have an unconventional streak that you want to show off in a unique hairstyle? Consider getting a short bowl cut! Instead of having it fall by your chin, get it short so that it doesn’t even go below your ears. A shorter bowl cut is sleeker and more modern-looking than a long one, too.

Clean Scissor Cut with No Fade

Not a fan of these outrageous, overly trendy haircuts? Don’t go for gimmicks and opt instead for a classic, fuss-free short scissor haircut. Because your barber will use just scissors on your hair, you won’t have any of those flashy fades and undercuts. You’ll just rock short hair the old-fashioned way—clean and collected with a boyish charm.

The Neat Combover

If you want to look put-together for a special occasion or meeting at work, you could style your short hair in a combover. Neatly brush your hair to one side and lock it in place with your favorite styling products. Using gel or pomades can add a nice sheen to the hair, which goes perfectly with this style.

The Manly Flat Top

Here’s a cool one for those who love manlier-looking haircuts. The flat top is a macho hairstyle where your hair is cut straight and steady at the top. The result is hair that looks flat at the top from whichever angle people look at you from. It makes for a staggering side profile!

Short Curls with Skin Fade

Curly hair is usually a pain to manage. It gets poofy and frizzy all the time. But you can make styling curly hair a breeze by shaving your sides with a skin fade. That way, you’ll have a trendy undercut-like look while still showing off your luscious, defined curls up top.

Drop Fade Braids

Much like with curls, a skin fade looks awesome with braids as well. We recommend a drop fade if you want to shave your sides while sporting braids. That way, you can preserve a lot of your hair at the back to show off your thick, lovely braids.

Nelly-Inspired 360 Waves

These 360 waves were popularized by Nelly in the 90s, but black men with short hair still look hot and captivating today when they wear their hair like this. The trick is to use a soft bristle brush when brushing your hair forward and back. Brush as much as you can to bring the waves out, creating that 360-degree pattern. Diligence is key!

Butch Cut with Razor Lines

Elevate something as plain as a short butch cut by shaving a few razor-thin lines on the sides of your head. This creates an urban street-style look that is playful and daring—perfect for teens and those in their early twenties who just want to YOLO.

The Classic Crew Cut

But if you’re the complete opposite of the YOLO-ing type, you might be in the mood for something cleaner and doesn’t need as much maintenance—like the classic crew cut. This good boy look is great on anyone, no matter your hair color or texture.

Short and Thick Mohawk

If you’re committed to the grunge aesthetic and want a haircut that will allow you to live by it daily, get a legitimate mohawk. However, don’t go for those overly long and tall ones dyed in weird colors—those don’t look sleek or professional. Go instead for a thick and short mohawk you can wear every day.

The Short Mullet

Mullets are usually long and voluminous up top. But if you hate the idea of maintaining long hair, you can also rock the retro look in a shorter style. Keep the hair in front short as well, so that it doesn’t get into your eyes!


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