Even if men sport long, luscious, healthy hair, they never know how to style it to make it look nice and flattering. And it’s understandable—they’re not as detail-oriented as women when it comes to hair (and looks in general!).

Most men with long hair probably just wash it and go without thinking creatively about how to frame their face with their locks, or how they can get the hair out of their face while looking handsome and manly. But what men don’t realize is that their long hair is insanely versatile.

Are you a long-haired guy desperate for ideas on how to style your hair to make it look a little cooler? We’re here to help. Here are 20 hairstyle ideas for men with long hair.

Hairstyles For Men With Long Hair:

Silky Straight and Down

The easiest way to style your long hair is by wearing it down. And that doesn’t always mean just having it natural and freshly washed. If you have textures like waves and curls in your hair and hate how that translates to frizz when you wear your hair down, you can iron your tresses until they’re pin-straight. This style looks amazing on Asian men especially.

Wavy Locks with a Clean Middle Part

If you want that laidback surfer vibe, wear your hair in easy, tousled waves. This effortless look is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair, but you can also give your locks a hand with a hair dryer post-shower to achieve those waves. To make sure the waves frame your face nicely and neatly, part your hair down the middle.

Naturally Frizzy Rockstar Hair

But not all guys want to look overly clean and put together. Some of us are rough around the edges, so it only makes sense that your rugged personality shows in your hair too. So, don’t be afraid to wear your curly, textured hair naturally. The more frizz, the better—you’ll look more relaxed and carefree that way.

Curly Half-Ponytail

If you want to show off your long curls but not have to deal with your hair getting into your eyes, pull half of your mane back in a quick and easy ponytail. That way, people will see more of your forehead and facial features but also admire your long, luscious tresses.

Half-Up Bun

Another version of the half-up look is putting half your hair in a bun instead of a ponytail. This gives you a more masculine, samurai-inspired look, so it’s perfect if you want a more boyish charm to your hair while keeping it away from your face. Pair it with a well-groomed beard, and you’ll look quite valorous.

Undercut Bun with White Highlights

This bold, showstopping look is great if your goal is to have people look at you with shock and awe. 

First, get a disconnected undercut where your sides are shaved but your remaining hair up top is still very long. Then, add white streaks and highlights to your locks for some lightness. Finish the look off by putting your hair in a bun, and you’ve got the most scene-stealing hairdo in any room you walk into.

Low Ponytail

If your only goal is to keep your unmanageable hair away from your shoulders and face, tie it up in a ponytail. It’s a quick and convenient way to tame your strands and hold them in place as you do your work for the day. To avoid making it look gaudy and flashy, keep the ponytail low, never high.

Fluffy Perm with Messy Bangs a la Taehyung of BTS

Nail that coveted K-pop look by getting a smooth, wavy perm in your long, shaggy hair. Make sure your curls fall on your face in wispy, messy bangs for that youthful and carefree vibe as well. You’ll look just like BTS member Taehyung, who is known for his effortlessly fluffy hair!

Side Braids in Long, Straight Hair

Straight hair can get old really fast. If you want to spice things up a bit while still showing off your shiny mane, add some accents like side braids. This will make your look more unique and distinctive while subtly framing your face. You can do any type of side braid you want, from French to fishtail braids.

Slicked Back Bad Boy Look

Look daring and dangerous with this super simple hairstyle. All you have to do is grab your favorite hair oil or gel and slick back your long hair. Make sure to use your fingers for this and not a brush, so that you get a tousled, natural-looking result instead of one that is too clean and contrived.

Retro Mullet

If you want to emit a vintage, retro vibe with a dash of rock and roll, you’ll love a long mullet like this one. Cut your hair so that the front areas are shorter than the back portions. To make them extra dramatic and grungey, you can even add purple lowlights to your locks.

The Classic Afro

Look like a seventies disco star by embracing your curly hair’s natural shrinkage and flaunting a groovy afro, like this one. Its poofy appearance is a classic, timeless look that never goes out of style, so don’t be worried that it looks too flashy. It’s an awesome way to celebrate African-American heritage.

Curly Pony with Shaved Sides

Here’s another look to try out if you have kinky, coarse curls. Get an undercut so that you have a skin fade by your sides that turn into long, curly hair by your temples. Then, show off those shaved areas by tying your hair in a pony. Leave out some small curls near the front of your face for a casual, laidback style.

Dreadlocks Worn Down

Dreads are a fantastic protective style to go for if you want to keep your hair long and healthy without having to do much work to style it. It’s already a statement hairstyle as it is, so you don’t need to worry about putting it in intricate braids or ponytails just to make your hair look good.

Dreadlock Undercut

If you want to add a more modern touch to your dreadlocks, get an undercut before installing your dreads. This creates a nice effect of a smooth skin fade topped with thick and strong dreads. Tie your hair up in a quick ponytail to show off your shaved skin, and you’ve got a super trendy hairdo.

Dreadlock Bun and Bandana

Here’s yet another way to style your dreads, this time one that’s perfect for beating the heat in the summer. Gather your dreads in a loose high bun. Then, accessorize with a bandana and wear it as a band wrapped around your head.

Box Braids

If you want a neat and structured protective style, opt for box braids. These braids are thinner than dreadlocks, so they give you more flexibility and movement to show off your hair length as you walk down the street. This hairstyle makes you look like a cross between a heartthrob surfer boy and everyone’s favorite rapper.

Pastel-Colored Braided Bun with Shaved Sides

Look extra edgy with this ultra-daring, phenomenal hairstyle. First, shave the sides and bottom area of your hair. Install some braids in your remaining hair, adding some pastel-colored extensions while you’re at it. Lastly, put your hair up in a loose bun to show off your new color and shaved sides.

Silver “Braided Braid” Mohawk

Here’s one more style that is sure to earn a few double-takes and stares. Start off with a long mohawk and dye it an outrageous color, like metallic silver. Install some braids in your locks (box braids are fine) and then braid those braids to create one long, chunky three-strand braid.

Tribal Single Braid

This serene look gives off that tribal, native vibe with a sexy, modern touch. The best part is it’s super easy to do. 

Get your sides trimmed in a high skin fade while leaving the rest of your hair long. From there, simply tie your hair in a sleek, smooth ponytail before weaving it in a quick braid all the way to the ends.  


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