Cool Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

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Beauty and style go side by side when it comes to fashion, so make a statement entry with cool cornrow braid hairstyles! Look forward to a cool compilation of cornrows in the article below.

Hair makes a striking impact on the personality of an individual, and a good hairstyle changes your entire look. This is a guide to cornrow braid styles. This particular hairstyle is popular because of its unique and classic look. 

Messy hair is no longer a problem since you can manage them into a beautiful cornrow style with a little effort. 

Numerous salons are offering their services to provide the latest cornrow braids, but with little guidance, you can also do it yourself at home. All it requires is patience.

All you need to do is wash your hair, apply a gel on semi-dry hair, and start braiding. Yes, it’s that simple! 

Cornrow braid hairstyles:

Cornrow braid hairstyles are your classic braids with a twist, these braids are made straight from the scalp or closer to the scalp in a pattern you like, but mostly in a straight lines and patterns.

What Are Cornrows?

Cornrow styles take their roots in the African traditions, where people love to tie their hair in braided hairstyles. However, it’s becoming popular in many Asian and European countries apart from African traditions. 

If you know how to braid your hair, you are halfway there to understand cornrow braid styles. The basic braids are associated with sections of hair, while cornrows are associated with the scalp. 

Cornrow braids are attractive and protective. With a little effort, they are simple to make. If you are dealing with frizzy hair and making things easy by handling the hair tangles, cornrow is just for you. 

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This chic hairstyle is popular amongst both genders, and it has become the signature hairstyle for some people because of its versatility and effortless making. 

You may be wondering how cornrow braid styles are different and make a style statement. Let’s have a look at why?

Why Choose Cornrow Braids?

Like clothing, hairstyles play a significant role in representing your personality. If you choose a different hairstyle every time you make an entry, it makes a positive impact on others’ minds. 

A good hairstyle will make you feel fresh and confident while doing your routine work. Cornrow style is a practical hairdo for working people. It provides a classy and dapper look that is super easy to make and requires less effort. 

Cornrow braids represent freedom and flexibility because you can make numerous design patterns with them. In case you are tired of your braid style, you can pull them out and enjoy a fresh hairdo before washing your hair.

So basically, it’s fun to make cornrows, and you can go days without worrying about styling your hair. Sounds convenient! Right? Let’s learn how to make them.

How To Cornrow Braid Your Hair? 

Super easy to maintain, cornrows are a protective hairstyle. It takes a few hours to make this style, but once you are done, you can forget about styling yourself for the next few days.

As tedious as they may seem, making cornrow braids is not difficult. Below is a step-by-step guide for learning how to make cornrow braids. 

Step 1: Prepare your hair.

First, wash your hair and apply a hydrating gel to semi-dried hair. It will prevent frizzing and help style hair smooth. Also, the hydrating gel will help boost the volume of hair and make frizzy hair manageable.

Step 2: Choose a cornrow style 

It’s essential to choose one style among so many cornrow braids. So pick a style that matches your personality and goes well with your hair length. 

Step 3: Make proper hair sections. 

It’s challenging to take proper sections. So, you must learn the appropriate method of taking a hair section with accurate hair volume. It’s convenient to take hair from the front and back, both sides, and back to the front. 

It would be best to use a tail comb to section your hair properly. It has a sharp pointed end that helps part hair without any trouble. The comb end will help detangle the hair. 

Comprehensive sectioning will allow you to start your cornrow braid styles with ease. You can do the sectioning quickly if you have a reference picture or have seen a styling tutorial beforehand.

Step 4: Start braiding with small sections.

First, you should go with small sections. If you are a beginner, taking small sections will help you master your skills, and you can gradually try bigger ones. 

Step 5: Keep Adding hair gradually. 

You can start by pulling small hair every time and braid them nicely downward. For a consistent look, add an equal amount of hair each time. 

Continue braiding the hair while adding hair from the braided part to the cornrow. This is the step when a braid becomes a cornrow and must attach to the scalp.

Step 6: Detangle the hair sections

However, detangling natural hair as you make your way down is required. You don’t need to pull your hair apart. Simply flow your fingers in your hair or use a soft comb. 

If you have straight and smooth hair, you don’t need to detangle your hair, but if you have frizzy hair, you need proper brushing to make a cornrow. 

Step 7: Secure the ends

You can continue the braiding process till you get the final outcome. Now, it’s important to secure the ends with a mini rubber band or make a curl to avoid unwinding. 

Step 8: Repeat this process for the whole head

You can repeat this process to take sections and make your braid style nicely. So, it’s easy to make cornrow braid styles if you love the styling. 

This style will help you to take a break from chemicals and expensive hair treatments while staying in your natural outlook. 

Now that you are done making the cornrows, you must be worried about their durability. Let’s see how long cornrow braids remain in shape. 

How long do cornrow braids last?

Depending on the hair health and the weather conditions, cornrows usually last for two-eight weeks.

If your routine exposes you to dirt and pollution for longer periods during the day, then you may require washing your hair frequently.  

So, managing your cornrow braid for several weeks is not possible in that condition because the external atmosphere affects your hair badly.  

Also, if you have thin hair, you should not tie hair for a longer time and make a change after a few days. Thus, changing your style often is better for healthy hair life. 

You can braid your hair in box style for a simpler and stylish look with less maintenance. It’s not only simpler but a convenient style for working women.

Moreover, cornrow braids are associated with so many styles and versatility. It will be best to provide you with a comprehensive review of each style with minimal maintenance. 

Below mentioned is a styling list for you to pick and choose from.

Pigtail Cornrows

Pigtail or twin tail cornrows are associated with two long sections of the head and braid the hair nicely. But you can do a single pigtail cornrow for your convenience.

The best thing is that it may last for 6 to 8 weeks, and you don’t need to comb your hair daily. 

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Beaded Cornrows

It’s an impressive idea to enhance your cornrows with beads. Beads elevate the hairstyling and provide a dapper look to your personality. 

You can use various colors and sizes of beads to empower your cornrow braid styles

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Cornrows Braided into a Bun

When you get tired of your cornrow braids, you can make a bun for a change. Wondering how to make a bun by using pigtail or long cornrow braid style? 

Let’s have a look. 

  • Make two pigtails with your hair
  • Make sure both the pigtails are braided and tied with a hair tie.
  • If you want to add volume to the braid, you can gently pull them apart. 
  • Wrap one braid around the pigtail’s base in a spiral.
  • Make a bun with bobby pins.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the head.


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Half Cornrow-Half Box Braid

If you have thick hair strands, we recommend half cornrow half box braids. The other name is micro braiding for this style. You can do it by taking a larger hair section. 

It will be finished in less time, and you can remove the cornrow whenever you want.

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Blond Cornrows

Many people love to dye their hair, and it looks more stylish when you braid your dyed hair in cornrows. I have seen many people go with a half blond or full blond head. 

So, to make them more fashionable, you can do cornrow braids. A living example of a blond cornrow is singer Rihanna, who looks beautiful and elegant with her hairstyle statement.

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Cornrow With Curls and Braids

It’s not easy to make cornrows braid styles with curls. You have to treat your hair before going to make cornrows. So, apply some gel or cocoa buttercream for extremely dry and damaged hair. 

Now, make small sections and start making cornrows until you are done. 

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Cornrow Side Braid

Everyone loves style and wants to look different by adopting good hairstyling. Cornrow side braid is equally unique as the full braided head. 

Again, you have to section your side hairs in equal parts and start braiding with small sections until you get the final look. Hence, never forget to secure the end with mini rubber bands. 

Moreover, a cornrow side braid is known as a lemonade braid, and it’s common among many celebrities and university students.

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Cornrows with Extensions

If you have smooth or silky hair, you can add simple extensions to your small hair length. Hence, extensions will increase the volume of hair and will let you make any style without any hassle. 

You can make long cornrow braids or a bun according to your needs. So, never forget to choose the extensions that could easily fix your scalp. 

However, you can choose the dyed or single-color extension to boost your cornrows. Cornrows with extensions are more popular because of their style versatility. They are not actually a Dutch braid style, but it closely resembles the Dutch style braid.

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Two Cornrow Braids

Two cornrow or double Dutch braids are easy to make with a proper sectioning technique. First, make two sections of hair. 

Then, start braiding with the help of each section. If you have jumbo cornrows, the two cornrow braids can last for 2 to 8 weeks.

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Cornrow Braids with Natural Hair

Cornrow is a protective hairstyle and is extremely suitable for natural hair. You can make a half head cornrow and a ponytail to look more elegant or make a bun for a stylish and beautiful outcome. 

Your hair completely depends on yourself, and only you can decide what suits you better rather than seeking someone else’s suggestions.

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Two Cornrow Braids with Extensions

If you have a small hair length, there is nothing to worry about and you can use extensions to make your hair longer and get a new style statement. 

Two cornrow braids are simpler, easier to make, and look perfect for an everyday look. Additionally, they require low maintenance, and you can wash your hair without any trouble. 

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Cornrows in Front Box Braids in the Back

What a beautiful idea to get cornrows in front and a box braid in the back. Cornrow and box braids go side-by-side with a pure signature style look. 

Cornrow braid styles purely box braids, and you can go with them according to your style. Additionally, the box braids will help you to assess whether cornrows are suitable for you or not with loose bonding.

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Tree Braids Cornrows

You can go with your natural hair for tree braid cornrows. But for better results, you should use high-grade synthetic hair to make tree braids cornrows. Various brands of synthetic hair are available in the market to help you in your selection. 

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French braid cornrow Jumbo cornrow braid

Jumbo cornrow braids are usually good for thick hair. So, a larger hair section can help you do the braiding task within a few minutes. 

You don’t need to comb your hair daily, and a French braid along with jumbo cornrows will help you manage your style game with ease. 

It will remain for 6 to 8 weeks, and you can wash your hair with shampoo as well.

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Updo Cornrow Hairstyle

When looking for ways how to style a cornrow braided updo, it should be noted that, in comparison to micro braids, this hairstyle is significantly less destructive to the hair, which is why it allows people to experiment with various designs.

Another helpful tip for styling cornrows updos is to choose a discrete side feature (made on the side of a bun or an updo) that is quite popular these days, especially among those who want an energetic and lively look. 

So, buns and pulled-back cornrows will never go out of style on hot summer days when keeping your cornrowed hair away from your face is essential.

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Small Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braid styles are for every age and gender. You can choose this style for your kids and yourself alike. So, making small cornrow braids is not that challenging, even for kids. 

You have to make equal small sections and braid the hair from scalp to end. A complete small cornrow braid look will be there in a few minutes, and it will be completely satisfying. 

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Big Cornrow Braids

Unlike small cornrow braids, you can take larger sections of your hair to make big braids. Additionally, you can use extensions and dye to make style statements with long hair. 

Always try to choose the fashion wisely and protect your hair from damage. 

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Braid Cornrows Short Hair

Many people think that cornrow braids are not for short hair lengths, which is not true. You can braid your small hair by applying gel or hair cream.

In addition, make them longer with extensions and go with every style. 

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Goddess Cornrow Braids

For the Goddess cornrow braid, you need wavy and textured hair. If you have silky smooth hair, you first make simple narrow braids to make it wavy. 

You should go with small sectioning with proper Goddess cornrow braids. On the other hand, you can also use synthetic extensions if you don’t want to pull your hair.

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Mohawk Cornrow Braids

Preparing your hair for a Mohawk cornrow style is simple. You can hydrate your hair. Then, check the following measures. 

  • Begin by dividing the hair in the desired style from front to back and clipping it down.
  • One section of hair should be unclipped and divided into three sections.
  • Begin with the first braid strand and work your way down the length, adding parts of hair as you go.
  • Make sure the braid is tight.
  • Continue to bind the hair until it reaches the end of its length.
  • Continue braiding your hair in the same pattern.

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Cornrow Braid Design

This is the digital era, where you get to find things easily over the internet. To make things easier, we have done the research for you, and this article offers a detailed guide to different cornrow braid designs. 

You can choose a style that matches your personality and preference to give yourself a new look. 

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Four Cornrow Braids

There are four sections of the head in four cornrow braids. If you have small hair, you can attach extensions to make a French braid at the back.

Four cornrow braids make an elegant and stylish along with, protecting your hair and making you free from everyday brushing.

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Five Cornrow Braids

Like four cornrow braids, you can make five sections of your hair instead of two or three. Thus, five sections will allow you to braid hair tightly and tie it at the end into a pony or French braid.

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Cornrow in Front Single Braid in the Back

This simple single braid in the back goes with almost all the cornrow styles. You can make a cornrow tightly on the scalp by moving it into a French knot. 

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Cornrow Braid Ponytail

When going with many sections of hair for cornrows, you can tie your hair half into a ponytail. It’s suitable for working people and the students as well where styling is a big issue every day.

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Single Cornrow Braid

Smooth and straight hair responds well to single cornrow braids. Hence, people with thin hair can also do a single cornrow braid for amazing results. 

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Cornrow Braids with Weave

You can use a double method to tie your hair when you want a completely tight cornrow. You can start with a small weave. Then, you can start braiding with cornrows.

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Feed-in Braids and Cornrows

This type of cornrow is ideal when you have seamlessly installed extensions. It will let you braid your hair with a larger volume, and you can choose various styles as well. 

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Mid Length Cornrow Braids

There are many styles that you can choose for cornrow braid styles. So, mid-length hair is not an issue for cornrows because you can use hair extensions if you like longer French-style cornrows. 

Let me tell you, making a bun is another exceptional feature of mid-length hair. 

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Over To You

This article is a step-by-step guide to making cornrows like a pro. Mostly, Cornrow braid styles are popular because of their versatility. But some people believe that cornrows help to protect hair against dirt and pollution. 

All in all, cornrow braids are a complete style statement that helps empower the personality. Hope you enjoyed the read and found the perfect pick from the list.

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