TOP 29: Best Baddie Hairstyles For Tough Girls


Are you the baddest bad girl on the block? Well, then we might have something exciting in store for you!

Quick question, have you been catching up with your Instagram lately? It will be a lie if you say that you haven’t because that’s basically all we have been doing during quarantine. Anyways, you must be aware of the new baddie trend taking up on social media.

What’s that? Don’t you know what a baddie is? I am pretty sure you have encountered a baddie in your life, just without knowing the exact terminology for such a person. Let me help you with an example. Did you have that girl in high school that always had her brows on point and the perfect winged eyeliner? One who always stayed up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and pulled off every look? Yep, that girl was a baddie alright!

So, if you also want to outshine as a fierce, confident baddie who has no time for drama, guess what? You have to look that way. So, how to work on your appearance as a tough girl? Pro-tip, work your way from the top to the bottom! If you think that by the top, we mean your face, you’re wrong, sweetie! Because you almost forgot that there’s one more part above your face – your hair!

To look like a baddie, you need a rad baddie hairstyle! Now, baddie hairstyles come in all different varieties. You can adopt either a fierce sleek hairdo or even a cute baddie hairstyle. The only thing is to know how to style your hair in the most rad, most baddest baddie hairstyles. And that is what this post will help you with!

We have compiled a list of the 29 best and easy baddie hairstyles for tough girls like yourself to ace your fierce look. So, let’s get started!

You might want to pin this article because what you are about to encounter now are the 29 best baddie hairstyles for tough girls that are not only cute but also super easy to pull off.

29 Best Baddie Hairstyles:

1. Half Up Fountain Ponytail


Nothing says baddie better than a half-up fountain ponytail. This baddy hairstyle has been a hit amongst baddies for as long as I can remember. Not only is it an easy baddie hairstyle, but it also gives the ultimate baddie look. Even celebrities like Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian have pulled off this chic look more than once.

You need a comb and a hair tie to style your hair in a half-up fountain ponytail. Create a fountain effect by pulling your ponytail uptight and letting the rest of the hair flow. Here’s a tip: take one inch of hair from the loose end and wrap it around your hair tie. Secure the strand in place using two bobby pins, and voila! Your baddie look has been promoted to the next level.

2. Sleek Edges


What’s a baddie hairstyle without sleek edges? What are slain edges, you ask? Well, you know, the baby hair along your hairline? When those baby hairs are smoothened into different designs, they make slayed edges!

So, how do you slay your edges to give your baddie hairstyle a sleek finished look? Two words: toothbrush and hair gel (wait, that were four, but who’s counting anyway!) Wear your hair in a bun or a ponytail and work those edges to achieve a clean and polished look in no time.

3. Cornrow Braids


Ever seen a baddie who doesn’t slay her look like a fearless, tough girl without cornrows? Well, we haven’t! While cornrow braids aren’t the easiest baddie hairstyles to master, you will be regarded as the baddie pro max once you practice making them.

Now, you might want to watch a few tutorials (you will find plenty on YouTube!) and practice on yourself. But the basic idea is to braid your hair very close to the scalp using an underhand upwards motion to make a raised row like the ones African women make. The best part is that cornrow braids also support stimulating hair growth, so it’s a win-win for you baddies! And remember, practice makes perfect!

4. Sleek Bun


Whether you have a naturally straight hair pattern or a curly strand shape, you can effortlessly style them up in a sleek bun to achieve the ultimate baddie hairstyle. Why change your natural hair look when you can ace it in an elegant bun like the confident baddie you are? Oh, just keep one thing in mind when opting for this look: use a generous amount of hair gel, otherwise, your hair will end up insanely frizzy.

5. Blunt Bob Hairstyle


A let loose bob cut with a straight or blunt line is the raddest, yet easiest baddie hairstyle you can opt for. You can either keep your bobs straight or go for beach waves to achieve a cute baddie hairstyle.

All it takes to pull this look off is visiting the salon or buying yourself a wig. Try opting for bold and vibrant colors, blue or orange will do!

6. Pigtails


You didn’t think we wouldn’t include pigtails in this list, did you? Pigtails were a hit in the early 2000s. Most of the baddie hairstyles are inspired by this era, so yeah, we were planning to include them in this list!

Pigtails are the ultimate cute baddie hairstyles that you can style in multiple ways, style them on straight hair or curl them up. Be creative with your ideas, and you will surely ace your look as a baddie, that too, on a budget!

7. Half-Up Top Knot


A chic half-up top knot is one baddie hairstyle that tough girls of any age can effortlessly ace. You won’t even have to undergo any efforts to pull your look off because the cute baddie hairstyle does that itself.

8. Space Buns


Another cute baddie hairstyle that is a hit among the bun lover baddies is the space buns. The baddie community goes crazy when it comes to space buns. So, why not make the crowd go nuts over your hairstyle by styling it in textured and voluminous double buns? Dye your hair with hair chalk to earn extra points.

9. Accent Braids


Another braided hairstyle for all the baddies out there is the accent braids. Now, the name might sound clich&eacute, but believe me, the actual hairstyle is actually French braids.

The only difference is that French braids are made throughout the length of your hair, while accents are knit on the part of the hair. Again, you can style accent braids in many different ways, merge them into a pony, make a bun or let them loose.

10. Clip Them Up


Another easy baddie hairstyle that I had to mention was the clipped-up hairstyle. Unlike the regular buns, the clipped-up bun is made on the back of the head, a little above the neck. Let a few strands loose for a messy look and see the magic!

11. Sleek Ponytail


Want to achieve the signature Kim Kardashian baddie hairdo? What you need is a sleek ponytail! To achieve the maximum potential of the elegant ponytail look on your baddie personality, you need really long hair or an extra-long wig, either would do! Fashion them in a ponytail on the top of your head, and there you have it! A non-negotiable savvy baddie hairstyle!

12. Beach Waves


If you want a quick and easy baddie hairstyle that doesn’t require any kneading, combing and pinning, then beach waves are the ones for you! Beach waves are an ultra-glam hair texture, perfect for slaying your look like the sober baddie you are!

13. All-Up Top Knot


Since we already talked about half-up top knots, you must already know that baddies love knots, and they love messy hairstyles. Combine the two in one, make a trendy all-up top knot to achieve a chic look that easy to pull off.

14. Double Top Knots


What’s better than one top knot? That’s right, two! Since we have already discussed top knots, I am sure you know how to make them. This hairstyle right here is another representation of how you can style a plain top knot. Pro-tip, go for a loose, messy style rather than a sleek, straight top knot baddie hairstyle.

15. Boxer Braids


By scrutinizing the above-listed baddie hairstyles, you must already know that baddie hairstyles are better in pairs of two. Baddies are always in for two buns, two ponytails, and two braids. Boxer braids are a staple in the baddie lifestyles. This hairstyle delivers such a powerful statement for the bad girls like none other.

Now, achieving the perfect boxer braid look is no hassle. All you want are two braids that start close to your scalp and run down the back of your neck. Here’s the kicker! They don’t impose any restrictions on the length of the tough girl. The only requirement for you is to have hair on your head, any size will do!

16. Tuck Them Behind The Ear


I just can’t get over how many easy baddie hairstyles there are, which take absolutely no time to make. We listed some before, and here is another one. Hair sleekly tucked behind the ear gives the neat and savvy look that is a mark of identification for all baddies.

Make a smooth side parting, comb your hair back and pin it behind the ear. Cover the bobby pin with the loose hair, and voila! You have successfully been promoted to the designation of the ultimate baddie around!

17. High Ponytail With Bangs


Ponytails are never out of fashion, are they? I don’t know about the rest of you, but baddies must agree that unconventional ponytails are by far the most desirous hairstyle among the baddie community. One such eccentric yet easy baddie hairstyle is a high ponytail with bangs.

This hairstyle is pretty much self-explanatory by its name. Take a portion of your hair out from the front and tie the rest into a sleek high ponytail. The part that you separate gets pinned to the back of your head, under the ponytail.

18. Sleek Middle Parting


The sleek middle parting is another let loose hairstyle that is timeless, cute, and insanely easy to pull off. Whether your hair is medium in length or long, a simple middle parting with the hair at the front pinned back behind the ear is a fantastic chic baddie hairstyle. And the options with a sleek middle parting are also endless, you can gather the loose hair into a ponytail or tie it into a bun.

19. Low Ponytail


Didn’t I say that the options with ponytails are endless? Another trendy yet cute baddie hairstyle is the low ponytail. Now, low ponytails give baddies a massive margin for creativity.

You can experiment loads with a low ponytail. Give them a relaxed, messy look, style them with your naturally straight hair, add a ribbon to it or even use a catcher to hold the ponytail in place of a hair tie.

20. Twisted Pigtails


If you like twisters and pigtails, then you will love this twisted pigtail baddie hairstyle idea. To achieve this chic look, part your hair from the middle, take a small portion from the front end, and twist it back, adding in a few strands as you go. When your twists reach your neck, tie them up in a ponytail. Loosen the twists and take out a few strands from the front to give it a messy look.

21. Accented Braid Top Knot


Come on, you didn’t think I was done with top knots, did you? Braided hairstyles perfectly define baddies. This classic hairstyle is best achieved with long hair, but that doesn’t mean girls cannot experiment with short-length hair. After all, that’s what it means to be a baddie in the first place.

Make an accent braid in the center of your head, secure it with an elastic band, and twist the remaining hair from the Braid into a knot at the top of your head.

22. Street Style Headband


If you don’t have the time to braid your hair or even tie it into a ponytail and yet don’t want to let it loose falling all over your face, then this street style headband baddie hairstyle is the perfect one for you! This cute baddie hairstyle goes best with loose curls and waves, which also act as volume boosters.

This easy baddie hairstyle only requires a fabric headband. Moreover, you can use the same headband to style a ponytail and even a messy bun.

23. Pigtail Braids


If you are fed up with the traditional Dutch braids, then you might as well try this revamped pigtail braid hairstyle. This hairstyle is sure to make any baddie feel like a rocker. Loosen the Braid at each level to get a voluminous effect and take the hairstyle up a notch.

24. Fish Tail Braids


Let’s admit it, fishtails are never out of fashion! And the number of ways you can style a simple fishtail is endless. These two-section braids are lifesavers for baddies when it comes to styling hair.

The micro fishtail braid, double fishtail braid, Dutch fishtail braid, and ponytail fishtail braids are only some of the various fashions in which you can style a fishtail braid. Simply put, if you want to stand out from all the baddies in your group, weave a new fishtail braid every day of the week!

25. Bubble Braid


Baddies will agree with me that nothing is more serotonin-boosting than getting praises over a hairstyle that requires minimal effort! A Bubble braid is an example of such a hairstyle. Wear your long hair half up, half down by making a Bubble braid.

Simply gather a ponytail and securing with an elastic band, and then tie another elastic a few inches below the first one, repeat the process. Oh, and don’t get deceived by the name because bubble braids aren’t real braids!

26. Headband Braid


What do you do when every other baddie in your group uses a headband to keep their hair off their face? You use your hair to keep your hair off your face, of course (I hope that makes sense). Take things up a notch with your usual hairstyles by opting for this headband braid look.

27. All Braids


Another great way to let your hair down in a stylish way is to make a side parting and braid the broader end of the parting. Now, you can experiment with all sorts of braids: Dutch, French, fishtail, lace, anyone would do!

28. Cornrow Ponytail


Another cool cornrow hairstyle like the one we discussed earlier in this article is the cornrow ponytail design. Once you have made a cornrow braid hairstyle, you can style it into a high ponytail or even a high bun. Use colorful elastics to secure the braids, and you will no doubt grab everyone’s attention!

The only catch is that this baddie hairstyle takes a considerably long time to master, so you need to be a patient baddie to practice this hairstyle.

29. All About Rubber Bands


Pay tribute to your childhood by rocking this all about rubber bands hairstyle like a true baddie! The various options you can style this rubber band baddie hairstyle are endless.

Incorporate them in the hairstyles we mentioned above or put your creative self to work. Let your hair loose or tie them up in a ponytail, there are no hard and fast rules!

To End The Note

The stakes of being a baddie are incredibly high! You need to make sure that your dress is perfect, your makeup is on point, you are wearing the right shoes, accessories, the right nail color, almost like a princess. In all this chaos, the last you want to worry about is your hairstyle.

Thankfully, you can now prepare to slay as the baddie you are without worrying about your hairstyles anymore. So, go through this list of 29 best baddie hairstyles for tough girls and try a new one every day of the month! Adios!

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