TOP 30: Most Unprofessional Hairstyles For Women

Not all unprofessional hairstyles for women have to be unkempt or unruly. Some unprofessional hairstyles can be quite the opposite and still help you achieve an amateur look, whether intentional or not. If you want to know what unprofessional hairstyles are for women and how you might pull them off, then keep reading as we explore 30 unprofessional hairstyles for women!

Unlock your inner spirit animal with these unprofessional hairstyles. Why would you go for these unprofessional hairstyles instead? It’s straightforward – they allow you to express yourself without being too obvious about it. There are so many different parts of the world where people value individuality. If you’re looking for an excuse for why your hair looks a bit less conventional, there are plenty of reasons people will understand when it comes down to unprofessional hairstyles for women.

It’s just that some unprofessional hairstyles are simply unkempt because they’re easy to pull off without overthinking about them. If you want a daily hairdo that will make people think twice before calling you unprofessional, keep on reading the article down below!

Unprofessional hairstyles for women:

1. Crimped Hair


Crimped hair is a type of hairstyle where the hair is styled in waves or curls. This look can be achieved with a crimping iron or by braiding the hair and then undoing the braids. Crimped hair is often associated with the 1980s and can be seen as an unprofessional hairstyle for women: the classic crimp, a low-maintenance and straightforward style for shorter hair.

Crimped hair is parted in the middle and then combed back before being tightly crimped at the end. This style gives a sleek and modern appearance that can be maintained by using a spritz of hairspray.

2. Frizzy Curls


Frizzy curls are a style where the hair is frizzy and curly. Frizzy curls can be a bit unprofessional, and they require more maintenance than other hairstyles. This style can be achieved by using a diffuser when you dry your hair or scrunching your hair when it’s wet. You can make this style by simply twisting your hair.

This relaxed look can be achieved by tying half of your hair into a low ponytail, leaving the rest hanging down. Add shine serum to give silkiness to your hair. Don’t let the curls curl too tight, and scrunch your hair to loosen up some of them for a more natural look.

3. French Braided Pigtails


French braided pigtails are a great option if you’re looking for an unprofessional hairstyle to wear to work. They’re simple to do, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. French Braided Pigtails are unprofessional hairstyles because they take a long time and require their hair to belong.

To finish up the unprofessional hairstyle, put some clear elastics around the pigtails. Make sure to keep your braids tight and secure with elastic bands. Finish off the look by pulling on the ends of the braids to give them a little bit of volume.

4. High Side Ponytail


A high side ponytail is a hairstyle that starts with a ponytail on one side of the head and extends up to the ear. After reaching the ear, hair is wrapped around in a circular motion to create a bushy ponytail. One of the most unprofessional hairstyles is a high side ponytail.

Women who wear this hairstyle often put it in a bun, but then they tie the hair into a low ponytail that is not secured with any clips or pins. This can be seen as unprofessional because it looks messy and uncombed.

5. Too-Short Bangs


Too-Short Bangs is an attractive no-commitment option that may not seem unprofessional at first glance, but if they are too short, they can make your face look more comprehensive than it is. Instead of opting for a cut that’s too short on the sides, try an asymmetrical style or side-swept bangs rather than keep it work-appropriate.

This means giving it a total wash, blow-dry, and styling if necessary the night before you need it done, especially for unprofessional workplaces where image counts.

6. Shaved Sides


Shaved sides is a style where the hair on the side of your head is shaved off. It can be done with several different haircuts, and it’s a popular style for women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. It’s a trendy style for any season, and it can also be worn with several outfits.

A few years ago, this haircut was just the dream of those who wanted to have an attention-grabbing haircut. Those days are gone now, though, because many women worldwide have tried this look, and they’ve loved it. This is why shaved sides are getting more popular every year.

7. Bandanas


The Bandanas handkerchief hairstyle women is a popular style that is often seen in the summertime. This style is effortless to create and can be done in a matter of minutes. To create this style, you will need a bandana or handkerchief.

First, tie the bandana around your head so that it is in the middle of your forehead. Next, take one side of the bandana and tie it around the back of your head. Finally, take the other side of the bandana and tie it around the front of your head. You can then style your hair as desired.

8. Elaborate Updos


Elegant Updos are a great way to add some glamour and show off your hair. One of the most popular updos is the French twist style. The French twist is a hairstyle that has been around for decades, and it’s just as popular today as it was in the past.

These updos don’t look like the old-fashioned variety we’re used to seeing, and hair doesn’t have to all be pulled back! They’re more feminine and less hair-sprayed than ever before. These days, updos seem to be much more intricate than they were before, with hairstyles such as braiding, twisting, and clipping locks of hair.

9. Scrunchy Styles


Although many people view scrunchies as a tool for young children, scrunchies can be styled in various ways to create different looks. Some people might choose to wear their scrunchy high up on their head, while others might wear it low on their neck.

To style your hair with a scrunchie, first, brush it out and make sure that it is free of tangles. If you have shorter hair, you might not need to use any products before styling it with a scrunchie. If you have longer hair, you might want to use some mousse or gel to help hold the style in place.

10. Damaged Hair


Damaged hairstyles are the hairstyles where the hair has been damaged and then styled into a distinct characteristic. These hairstyles look like they were created by someone careless and not by a professional stylist. They don’t usually match together, and typically there is no effort to make them in the first place.

Damaged haircuts last for days, and it is impractical for those who do not have the time to maintain them every day. The hair needs to be cut or combed daily so as not to damage other hair on the head and other clothing. Women who have this type of hairstyle often have split ends, curly hair, and a lot of knots.

11. Messy Waves


Messy waves are a great way to style your hair when you don’t have a lot of time. It is a reasonably simple hairstyle for those who have naturally wavy or curly hair. To create this style, do not comb your hair after being in the shower, and then let it dry as it naturally will.

Next, take a curling iron and wrap your natural curls around the wand as you would if you were going to curl them otherwise. Women can wear messy waves with or without makeup, and they look great on those who have long necks and faces.

12. Space Buns


Space buns are a hairstyle that is curly, voluminous, and round. Tutorials have popularized this particular style on YouTube. It involves brushing back long hair into a low ponytail and then twisting the hair into a round bun shape at the nape of the neck.

Women can achieve space buns or any other hairstyles with the help of styling tools such as hot airbrushes, flat irons, curling wands, and wide-tooth combs.

13. Bold Undercuts


Bold undercuts are a great way to show off your personality and make a statement. They’re perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality. You can make this work with or without short hair. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your haircut, consider getting an undercut with side bangs and some amusing and dramatic highlight color!

This is the ultimate punk rock hairstyle for women who like to stand out from the crowd. This also works well as a pixie cut. Many professional models wear it on photo shoots, but we’ve never seen anyone wear it in real life before.

14. Two-Tone Colors


A two-toned color hairstyle is when you color to part of your hair differently from the rest. So, even if you’re thinking about going for a significant makeover or changing your hair color, go for some two-toned colors hairstyle. What is the advantage of such a hairstyle?

See, adding color to your hair doesn’t always mean you want to add blond highlights, red dye, and so on. Sometimes, an exciting color combination can do wonders and become a new trend.

15. Woke Up Like This


You may have heard of the saying “woke up like this.” Well, this hairstyle is how someone might wake up. It’s called messy hair for a reason. It’s not hard to achieve this hairstyle. After a long night of partying, you just let your hair do its thing.

The next day, go on as if nothing happened. You’ll look like you rolled out of bed after a crazy party, and that’s kind of cool. Women who have curly hair have an easier time pulling off this style because it exaggerates the curls even more than they already are!

16. Big Hair Clips


Big hair clips are a good idea because you can put your hair up in a different way. All you need is a hair clip, bobby pins, and a headband. The most significant advantage of those hairstyles is that they don’t take too much time to be done as long as your hair is not very short.

Putting your hair up with a big clip will save time if you’re in a rush for school or work. Another idea would be to put some braids in your hair before putting it up, so you have two different kinds of styles simultaneously.

17. Wild And Vibrant Hair Colors


Wild and vibrant colored hair can be done in many different ways by adding streaks or highlights to an existing style, such as a pixie cut or crop top bob. There are plenty of hairstyles explicitly designed for these courageous women who won’t settle for bland brunettes, opting instead for something bright and daring! Red, blonde and green hair colors are not the only eye-catching and attention-grabbing hair colors.

From dark green to light green and sky blue to teal, there is a massive spectrum of colorful hair color options for women with short and long hair. These looks might not be as popular as the bright red or long blonde, but they will undoubtedly get you noticed!

18. Pigtails


A pigtail is a type of hairstyle where the hair is pulled away from the face and tied into two ponytails, one on each side of the head. This type of hairstyle can be professional or unprofessional, depending on how it is styled. If the pigtails are messy or done in a hurry, they will appear unprofessional.

However, if they are done neatly and with care, they can be a professional hairstyle. This hairstyle has been proven to provide optimum comfort when wearing glasses since no other hair obstructs or squeezes it against your temples. Pigtails are also less likely to slide off!

19. Chunky Cornrows


Many hairstyles are professional and chic, but some aren’t. One that is less professional is chunky cornrows. Cornrows, in general, are a protective style with a circular pattern in which the hair is braided close to the scalp using a technique called braiding.

An unprofessional hairstyle also takes more time than other styles because it needs to be done every two weeks. One more drawback is that the braids will need to be re-tightened as your hair grows out. If done correctly with quality products, cornrows provide excellent styling versatility and manageability for natural hair.

20. The Goblin Queen


The goblin queen is a versatile hairstyle with different varieties. It seems to be a perfect example of an impotent hairstyle that needs no trimming. It’s an excellent story about how hair growth is unpredictable, with some bumps and kinks.

It can be made with braids or dreads or curls or waves. It can have a braid down the center to form a long ponytail on top of the head, also called cornrows. It seems that there are as many styles as there were in the 80s.

21. Over The Top


22. Messy Bun


23. Dreadlocks


24. Barrette Collection


25. Half-Up Double Top Knots


26. The Grease Hair


27. Long Faux Hawk


28. Shaved Designs


29. High Ponytail


30. Scrunched Curls



In conclusion, unprofessional hairstyles for women are a trend that is not going away anytime soon. If you want to look unprofessional and trendy simultaneously, then we recommend our list of unprofessional hairstyles for women as they will be perfect for your needs!

By inference, there are unprofessional hairstyles for women that require almost no effort to create yet still provide you with a stylish look you can wear anytime, anywhere. These unprofessional hairstyles for women will only take a couple of minutes to perfect. Hence, they work well for both busy days and lazy weekends where you just can’t be bothered to do anything too complicated.

Most unprofessional hairstyles won’t ask much more than pulling your hair back into a quick ponytail or messy bun. In contrast, others might involve braids and metallic headbands to separate the unkempt from the unprofessional. You should find plenty of unprofessional hairstyles here that even beginners can recreate successfully, which should hopefully leave you with a range of unprofessional hairstyles you know you will use.

Accordingly, unprofessional hairstyles for women should be unique and easy to do, which is why we have put together 30 unprofessional hairstyles for women just for you. These unprofessional hairstyles are perfect as they require few hair care products and not much time at all!

The unprofessional hairstyles for women come in all shapes and sizes as well as different styles too. We hope these unprofessional hairstyles provide you with the inspiration to style your hair in an unkempt manner without having to worry about it looking too messy or unruly.

Above all, these unprofessional hairstyles for women should help give you ideas about creating more exciting looks that don’t have any professional elements at all. You can use them as a starting point or even browse through this content when you want something new but not too over-the-top different from the unprofessional hairstyles you are currently planning to do.

With these unprofessional hairstyles, it is easier than ever before to embrace the unkempt look while still looking put together. So go ahead and try out one of these fun styles today!

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