Every girl dreams of the perfect sweet 16 party. It’s a milestone in any young woman’s life. It’s when you finally come out into society as a lady. And at the same time, you have a blast with friends and family celebrating your birthday.

One of the most stressful things about planning your sweet 16 is thinking of your hair and makeup. There are tons of popular sweet 16 hairstyles out there, but which one will look the best on you?

Here are a bunch of our favorite hairstyles for sweet 16. There’s one for everyone, whether you have naturally curly hair or want a cute crown on top!

Sweet 16 Hairstyles:

Soft, Loose Curls with a Platinum Tiara

You have every right to feel and look like a princess on your special day. So, why not try a soft and feminine hair texture and top it off with a pretty tiara?

To achieve this look, curl your hair as loosely as possible. Use a curling wand with a thick 1.5-inch barrel for this to get the most subtle curl that still looks nice and wavy.

Then, take small sections of your hair on each side of your face. Pull them to the back of your head and tie them together to create a half-updo illusion even while wearing your hair down. Complete the look with the tiara of your choice.

Voluminous Natural Curls

Many girls with kinky, coily natural curls might feel the need to straighten their hair on their sweet 16. But that’s not the case at all. You can wear them naturally. After all, your sweet 16 is a fab time to embrace your natural spirals.

When you get out of the shower, apply a curling cream all over your hair. You can either scrunch your hair up to let the curls out or even finger coil to get perfect ringlets. Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser to add volume and lift at the roots.

Slick, Shiny, Curly Braids

Here’s another look that’s perfect for African-American hair. Spice up your naturally curly hair with some French braids going down the sides of your face. It’s a terrific way to frame your face and highlight your makeup look for the night.

You can also leave out a few curly tendrils on each side of your face. That way, your look is a little edgier and more youthful. 

Long, Sleek Weave with Highlights

Sick of wearing your hair curly? You can also do just the opposite—rock a weave that will give you a long, silky-straight mane. This is a gorgeous change for high schoolers that don’t know what to do with their frizzy hair. 

You can straighten your weave even more with a titanium flat iron. This type of iron heats up quickly, making it easier to work with when straightening thick, unruly hair.

If you want even more depth, add highlights to your weave. A blend of black, brown, and blonde hair looks super pretty on long hair!

Wavy Side Part with Cute Clips

Long hair isn’t the only way to go for your sweet 16. You can still look trendy and cute even with short hair. Add pretty waves to your hair to add some texture to it, and you’re ready to style and accessorize.

Create a deep side part in your hair for a trendy, grungey look. This will give your look a more retro, vintage-style vibe. Then, spruce it up with some cute hair clips to pin some of your locks back, keeping them out of your face as you catch up with old friends at your party.

Braided Half-Up Half-Down

This look is awesome for a day party. You get to wear your hair down and curly while keeping stray strands out of your face.

First, curl your hair all the way down. Instead of putting your hair in a half-ponytail, tie it together in a braid instead. Weave your hair together about three or four times, stopping in the mid-lengths of your hair. Then, tie it together with an elastic. 

Loosen up the braid a bit for a more effortless look, and you’re done!

Messy Chignon with Floral Embellishments

For a flowerchild-inspired updo, try out this look. Instead of a neat, tight, ballerina-like bun, try putting your hair in a messy chignon that falls a bit lower on your head.

You can either put your hair in a simple loose bun by your nape or braid some strands and twist everything together in an updo. Whichever method you choose, add some fresh or dried flowers into your bun for a soft, girly finish.

Curly Half Bun

Want to wear a cute space bun while letting your natural curls down on your sweet 16? This hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds.

Instead of trying the upper part of your hair in a ponytail for your updo, try putting it in a loose bun. Make sure the bun isn’t too tight so it still looks like you have lusciously thick hair. Pair it with a bold makeup look, and you’re ready to party.

Ultra-Long Single Braid with Flowers

Go the more traditional route with your super long and thick hair by weaving your locks in a chunky braid, like this Rapunzel-inspired one. 

Start with curling your hair first, which adds definition to the finished hairstyle. You can either do one big, loose braid or put your hair in smaller braided sections and combine them into one braid later on. To add some festivity to your look, add flowers throughout the length of your hair. 

Face-Framing Blonde Highlights for Medium Hair

Sweet 16 is all about growing up. Try a sexier, more mature hairstyle by rocking highlights that lighten up your face. Make sure your blonde highlights are done in the strands nearest your face to frame them well.

Show off your new color by parting your locks down the middle and adding beautiful waves to your hair. It’s a simple, easy look to achieve, but it’s chic, elegant, and sophisticated too—as any young woman should be on her sweet 16.

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