Many women throw in the towel and stop putting any effort into how they look when they get to a certain age. Whether it’s because of wrinkles or body rolls that don’t make their figure look young anymore, something about being older makes them a little less confident. 

But just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean you should stop looking glamorous! Women in their 60s can look just as fabulous as anyone decades younger. It all lies in how you carry yourself. One of the easiest ways to ooze beauty and sophistication at a mature age? Rocking a stylish, elegant hairstyle. 

And if you like short hair over long, tangly locks that are a nightmare to manage, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 short hairstyles you should check out if you’re over 60.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60:

Blunt, Chin-Length Bob

If you’re looking at getting the big chop now that you’re 60, one of the easiest go-to looks you can consider is the classic bob. A blunt cut just above the chin is flattering on women of all ages, but on graying hair adds a touch of regality and elegance only a wise, mature woman can exude.

Spiky Pixie Cut

When people think of a woman past her 60s, they might think of someone frail and dainty. But that’s not the case with every woman. If you want to go for a bold look full of energy and attitude, go for a spiky pixie cut. It screams power and boss girl energy, so it’s perfect if you still feel like you’re at your prime even in your 60s.

Naturally Curly Pixie

Here’s a more laidback take on the intimidating spiky pixie—a relaxed, curly version. It’s perfect if you have naturally wavy or curly locks! Instead of cutting angular streaks and straight spikes in your hair, leave it a little longer up top so that your tresses can form those gorgeous, defined curls. If you feel your hair needs extra help with that, don’t be afraid to experiment with curling creams and gels!

The Jane Lynch Mullet

Women with a tomboy-ish streak might enjoy a retro style, like the smooth mullet actress Jane Lynch always sports. This haircut is shorter towards the front but gets longer at the back, stopping at the nape area. What’s awesome about this style is that while it has an androgynous touch, it still makes your hair look silky-soft and touchable.

Teased, Slicked Back Locks

Another statement look you can go for when you want to wow a crowd is slicking back your hair. To add extra volume and height to your hair, you can even use a comb to tease your hair. Just make sure you use wax or mousse to keep your locks in place; using a gel or hair oil might give you a flat, greasy look.

Lob with Sexy Side Part

Who said women in their 60s can’t look sultry and sensual? Here’s a hairstyle we think will capture a man’s attention again. Go for a lob (aka a bob that hits a little below the chin). Then, create a deep side part to bring most of your hair to one side of your face. This creates a tantalizing look that’s perfect for night events!

Shaggy Cut with Lots of Layers a la Jane Fonda

If you want to imbibe the style of the 70s and 80s, add volume and texture to your hair. Instead of the usual shaggy cut, ask your stylist to add heavy layers to your hair that can add height and lushness to it. This style looks magnificent after a blowout—perfect for special occasions.

Wispy Shag with Swooped Bangs a la Meryl Streep

Big fans of The Devil Wears Prada will recognize this hairstyle right away—Miranda Priestly’s signature soft, white shaggy hair with perfectly curled and swooped side bangs. If you want to ooze metropolitan chicness even at 60, this is the hairstyle you should go for.

Beachy Waves

Loose, beachy waves are a huge trend for young Instagram models and party girls, but it looks just as exquisite on short, gray hair. You can achieve these waves with a thick-barreled curling wand or a flat iron with rounded edges. Make sure the waves aren’t too tight to get that natural finish.

Big Curls with Thick Headband

No matter what your age, it’s easy for big, poofy curls to get in the way of a clean, tidy look. If this is the kind of hair you have, keep it away from your face with a trusty headband. A thick, black band like this looks very flattering on hair that curls upward!

Shaggy, Feathered Pixie Cut a la Princess Diana

If your goal is to look like royalty at 60, this classic haircut made popular by the one and only Princess Diana is your best bet. Instead of getting a super short pixie, ask your stylist to leave the top a bit longer and more feathered. We can almost guarantee you’ll get heads turning with this iconic look! 

Cheek-Length Bob Flipped Inward

Eccentric souls will love this look. Instead of going for the usual bob that hits exactly by the chin, make it even shorter by making it cheek-length. For added softness, use a flat iron to flip the ends inward for a wispy look. 

Tall, Sleek Pompadour

The pompadour is a dashing hairstyle many modern men go for, but it also looks fab and graceful on older women. Use a wax or pomade to style your hair upwards to make it stand tall and proud. This haircut looks even more badass with semi-shaved sides.

The 45-Degree Haircut

This popular haircut is excellent for those who want an angular look that doesn’t look too bold and flashy. The 45-degree haircut creates a wedge shape that’s heavier towards the crown of the head. It also makes the length fall diagonally from the back of your head to the front of your face for a modern touch.

Gorgeous Natural Curls

Not all hairstyles for women over 60 have to be complicated and angular. Sometimes, all you need to do is to let your natural curls do the work for you. Get a plain scissor cut (a bob will work nicely!) and let your curls take shape to cover your head. Embrace how poofy and voluminous they become—it makes you look more youthful!

Easy, Breezy Low Pony

If you don’t know how else to make yourself look put-together, a quick, low pony is enough to elevate your appearance. Not only will it keep your hair away from your face, but it adds a touch of professionalism and sleekness to your look. It’s fantastic for older women who are still in the workforce.

Messy High Bun

Another hairstyle to throw your hair in when you don’t want it in the way is the messy high bun. This is a cute style to put your hair in when you’re lounging at home. It’s super easy to do and makes you look younger and more playful.

Buzzcut for Super Curly Hair

Get that boho look by getting a buzzcut with your kinky, coily curls. You’ll show off your pretty curls while still looking seasoned, respectable, and oh-so-elegant! Another plus of this haircut is how it accentuates your bone structure—something that only gets more beautiful with age.

Poofy Gray Afro

Here’s the opposite of a buzzcut—a poofy afro. This is an excellent alternative if you want to show off your wild curls instead of taming them. Just make sure you ask for it to be cut in a round shape to get that retro vibe going.

Soft Vintage Glam Curls

If you want a red carpet look reminiscent of old Hollywood, try vintage curls in your short hair. Although you can easily do this with a curling wand, using classic hot rollers will give you a more perfect vintage look. Don’t forget to use a little hairspray to keep the curls locked in place all day.


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