Short Hairstyles for Older Women: 20 Perfect Short Hairstyle Ideas

Much like fine wine and delectable cheese, women get better with age. Those who felt lost in their teen years grow up to be seasoned bosses running their own companies. And girls who only dreamed of falling in love in high school might now be blessed with grandchildren who look up to them.

There’s so much to celebrate the older you get as a woman. Success in your career, a happy family life, and perhaps even how much more gorgeous you’ve become over the years.

You might be trying out a new look, like shorter hair, which is ultra-flattering for older women. Your locks might not be as long and flowy as when you were younger, but short locks will make you look chic and regal—the way any woman your age wants to be perceived.

Not sure how to style your short hair at your age? Here are 20 flattering short hairstyles for the more mature, sophisticated woman.

Pixie with Shaved Sides and Side-Swept Bangs

This look is perfect for a woman who has toughened up over the years. The short pixie is a classic for mature women, but adding shaved sides to the equation makes you appear even more intimidatingly cool, if that’s what you’re going for. For an extra chic touch, sweep your straight bangs over to the side.

Long and Shaggy Pixie

For a more youthful, carefree vibe, style your pixie so that it grows a bit longer than usual. Don’t overthink styling this haircut. All you have to do is wash it, perhaps add some moisture with cream or hair oil, and leave it looking natural and shaggy. It’s a friendly look that makes any older lady look hip and laidback.

Soft Pixie with Highlights

Many women who are a bit older will fall into the habit of dyeing their locks their natural color when gray hair starts to grow. If you want to stand out, do something extra, like adding highlights to your hair. Short, brown hair would look fabulous with blonde highlights, while chocolate-toned streaks would look magnificent on black hair.

Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

Going for that modern housewife look? Take a look at this hairstyle that makes you look like a cross between prim-and-proper and thriving in the city. A blunt bob adds an air of sophistication to your look. Meanwhile, fine, wispy bangs make you look softer and more approachable, like a loving mother.

Curled “Combover”

Create the illusion of a combover without shaving any of your hair off with this hairstyle. All you have to do is put most of your hair in a small, low bun at your nape, making sure to leave a long fringe in the front area of your face. Brush that entire fringe over to one side of your face and give it a curl with a trusty curling wand, and you’ve got yourself a “combover.”

Straight, Shaggy Hair with a Pop of Color

It’s not uncommon to see older women with graying locks styled in a short, straight pixie. But if you want an edge to your pixie cut that can make people stop and stare, add a surprising pop of color to your locks. For example, add a charming, noticeable streak of aqua blue to your naturally graying strands.

Angled Bob

If you want to rock the classic bob but are worried about it not flattering your face shape, get the tweaked version of the hairstyle—an angled bob. Ask your stylist to cut your hair short at the back but growing gradually longer towards the front. That way, you can rock short hair while still framing your face with longer pieces.

Curls with a Deep Side Part

To get the look of a classically glamorous woman, style your hair with curls in a deep, sultry side part. This is the kind of look that successful women sport when they get their portrait taken and hung up in their living room. It makes you look stunningly pretty yet respectable and elegant at the same time.

Blown Out and Brushed Back

Who says older women can’t look like Instagram models? We beg to differ. This blown-out and brushed-back hairstyle is perfect for photoshoots. It’s the trendy slicked-back style younger models like to flaunt, but tweaked to be more voluminous and flattering on older ladies.

Tall, Swirly Pompadour

This hairstyle is perfect for the quirky older woman. Rock stylish, short hair that will earn you tons of double-takes as you walk down the street with this tall pompadour with a fun, charming swirl at the very top. A handful of gel will be your best friend to nail this look.

Rogue Highlights

For a bold and stylishly sinister look, try adding rogue highlights to your short hair. This trendy way of highlighting locks is a great way to frame the face and add flair to your hairstyle. It was inspired by the iconic hairstyle of Rogue from X-Men.

Elegant Low Ponytail

An easy, effortless way to keep your hair out of your face is by gathering it all up into a low ponytail at the center of your nape. High ponytails are usually more playful and younger-looking, but the elegant low pony makes you look more regal and seasoned, which you deserve in your golden years!

Bold Buzz Cut

Lots of older women go for a pixie cut to give themselves a bolder look. But if that’s not bold enough for you, you can take a step further with a super buzzed haircut that leaves your hair a centimeter or two long. 

This look is great if you don’t want to maintain a pixie and want something you don’t have to think about styling. It’s also amazing for showing off your face shape and bone structure.

Pixie with Baby Bangs a la Audrey Hepburn

Did you grow up loving Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn in your younger years? If so, why not emulate her legendary beauty and finesse by sporting a haircut exactly like hers? A smooth pixie cut paired with baby bangs is both flamboyant and charming, so try it out on your own hair!

Curly Bob

If you’re looking for a more natural look that can still give you a poised and polished appearance, natural curls will be perfect for you. Get your hair cut in a bob with layers. Then, use some of your favorite curl-defining cream to really bring out that bouncy, spiral-like texture.

Soft Bob Flipped Inwards

We’ve seen many types of bobs on this list, but if you want to go as simple as possible, consider getting this short, soft bob with an inward wave at the ends. All you have to do is use your flat iron to flip the ends in, and you’re done.

Subtle Curls with Bangs

Women with curly hair wrongly assume that they can’t sport bangs. But when cut in the right layers, curly bangs can look quite charming, especially coupled with short hair. Ask your stylist for a curly fringe to complement your short, wavy locks.

Teased Updo with Curtain Bangs

Turn back time and look youthful and playful with this fun, vintage hairstyle. Put your hair up in a teased updo (a bun or ponytail would be excellent!). Then, leave out some tendrils on each side of the face and curl them to create the look of trendy curtain bangs.

Naturally Wavy Short Mullet

Mullets look great on long locks, but look très chic on short hair! Ask your stylist to give you shorter layers in front that gradually move towards longer locks at the back that hit right above your shoulder.

Half-Up Ponytail

It can be difficult putting short hair up in a high ponytail. So when you need a quick and easy way to tie your hair up, opt for a half-pony. Take the top half of your hair and tie it up, leaving the rest of your hair down. You can do this with a hair tie or a clamp.

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