When you hit the big 5-0 and get your golden girl membership card, it’s truly something to celebrate. You’ve made it! You’re now a wise, sophisticated, successful woman.

But being 50 can be confusing when you’re working on your personal style. Are you supposed to look regal and serious now that you’re older? Or are you still allowed to put your hair in trendy hairstyles and not look like you’re trying too hard?

The simple answer to this is that there are no rules when it comes to styling your hair when you reach the golden years. However, if you want something super flattering that can make you look extra elegant and chic, we recommend a short haircut. Here are 20 hairstyles you might want to go for to show off your new, mature style.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50:

Daring, Spiky Pixie

Want to make a statement now that you’re in your fifties? Wow the crowd with a daring short haircut, like a spiky pixie. Use some pomade or wax to ensure your hair stands tall and holds its shape at the top. This style looks gorgeous on jet-black hair, but also works with any stark, eye-catching color.

Angular Curly Pixie

This take on the pixie has a bit more texture to it. It’s a terrific option for those who have natural curls or want to get a perm. Instead of cutting all your hair short, leave out a long chunk of hair at the front that will serve as a side-swept bang, creating a more angular shape to your hair.

Grown-Out Short Hair


This unique hair length usually follows after you’ve worn a pixie cut for so long that your hair has started growing out again. It’s an excellent way to maintain your short, low-maintenance length while adding more softness and shagginess to your locks. So if you’ve been rocking a pixie for a while, hold off on the haircut and see how you’ll look with this grown-out length.

Classic Bob


If you have straight hair, a classic bob like this will work for you. A lot of women usually go for the blunt bob, but one that is shorter at the back and longer near your face is more cosmopolitan and chic. So if that’s the style you’re going for in your fifties, try this out.

Wavy Bob with Thick, Sideswept Bangs


For a cutesy look that still makes you look wise beyond your years, go for a wavy bob—that is, one that has a few waves and curls and never looks flat. Add a touch of youthfulness by wearing this hairdo with side-swept bangs that fall right on top of your eyes.

Convenient Topknot


When you’re 50 and thriving, you’re probably insanely busy. Sometimes, your hair can get in the way of the stuff you have to do, even if you’re already wearing it short. A fast and easy way to keep your hair from your face is by gathering it up in a small topknot at the crown of your head.

Combover with Deep Part


For a dramatic look that screams CEO, try out this combover. Brush all your hair to one side and create a deep side part. Let your locks fall right by your face. You have the option to leave the other side as is, or shave it off to give the look even more flair. It’s a hairstyle that is sure to get people talking.

Naturally Gray Shag


You might start seeing a lot of your strands turning silver and gray now that you’re in your fifties. Our advice? Don’t fight it. If you can, grow it out and rock it, even if you’re still transitioning out of your old hair color. Chances are, the gray will blend nicely with the rest of your hair anyway, like in this shaggy style. 

Sleek, Low, Round Bun


To emit the vibe of a young professional even at your age, wear your hair in the sleekest, roundest bun you can right at your nape. Make the round bun as big as you can without your short strands sticking out. A bigger bun creates the illusion of thicker hair, which is a characteristic of younger locks.

Serene Chignon with Barrettes


If you’re going for that “mother of the bride” look at your next event, try wearing your hair in a relaxed but romantic chignon. Add loose braids if your hair length can hold it. Make sure to tie the chignon as low as you can; short hair can’t handle high buns. Put pearl and flower barrettes in your hair for an elegant touch, and you’re done.

Feathery Pixie with Soft, Thick Bangs


Pixie cuts are usually sharp and tough, but you can also go for one that is soft and looks oh-so-touchable. When you get a haircut, tell your stylist to leave the front of your hair quite long—or at least long enough to give you thick bangs that fall in a wave over your forehead.

Short Bob with a Wispy Fringe


Another way to approach a bob is by cutting it super short—like, say, right on your cheek—and then compensating for the lack of hair by adding a fringe. If you have delicate, fine hair, you don’t have to make your fringe full and lush. A wispy, sparse kind of fringe works well too, especially on mature faces.

Side French Braid

One way to add more charm and youth to your short hair as an older woman is by adding braids and plaits whenever you can. A quick way to do that is by simply grabbing a one-inch section by your temple and making a French braid that goes down the side of your head.

Messy, Relaxed Half-Updo

Styling half of your hair up and keeping the rest down gives anyone at any age a more girlish look. So if you’re trying to look a little younger, it’s the perfect short hairstyle. Try to be as carefree as possible with it—add loose braids and don’t make it look so polished when you gather your hair and tie it back. Make sure the overall look is cute but effortless.

Buzzed Short

If you have a grungey soul even at 50, go for a look that will remind you of your rock-and-roll era. Most people will only go for a short scissor cut, but stand out from everyone else by getting a flashy buzz cut. No one will even think of you as a frail lady in her fifties!

Glamour Curls a la Marilyn Monroe

Love looking like the stars? Get your glam on and take inspiration from the queen of retro glam herself—Marilyn Monroe. Instead of using a curling wand, use overnight rollers to create those natural-looking curls.

The 45-Degree Cut

To add more shape to your head, get a 45-degree haircut. This style is unique because your hairdresser will add texturized layers toward the top of your hair, near the crown. That adds more volume and height to the area, making your head shape look long, willowy, and modelesque.

Flipped Out Ends

Get that model suburban housewife look by doing something as simple as flipping your ends with a flat iron. Not only does this add texture to your otherwise flat-looking straight hair, but it also makes you look like a doll!

Short Dutch Braid

Combine classic with trendiness by putting your hair in a short, tousled-looking Dutch braid you’re your head. It keeps your hair out of your face while looking charming from the back! And don’t worry about short hairs sticking out—it’s all part of the messy, laidback vibe you’re going for.

Bowl Undercut

Just because you’re 50, it doesn’t mean you can’t try out bold, outrageous hairstyles. If you still have that playful streak in you even at your mature age, go for a short haircut that will make jaws drop, like this combo of an undercut and a bowl cut.


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