Oh, the teenage years!

These are some of the most challenging years to navigate as a teen and parent. You are figuring out who you are, what you like and don’t like, and trying to decide how you want to live your life. Not to mention the societal pressure to look a sure way to be considered cool and trendy.

Your hair extends your personality, and how you style it can say a lot about you. So, when you decide to cut it, it is a bold statement that lets the world know that you aren’t afraid to be unapologetic about who you are.

There are many options for shorter hairstyles, from dramatic and shaved to softer bobs. Whether you want to chop all your locks or give them a trim, there are several hairstyles you can choose from.

The upside to making a brave decision about your hair is that it’s only hair! It will grow back, so you can make a radical change safe in the knowledge that it isn’t permanent. Not only can you cut your hair, but you can also add funky colors. The options are endless.

Short Hairstyles For Teenage Girls:

The History Behind Short Hair

Today, many teenagers don’t know that short hair for women has not always been common or accepted. In the past, having short hair was always significant.

Take the ancient Greeks, for example. Women cut their hair and buried it with their husbands when they died.

Joan of Arc cut her hair short because she claimed the voice of God told her to when she was trying to expel the English from France. Little did she know that her look would inspire a whole movement of hairstyles. A Polish-born hairstylist, Monsieur Antoine, started cutting his clients’ hair in a bob in 1909, saying that Joan of Arc inspired him.

This led to the popularity of the bob in the 1920s that was made famous by flappers and silent film stars. At around this time, Amelia Earhart cut her hair before undertaking her pioneering solo flight across the Atlantic. Many women also cut their hair short during the World War, particularly nurses who found it easier and more hygienic.

In 1940, Frida Kahlo painted Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair after getting divorced as a symbol of freedom but soon afterward, longer hair was considered the norm. Then in the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn popularized the pixie cut, which became known as a symbol of nonconformity and empowerment.

So, through the years, short hair has been considered an act of defiance, of women breaking out of the traditional mold. It has been a bold statement of individuality, so it’s no wonder that women today still use short hair to express themselves.

1. Undercut

If you have decided you want a bold change, then an undercut hairstyle is the way to go. This style is created by shaving the sides and back of the head while leaving the hair longer on top. You could leave your hair long enough to hide the shaved parts if you wanted to, or you could cut it shorter to show off your new edgy style.

This style is fun to play with, which makes it ideal for teenagers. You could dye the longer layers of hair fun colors or even shave patterns into your hair. There is room to be creative and let your individual style shine through.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is one lady who knows how to play with an undercut hairstyle and has been seen sporting a few variations on this look, and they are all incredible.

2. Extreme Bangs

Having extreme bangs can work with so many short hairstyles and is a perfect option for teenagers. Not only can you play around with the length of your hair, but you can style your bangs in a middle or side part, which will completely change your look.

Bangs can also be dyed cool colors without having to make the leap and dye your whole head.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Rita Ora

Rita Ora is no stranger to changing her look, and she has tried many short hairstyles with heavy bangs. From short and shaggy, sleek and side-parted to curly and long, Rita Ora is a great source of inspiration for your bangs.

3. Short Pixie

A pixie cut is iconic, and it is a sweet and sassy look any teenage girl will love. A short pixie cut requires very little maintenance so that it will be a stylish but fuss-free hairstyle for the sporty teenager.

You could have a very short pixie cut that is close-cropped or leave it slightly longer, so it has a more punk look. However you choose to style it, a short pixie hairstyle is fun to show your style.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz gives us all the feels with her playful style and numerous versions of the short pixie cut. She constantly keeps her look fresh by playing with length and color.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

Some famous faces have made the asymmetrical bob iconic. Think Victoria Beckham. But many young stars have made the look their own, and now an asymmetrical bob is a fun way for a teenager to experiment with a more mature style.

This cut works with straight or wavy hair as one side of the bob is left longer than the other while the back is cut shorter.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been seen with an asymmetrical bob in her signature dark color as well as platinum blonde and blue/green.

5. Short And Choppy With Heavy Side Bangs

This style can look grunge and edgy or be styled to look glamorous and girly. Teenagers can play around with color and texture, which keeps this look interesting. It can be worn very short and choppy or kept slightly longer for more styling options.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is the undisputed queen of the short and choppy look with heavy side bangs. She has had her super short and slightly longer but always with bangs and heavy eye makeup, a look any teenager could get behind.

6. Shaved

To cut your hair short requires a deep breath and a dose of courage. To shave it off requires an unshakeable self-belief and a sense of adventure.

This bold style might be just what a teenager needs as they discover more about who they are and their place in the world.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Willow Smith

Willow Smith shaved her head in a brave nod to her emotions and feelings about her hair. It was a move that honored her feelings and her sense of body autonomy.

7. Bob With Bangs

A bob is such a classic short hairstyle that it is no wonder teenagers are drawn to it. It is timeless and is a versatile look to style. Adding bangs can completely change the look of your face and modernize the bob.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Taylor Swift

It’s hard to even remember Taylor Swift before her bob and bangs, and we aren’t sad about it. The superstar has had a sleek bob, a layered bob, and even a messy bob, all with her signature bangs.

8. Long Pixie

We have already seen that a pixie cut is rooted in history and how it has made a comeback in celebs today.

If you aren’t wanting to brave a short pixie cut, you could opt for a longer version. This means keeping your locks layered around your face and ears. It is no less fun as you could change up the color and even add bangs.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Katie Perry

Katie Perry has tried a few variations of the pixie cut, including keeping it longer. She has gone as far as making her pixie cut dark, blonde, and even blue.

9. Side-Part Bob

This hairstyle can be sweet and preppy for a teenager and grow with them as they mature. The side part gives the bob an air of vintage glam and can be styled straight, wavy, or curly.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Lily Collins

Lilly Collins often has her hair cut in a bob and very often chooses to wear it in a side part. It is a fun way to modernize the classic bob.

10. Shaved Sides With A Pompadour

Having shaved sides with a pompadour is fun, glamorous, and makes a statement.

Because your hair on top has to be fairly long to style a pompadour, it means that you have room to play with this hairstyle. For a teenage girl, experimenting with your look is half the fun.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Meagan Good

Meagan Good is a Hollywood veteran who is talented and beautiful and also advocates for more inclusivity in the movie industry, particularly when it comes to stylists.

She has had many amazing looks, including shaved sides and a pompadour that would give anyone hair envy.

11. Curly Long Crop

Having curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t have it short. As a teenage girl, the pressure to look a certain way can be challenging to handle, but you should be celebrating the features that make you unique.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Julia Garner

Julia Garner does just that with her head of blonde curls.

She wears them like a golden halo around her face, and her curly long crop hairstyle is stylish and sassy. The shorter your hair, the tighter the curl, creating a fun hairstyle that will be unique to you.

12. Classic Pixie

You don’t have to have short spikes or shaved sides to enjoy a pixie cut. A classic pixie cut is a great option for a teenage girl who wants something different but iconic.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Zendaya

Zendaya has styled her classic pixie cut in a number of ways, each beautiful.

From a close-cropped cap of dark hair to a softer, layered blonde do, Zendaya is a great example of how amazing a classic pixie cut can look on a young woman.

13. Grown Out Buzz Cut

If a pixie cut isn’t your thing, but you aren’t quite ready to have your head, a grown-out buzz cut could work for you. It is a style that makes a statement and is also easy to maintain. Choosing an alternative hairstyle is empowering and freeing for young girls.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Halsey

Halsey is not one to shy away from playing with her look, and her buzz cut caused quite a stir.

14. Short And Wavy Shag

If you want shorter hair but not anything as dramatic as a pixie cut or bob, then a wavy shag is for you. It is a relaxed hairstyle that is short but still easily styled and versatile to work with.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been sporting a wavy shag style lately, and hers definitely has a retro vibe to it that we love.

15. Simple Bob

A simple, sleek, middle-parted bob is a classic that will never go out of style. It is a winning hairstyle regardless of age, as women over the years have proven.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kaia Gerber

Model Kaia Gerber said she felt pressure to have long hair in the modeling industry. But it is her body and her life, so she chopped her locks and hasn’t looked back.

16. Bob With Shaved Side

A bob with shaved sides is a great option for those teenagers wanting to try something different without stepping too far out of their comfort zones. It allows the safety of a bob with glimpses of an edgy, shaved side, a look that you can play with.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Rihanna

Rihanna is known for experimenting with her style, and that includes her hair.

17. Half-Shaved Shag

The half-shaved shag hairstyle is another one that allows you to experiment with something fun and edgy without having to take it too far. A shag cut is longer and more forgiving, allowing you to hide the shaved side if you wanted to.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been open about her struggles over recent years, and she uses her hair and style to express the feelings she is experiencing. Her brave honesty about her struggles with mental health and eating disorders is just what teenage girls need.

Seeing that celebrities are human and experience the same issues we all do is helpful for teenagers struggling with their own identities.

18. Punk Pixie

The punk pixie cut is such a fun one for teenage girls as it allows them to play around with color and texture. This is a style that draws attention and allows for fearless self-expression.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Pink

Pink may not be a young woman anymore, but she has shown that eclectic personal style never goes out of fashion. She has always been bold in her choices, and her hair has gone through various stages of the pixie cut.

From luminous pink spikes, cotton candy pink curls, and platinum quaffs, Pink is a style icon that proves that being yourself is the best form of style.

19. Blunt Bob/Lob

A blunt bob/lob can be anywhere from shoulder-length to just below the chin. It is a style that looks simple and elegant and is perfect for that transition from teen years to adulthood.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale has demonstrated how the blunt bob can grow with you. She has had some version of this hairstyle over the years, and it has evolved as she has matured.

20. Jagged Crop

This style is longer than a pixie cut but not as long as a bob. The hair is cut in jagged layers, giving the hair texture and shape.

This is a versatile style for teenage girls as they can make it messy and fun with some styling product or keep it slicked back.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has worn her jagged crop in both these ways and has styled it in many different ways as it has grown out, proving how changeable it is.


Your teenage years are for experimentation and discovering your personal style. These are the years to change your hair and your clothes as you learn more about yourself, the world, and your place in it.

It is a time of discovery, and what better way to do that than by changing your hair. Hair is so much more than something that grows on your head.

It is an extension of your personality, and as such, it can be used to express your thoughts and feelings as you navigate this crazy life. So go on, try something new and learn more about yourself in the process.


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