When the wedding bells ring and everyone in the chapel turns towards the aisle, everyone keeps their eyes on the bride. But the blushing bride smiling under her veil isn’t the only star of a wedding. Many people also take long looks at the handsome groom.

As a groom, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. So, you need to look your best too, even if you’re not the bride. Aside from a well-fitting tux and wiping the sweat off your forehead, another way to look dashing on your special day is by getting a fresh haircut.

But what haircuts are great on men for their big day? If you’re not sure how to style your hair on your wedding day, don’t fret. We’re here to help you out! Here are some of the best haircut options for guys during their wedding.

Short, Simple Scissor Cut

If your main priority is to keep the spotlight on your gorgeous bride, then go for a simple, fuss-free haircut. A trip to the barber a few days before the wedding to get a short scissor cut should be on your to-do list. This haircut keeps your hair short and trimmed without any fancy shavings or swoops that are unnecessarily dramatic.

Short Hair with Mid-Fade

Here’s another short and casual haircut, this time with a flattering mid-fade. A skin fade on your wedding day is great because it makes you look groomed (pun intended) and polished, like you were freshly shaven. It’s an awesome look for low-maintenance guys who still want to look put-together on their big day.

Neat, Brushed Combover

For a classic “good boy” look on your wedding day, go for a neatly brushed combover like this. After a fresh trim, give yourself a deep side part and comb most of your hair to one side. To make sure your locks stay in place all day, use your favorite gel or cream when you brush your hair over. 

Wavy and Tousled

Here’s another “basic” haircut that will still make you look dashing and dreamy at the altar—thick, wavy locks cut short. The combination of the length and tousled, wavy texture on top will give you a look that’s polished and put together, but also effortlessly handsome and boyish.

Undercut Quiff

For a modern, rugged look, get an undercut. This gives you shaved sides and hair that is longer on the top. Then, brush your longer locks upwards in a quiff, creating a sexy fauxhawk effect. Pair this look with a well-groomed beard for a relaxed, laidback but utterly handsome look.

Classic Pompadour with Deep Side Part

If your goal is to look extra fancy on your special day, go for the classic pomp—a favorite among men who want to look glamorous and expensive. A tall, thick, voluminous pomp is an excellent choice if you have medium-length hair.

Pompadour with Shaved Sides

To make your face look longer, do a pomp with shaved sides. This adds to the height of your hair while slimming it down a bit. You get the dashing, tantalizing feel of an upscale haircut but with a modern touch, thanks to your shaved sides. Either a regular shave or a skin fade will work well for this hairstyle.

Natural Curls Slicked Back a la Bradley Cooper

Of course, just because you’re getting married, it doesn’t automatically necessitate a haircut. If you sport long or medium curls, you can always keep that length and slick your hair back, like Bradley Cooper. This look allows you to show off your natural texture and length while making your tresses look more polished and formal—exactly what you need for the big day.

Disconnected Undercut Bun

Rocking an undercut is common among grooms today. But one way to really stand out is by getting a disconnected undercut—meaning shaved sides with sharply contrasting long locks on top. 

Of course, your bride will probably kill you if you wear your super long hair down on your wedding day. If that’s the case, tie your long locks in a small bun on the crown of your head for a neat look.

Mullet a la Joe Keery

If you love all things old school, try going for a mullet. Make sure you use a blow dryer to style it on the day of the wedding to give it extra volume and softness. This hairstyle would be perfect if your wedding has a vintage theme, since a mullet is a classic retro haircut.

Smooth, Wavy, Medium-Length Mullet a la SUGA of BTS

Mullets can look a little intimidating when they’re too long. If you want to rock that style but with a modern spin on it, go for a medium-length, wavy mullet that sits right above your shoulders. You’re your hair down the middle and allow some face-framing pieces to fall naturally on the sides. Rocking this look gives you that instant K-pop star glow!

The Elvis Cut

Here’s another debonair haircut if you like retro styles—the Elvis cut. This greaser-style haircut looks similar to a pompadour, but is a little more structured and has that slick, gelled-down look. Although Elvis didn’t sport facial hair of his own, this haircut would look handsome with a beard.

Curls Buzzed Short

If your curly hair always gives you trouble during formal events because of how coily and poofy they are, why not buzz your hair short for your wedding? It gives you a clean yet lavish look. The best part is that you no longer have to worry about your kinky curls being too unmanageable on such an important day. 

If you want, you can have your hair shaved just short enough to show off some of your natural waves and curls.

Braided Bun with Flowers

Braids and buns are usually reserved for the bride and her entourage on the day of the wedding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt them too! If you have long hair and want to be extra playful on your big day, you can wear your locks in a braided bun. Add some fresh flowers for a more romantic touch!


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