20 Best Prom Hairstyles For Men

Men usually choose the look that will perfectly suit their physical features and their personal preferences. Hairstyles match the shape of your face, type of hair, and lifestyle. Men love to do hairstyles to look attractive and to make themselves feel confident as well. Aside from making men feel good, it also adds character to their personality and embodies their identity.

Their hair is an accessory to them, so making it well-groomed is also important. A good hairstyle enhances your physical features, and the right hairstyle will make you look younger, handsome and better. It is an important part of their appearance because it sets the tone of their entire look. Attending a prom is an exciting event for men; aside from their shoes and suit, their hair is the most noticeable one when the night event comes.

Everything must be perfect for the waited evening event, including your hairstyle, so you can rock the night and look awesome in your prom. Let your hair catch their attention, and make your unforgettable moments. You will not stock only on one choice, but there are many options to choose what suits you. Your face shape and hair cuts must look good.

The type of hair you have is also considered when choosing the best prom hairstyles. The looks you are going to show that evening will show your personality, your lifestyle and what kind of man you are. So you should not pick any hairstyles, you should also look into details what are the features and looks of it. Here, the top 29 best prom hairstyles for men that you can choose on are collected and explained in detail to have an idea of what hairstyles you can have!

Prom Hairstyles For Men:

1. Layered and Curly

An easy way to enhance the short hairstyle of men is to cut the strand in different levels in the hair layers. This hairstyle creates an impression on the full head of hair, and it will look better if your hairstylist uses a razor in making a layer so you won’t get blunt and cut. This hairstyle will give your look definition and movement. This is perfect for slightly long hair for men. This will give you an attractive look the moment you stand out from the crowd. The drop fade will bring you awesome looks!

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2. Side-Parted Prom Hairstyle

The slicked hairstyle is one of the great choices when attending a prom. They look elegant and stylish, and the hair will not go straight to your hair since it is on the side. The side part haircut relies on a side part. It is characteristically simple and neat. It is good for men with thick hair. The top and side of the hair are cut traditionally to give the side part of the haircut a timeless look. This can add more definition to your whole looks and will make you look attractive.

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3. Wild Faded Texture

If you have these thick locks, you should take a closer look at textured hairstyles. This will allow you to reduce the bulk of your tresses without even sacrificing their ampleness. This kind of haircut is cool if complemented with a fade on the back and the sides. The length of the hair reduces gradually; the top of the hair is wild, while the sides are shaved and look more serious.If you want a bold look, you can go with a high skin fade cut. These looks are good and will make you stand out.

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4. Short Navy Quiff

If you want to show your masculine features, you can go with a short navy quiff. It does not require much maintenance and will not waste your time styling. It has a short side and a slightly longer top, and it delivers an edgy and professional appearance. It is a great option to choose. It has a shortcut on the sides and the back of the head with a long lock on top. This hairstyle makes you look more sexy and masculine. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this hairstyle is a good idea to look on.

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5. Brushed Back and Textured

If you are into elegant and sophisticated hairstyles, this might grab your attention and liking. Even though the locks are brushed back, it does not make the hairstyles plain and flat. The defined texture on top maintains an ample and highlights appearance. This hairstyle is good, smooth, and low maintenance. The texture creates contrast and movement to the top. It looks clean and neat; the movement of this hairstyle brings a lot of attraction. It will give an attractive and awesome look as it gives you a sophisticated hairstyle.

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6. Modern Cowlick Prom Hair Men

If you have a cowlick on your head, you can style it in any modern way you can do. It is a super trendy men’s hairstyle, and In modern cowlick, you let your tufts do as they want to. Make sure before your hairdresser cuts your hair, he combs any tufts in your hair, down as many as possible. In this way, after being cut, your hair will return to its own style and then add texture to your hair by sticking it out. Try not to hide any tufts and style them.

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7. Hot Eboy Haircut

This male haircut is still relevant; if it resonates with you, you can choose it as your prom hairstyle. This is also known as curtain bangs drawing attention to your eyes and standing out your check bone. It is more textured, relaxed, and gives uneven natural parting. The way your hair falls over your face is sexy; thus, this look will give you that sexy look. This looks also makes you cool and attractive. If you have longer hair, this one is perfect for you, leaving your hair looking like a curtain.

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8. Sleek and Wet Bob

Are you looking for a longer prom style? Then this bob haircut is perfect for you. The event is dressy and requires you to wear a formal suit, so make sure your bob haircut will pass the formal hairstyle. To achieve this, you have to style it in smooth and sleek. This is perfect if you have long hair; you just have to comb them back with the rest of your hair. A sleek wet look gives your bob on-trend. It is a wavy, long, and crap style any way you like.

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9. High Taper Fade

In modern prom hairstyles, the fact that it is trendy can also be practical. This hairstyle is good as it gives you a chance to have it in both casual and fancy events. You can wear this after the event and even in school. The sides are trimmed gradually shorter; the hair gets faded with the skin at 2 inches from the top of your hair. It is the shortest faded haircut, and it starts further towards the front of your head than other fades. It is an edgy haircut, elegant.

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10. Bad Boy Side Quiff

If you want to have a mid-length haircut, it will not make too much effort for you to pull off one of the most attractive haircuts and hairstyle for prom. In order to have a neat and clean appearance, go for this high fade on the sides, then leave the top of medium length. Here, you will divide the top into two sections with a natural side part and then push them back. This hairstyle is cool and will rock you out, be ready to rock and own the dancefloor.

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11. God Boy Side Swept

If you have a short haircut, you have different styling options. If you have a long fringe, you can achieve an extremely fancy hairstyle. All you have to do is to brush it forward to cover your forehead, then push it a little bit to the side. To add an additional definition to the layered hairstyles, you can employ a touch of some styling product you prefer. This hairstyle is clean and will help you look fresh and elegant. If you want a very good looking in your prom, you can have this as your choice.

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12. Cool Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk hairstyle is perfect for men who want their inner part of the hair to look rocker. In this hairstyle, the hair should not necessarily be pinched up in the center. You can have it styled in a funnel shape to make it look more unusual and eye-catching. It is one of the coolest men’s hairstyles, stylish and cool. It features a short side of the hair and a strip of longer hair that usually runs from the front to the back of the head. This allows you to switch between professional and punk.

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13. Undercut with Crazy Highlights

If you have an undercut, you can complement that in any short or medium hairstyle. You will be the one to decide what type of fade and style of the top. You can have your hair, have a top cut in even layers, and then slicked back. In this way, it creates a very edgy and textured look on any men’s haircut. To add an emphasis, you can go for a lineup around the temples and forehead. This hairstyle is cool because of the highlights that add high-volume cuts perfect for the undercut.

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14. Pomp Star

This is a classic pompadour hairstyle and one of the choices for prom hairstyles.Short hair men should let their hair grow, and then when it grows a little bit, they should do a bit of combing. The front section of the hair should comb back as well as the sides. The hair on the back of the head down to the head should be slick. With a preferred styling product, secure your style, and you are ready to rock! This is perfect for men who have a little bit of long hair and is so simple.

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15. Fiery Spikes

You were looking for easy prom hairstyles that you can style any way you want after the prom? You have the right haircut first because this hairstyle can be restyled effortlessly that suit any kind of environment, from formal to casual. You can go with a quiff, as it brings you a formal ambiance, and it will look good styled if you use a styling product. This hairstyle is cool and makes you more attractive with a bit of a messy hairstyle. If you tousle the strand of your hair with a bead of wax, you’ll have a casual look.

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16. Hipster Man Bun

For an ultimate casualty, if you want to own the night, you may want to try this man bun. You can actually have a faded haircut on the side; however, the top should be long enough that it could be tied into a bun or a knot. This hairstyle is perfect for men with long hair. This hairstyle is cool and stylish. It adds casual attraction and charm. It looks great with every facial hair type. If you don’t have long hair and want to try this, we recommend growing your hair first.

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17. High and Greasy Bro’s Fade

Any amount of hair gel you’ll use will work in this kind of hairstyle as it still looks fancy and dapper. You just have to focus on the top and go for a high bald fade on the back and sides. If you have an unruly and coiled lock, the hair gel will make a difference with your hair. This hairstyle is perfect for men with short hair and is easily styled with elegance. If you want a clean and stylish hairstyle, you can probably choose this kind of hairstyle for your prom.

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18. All Over Spikes

This hairstyle is cool by spiking up the strands all over the head. If in your school you are known as the good campus guy, in your prom, you could probably try this hairstyle as your break-even, just your hair. You can style your hair in a ruffian manner. For additional boldness and prominence, you can have your tresses bleached. This hairstyle look will help you stand out from the crowd because of its coolness and style. You would probably want your prom to be memorable as you change your hairstyle according to your character.

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19. Pointed Bangs

Bangs are the ultimate versatile hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle offers you a multitude of styling options. If you want to achieve a daring look for your prom, push that bangs to the side and then style it in a pointed style. You would probably have that mysterious look, then make sure to leave a quite lot of hair on top to cover your eyes a little bit. This is cool for men as it gives emphasis to your look. You can have it a little bit messy with bangs, and it will give you an awesome look.

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20. Combed Back Layers

This hairstyle is one of the formal hairstyles for men that they always choose on. It looks sophisticated, elegant, stylish, and suits any ambiance. It is one of the best prom hairstyles for men, and to give it more definition and structure, and you can go first with a layered haircut. It is easily styled and done. It is the trendiest style; the idea of slicking back hair is particularly a versatile technique. If you want a simple yet cool hairstyle, you can try this out as it gives you an awesome look in your prom.

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Other prom hairstyles you can try are shaggy look which is perfect for any hair type and face shape; sleek combed quiff that requires pro skills and steady hand of the hairstylist; excellent student ivy league which accompanied with a high fade on the back and side; tapered curls which enhances natural curly hair; caesar bang which is a timeless hair look; hot jewfro which is hot hairstyle by styling your tresses in a relaxed manner; layered bowl that is pretty stylish; stylish gray curls that look stylish and daring; and medium slicked back quiff that make your hair stylish.

A prom is an important event in your life that you wouldn’t probably want to miss. It is the moment that will separate your childhood and adulthood. You would want it to be perfect from your suit, shoes, and most especially your hair for an overall look. To make your night a memorable one, we help you to make it easy for you to choose the best hairstyle for prom that makes you feel cool and confident.

This 29 prom hairstyles for men is a compilation for you to look at what best suits you together with its details. 

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