Long Hairstyles For Women: 60 Trendy Hairstyles For Long Hair

It is said that if a woman has long natural hair, it’s her god-gifted and the most precious jewel. And there is no lie in it. 

Having long hair feels fantastic, but it often feels toilsome too. Because we can very well imagine how tough it would be to manage a head full of lengthy tresses, even more, difficult is to keep them healthy and beautifully styled. 

And not everyone can do so. So, if you are that lazy girl who has the least energy or time to manage her long natural hair, we’ve not just heard you but also got you covered with so many trendiest yet easiest long hairstyles.

Long Hairstyles For Women:

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Below are a ton of long hairstyles for women that are easiest to main yet hottest to carry!

Long Side Bangs On Long Hair

Side bangs and long hair is an endless combinations to style the gigantic length of your locks. From everyday lounging to formal updos, long side bangs will never disappoint you. 

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It is a trendy long hairstyle for women that will bring you no-end compliments wherever you go! Also, it suits almost every face and looks good in every season.  

Pair this gorgeous long hairstyle with fringe or wavy hair to create an eye-catching look!

All-Over Round Layers

It won’t be wrong to say all-over round layers is the style of this year. The style adds a lot of built-in volume to your hair and creates instant dimensions to rock your simple yet elegant look.

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Also, the all-over rounded Layers ensure that each chunk remains defined, adding sharp angles to your style. 

And the best part is its symmetrical round layers that add unmatched excitement to your locks. So, take inspiration from this classy look for your next salon appointment. 

V-Cut Layers

The next style, v-cut layers, is for those who love heavily layered styles. It’s trendy and one of the boldest long hairstyles for women that add bold dimensions and a natural body to your hair without demanding much effort.  

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To create this look, let your hair grow to the fullest, so you can carry this hairstyle to gorgeously transform your look, flatter your face, and beautifully highlight your long tresses!

Please note that this style is ideal for those who love defined and sharp hairstyles. 

Long Bob

The long bob haircut is one of the most versatile long hairstyles for women because it offers a ton of styling options like curls, asymmetric cuts, deep parts, waves, and much more.

And the best part is that it is super easy to carry and the most promising to create an oh-so-beautiful look.

So, try it in your next saloon booking and be ready to write thanking note to us for all the compliments it will bring to you!

Multiple Layers in Long Hair

Multiple layers in long hair are the coolest way to trim your long tresses while still enjoying the vibe of having long hair. Due to that, it is considered the most popular and fabulous long hairstyle for women. 

Also, it’s even more popular for creating a subtle natural look that feels like a lovely waterfall. Bringing a natural feel to your long hair for the style will also minimize your daily efforts to style them.

Carry this style with some flattering highlights and natural waves to create a chic and messy look.

Long Shag

Pull your hair back into this 1970’s long hairstyle for women. The style is inspired by rock and roll to play with your voluminous tresses. 

Besides, the style will work for every woman. Even more glorious is its easiest way to carry it, as the haircut itself is a symbol of effortless freedom. 

Trust this style to rock your long tresses and enjoy the oh-so-effortless sexy look!

Long Braids

If any hairstyle can turn heads in the true sense, that would belong to braids. It’s the most versatile and easy-to-carry hairstyle with countless styling techniques. Talk about its braiding techniques and the long braids always come into the limelight. 

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It’s the most elite braiding technique that has been in fashion ever since 2000 BC, and it’s not considered outdated even today. Also, this simple yet elegant hairstyle creates a more sober look and makes you forget about the hairstyling tension of your long hair for months! 

Try this easy-to-carry hairstyle and get yourself free from styling tension. 

Front Layers

A front-layer haircut is an ideal long hairstyle for women, especially for those who love to have a modern yet exotic style. The style is ideal for carrying either straight or wavy hair. 

Plus, it gives an additional perk of carrying a curtain bang to rock your look. This upfront hairstyling option offers a face-framing style.

Spice this unique style up with strategically placed highlights to further accentuate the beauty of the front layers. 

Short in the Front, Long in the Back

Short in the front and long in the back is a sort of new short layered hairstyles styled with bangs or a fringe. Ideally, the style suits round-faced women with broad foreheads. 

This unique hairstyle has become a new trending long hairstyle for women. That’s because of its fantastic cut that makes women much younger. Plus, this ultra-voguish hairstyle remains in the limelight almost every season. 

Trust this bombastic hairstyle to redefine your fashion statement this season. 

Long Blonde Hair

Choose long blond hair to always stay in the glamour and ahead of the fashion mainstream. The combination of long blond hair with a wavy texture is an object of envy for many women. 

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Please note, this ultra pro color is thought to be the mark of elegance but a wee bit expensive too. But the look it will create is worth it. And that’s why this hairstyle is considered a labor of love. 

Ao, don’t hesitate to get this oh-so-beautiful look and make other women in awe of your bombastic look. 

Long Natural Hair

Who says long natural hair is a boring style? In fact, the style offers incredible versatility with very many beautiful styling options. Whether you open them to flaunt over your back or style them to look more sophisticated, they will never disappoint you. 

Plus, keeping your long natural hair means you can manage the dazzle and shine of your hair yourself. All you need to do is keep your locks growing with frequent chopping to prevent split ends. Well-trimmed and well-conditioned hair can glorify the charm of your long natural hair. 

If you are fed up with hairstyling, try this style, and you won’t regret it. 

Clipped Ends

Clipped-end hair is another stylish and trendy way to flaunt your natural, pretty long hair. 

Whether you have short hair or long hair, a clean and clipped end in your hair makes you look trendy and gorgeous. It’ll not only enhance your fashion statement, but it’s also a very good way to increase your hair growth. Regular clipping decreases the risk of developing split ends, which would otherwise continue to damage the hair and make it appear rough and thinner. 

So, let your hair flaunt without worrying about hair damage. 

Long A-Line Haircut

The A-line haircut looks fantastic on long hair. The front hair portion is slightly longer than the back hair, and the length difference is entirely up to you. 

You can carry along with an A-line haircut in a variety of styles. No matter what length difference you choose, the a-line haircut remains one of the most beautiful long hairstyles for women. 

Plus, this hairdo looks great, and it is quite fashionable too. 

Long Asymmetrical Haircut

Are you considering getting a fresh haircut for your beautiful long hair? An asymmetrical haircut might be the right choice for your then.

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In this haircut, the hair length on one side is longer than the other, and the hair does not follow any symmetry. To spice up the gorgeousness of this haircut, pair it with front bangs. 

Also, an asymmetrical haircut is a perfect haircut for long hair that will make you look attractive and trendy.

Long Waterfall Braids

If we say long waterfall braids are never going out of fashion for long hair, then it won’t be wrong because it’s the trendiest, most classic, and most versatile hairstyle that is just perfect for any formal or informal occasion.    

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Plus, it’s one of the handy and effortless long hairstyles for women. It’s a half-French braid in which a small chunk of your hair is braided, and the rest is free to cascade down just like a waterfall. 

Carry this style from day to night, and it won’t slip up.

Long Black Hair

Never underestimate the charm and beauty of long black hair. It’s simple yet appealing, classic yet chic, and sexy yet sophisticated.  

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The secret of this long hairstyle is proper maintenance that only includes conditioning your hair, timely trimming to prevent split ends, and applying good quality hair masks to improve their texture. 

Also, pick this easy-going hairstyle and say hello to your bombastic look. 

Bold Bangs

If we say bold bands are a true blast from the past, it won’t be a lie. Reviving the 70s style for this style has become one of the trendiest long hairstyles for women in 2022.   

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And we simply can’t get over its power-packed comeback. You can carry this bold and sexiest hairstyle with any of your existing hairstyles, and you are all set to have a sexy and mystifying look. 

Long Updo

The long updo hairstyle looks amazingly hot and absolutely gorgeous in any formal gathering or even in the wedding ceremonies. 

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Whether you pick a messy bun, neat or tight, wild or wavy, and somewhat in between, the style is going to rock. Because it’s the hottest yet the most sophisticated, chic yet timeless long hairstyle for women. 

Wrap your long tresses into romantic loops to get a guaranteed crowd-pleaser look. 

Long Thick Hair

If you’ve decided to pick a simple yet elegant hairstyling look, long thick hair is worth trying. The style is easy-to-carry and bombastic to make others envious of your long thick hair. 

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Plus, it’s a hassle-free hairstyle; you just need to maintain its sleek factor. To do this, use good quality hair masks and anti-frizz serums, and your long locks are all ready to rock your look and let you be the center of attention.

Trust this hairstyle, and you will love the way it feels!

Subtle Strands

Choose subtle strands as your next long hairstyle to highlight your face-framing because it’s an ideal hairstyle to add a dimensional highlight to your face. 

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Plus, the style adds an instant touch of warmth and fixes the gaze in the first look. And the best part is its lends a dimension to your face for a perfectly blended or sun-kissed look.

Go with this hairstyle if you want to have a low-maintenance yet chic hairstyle. 

Long Straight Hair

Sometimes less is more. And the same applies to the appeal of simple long straight hair. And the best part is you just can’t get over the ease of this elegant and sophisticated hairstyle. 

Besides, the style works on almost all face shapes. And it is thought that if you have naturally straight long locks, you must be God’s favorite. 

Trust this simple and versatile hairstyle because it offers plenty of hair-do options too.  

Pretty Long Hair

Not sure about which hairstyle to make for the upcoming event? If you have long hair, there’s no need to worry; let them fall over your back and see their magic. But be careful; you might get hypnotized by their majesty. 

Long hair on women adds to their overall beauty. And the pretty long tresses are considered a genuine gift from God. 

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Style your pretty long hair by tucking your hair from one side with a bobby pin while leaving the rest of your hair free to flaunt. 

Bra Strap Length U-Cut Hair

A U cut is a simple haircut in which your long locks are trimmed in the shape of the alphabet U. Although it is a very sleek haircut, it does not work well for all hair lengths. 

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The bra strap length is the optimal length for a U shape haircut. It ideally meets the length of your bra strap. Also, the style is more prominent in this length and suits more sophisticated and sober personalities. 

1920s Long Hair

In the bygone days, hairstyles were quite different from today. They involved different accessories like pearls, beads, ringlets, small headscarves, and headbands made of cloth or laces. 

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Long locks are one of the easiest 1920s hairstyles. The style adds a lot of dimensions to carry it in different ways. You can roll your hair with a curler, keep them in its actual texture or make lovely loops.  

Even if you have no idea how to give your hair a 1920s style, you can use any classic accessory like some pearls, beads, or headbands.

50s Long Hair

Almost with every new year, the transition comes to hairstyles, and new hairstyles become part of the fashion. However, the revival of old hairstyles has again become a part of fashion. 

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One of the nicest 50s long hair updos has again become the hottest long hairstyle for women. It is a sleek high ponytail with side-parted hair from the front. 

The best way to carry this 50s hairstyle is to pair them with a fringe or bang. Curling them is also not a bad idea. This hairstyle creates a classic and stylish look.

Long Crimped Hair

The long-crimped hair may not be attractive to beginners, but there is no going back once you get your hands on it. 

The style makes zig-zag curls on your hair with either flat iron or a crimper. Crimpy hair looks great on long hair, and it is in trend too. To achieve the nicest crimps in your long locks, first prefer them to straighten with a flat iron, then use a crimper to create a perfect crimped hair look. 

This long hairstyle for women is specifically perfect to create a voluminous and voguish look.

Long Box Braids

A must-have style for braids is long box braids that look more elegant than any other braiding option. 

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Long box braids are three-strand braids woven into your long beautiful locks. The style is known to be the most popular protective style among all long hairstyles for women. 

Pair this hassle-free style with wavy ends to create a more whimsical and voguish look!

Long Knotless Braids

With the change of season, we also see the change in long hairstyles for women. But what’s ever-lasting is the women’s never-ending craze for long knotless braids. 

Particularly, this version of braiding is quite contradictory to the traditional style of braiding. This braiding style does not include a knot at the start of the braid, making it a painless braiding style for the scalp and tension free for the edges. 

Style your long tresses with this painless and sensational hairstyle!

Long Crochet Braids

Long crochet braids, also known as latch hook braids, are typically popular as the easiest and fuss-free long hairstyle for women. 

Particularly, long crochets are made from synthetic hair extensions which are looped through your long hair. This one-time style can easily last for eight weeks or even more than that. 

So, rock your long tresses with this fuss-free and frizz-free hairstyle! 

Layered Haircut with Arched Bangs

A layered Haircut with arched bangs is another beautiful amalgamation of the 70s and today’s fashion in which the arched bangs go hand in hand with your beautiful layered haircut. The style is ideal for creating a whimsical and dapper look. 

In addition, this hairstyle can be your secret weapon to highlight your eyes and cheekbones. 

So, choose this hyper-trendy look not just to complement your beautiful locks but your facial features too. 

Long Passion Twists

Another trendy yet super protective long hairstyle for women is long passion twists. The style offers healthy growth and improved texture to your hair as it keeps the hair undisturbed for a longer period.

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Passion twists can last longer than two months if you take good care of them, which only includes frequent application of moisturizing cream, foaming mousse, or hair gel. 

Trust this most gorgeous hairstyle to keep your long hair more healthy and even longer!

Gorgeous Wispy Layers on Long Hair

This season, pick wispy layers for your next go-to hairstyle, and you’ll thank us for suggesting this hairstyle because it’s simply the hottest and the gorgeous hairstyle with minimal maintenance.

Also, the wispy layers are super versatile and super easy to carry. They offer a lot of dimensions that are just the thing to redefine your fashion statement.

So, flatter your face and compliment your beautiful tresses with the Gorgeous Wispy Layers.

Long French Braids

French braids are as adorable as your long tresses. So, it’s no less than the best way to compliment the beauty of your long shiny hair with this stunning and sexiest hairstyle. 

And the best part is the comfort and the dapper look it offers. Plus, the style is hyper-trendy irrespective of any region or season. It’s pretty popular among all women, including celebs, models, bloggers, brides, and common ladies. 

So, what’s stopping you from giving this hairstyle a single try?

Long Blunt Hair

A blunt cut is a way to go to create an impactful look. Styled for an edgy, fashion-forward look as this cool hairstyle boasts healthy-looking strands. 

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With a blunt haircut, you won’t have to sacrifice length. Long hair in a blunt cut is very trendy for modern women, and it gives you a bold and stylish vibe. With this statement style, you will have thick and healthy hair.

Tapered Ends

Tapered haircuts have been trendy for a long time. In this haircut, the length of your hair changes as you move down, usually longer at the top of your head and shorter at the lower and back part of your neck. 

Hair in the middle of your head can be straightened, kinky or curly, depending on your hair texture and choice. Tapered ends give you a very edgy and interesting look. 

Don’t shy away from this bold choice.

Long Chic Senegalese Twist

The long rope twists or Senegalese twists are considered a fabulous addition to any hairstyle. 

This popular celebrity’s favorite long hairstyle for women not only adds length but also allows your hair to grow out without any damage. 

And the versatility it offers is another best part of this hairstyle.  

Medium Long Hair

The length of these haircuts ranges from collarbone to chest length, allowing you to create all the styles you want without carrying too much weight for easy maintenance. 

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You can customize a medium-length haircut to suit your face shape. This chic and sophisticated haircut is sure to turn heads. 

Even though straight cuts are difficult to maintain, the flare and confidence they provide are worth the effort!

Tight curls

Beachy waves are pretty but tight; bouncy rings are just as coveted! Tightly coiled curls will produce stunning movement and volume. 

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Tight curls add a lot to your hair volume but need conscious care. But the effort is worth the fine texture that will make people wonder if you grew it yourself. 

Make your hair tighter as you style it by scrunching and using a diffuser to make the process easier.

Long Hair with Undercut

The undercut has been a favorite style among women for quite some time now. Undercuts are edgy and trendy long hairstyles for women that can make a stylish statement. 

If you cut or shave a lower layer of hair extremely short, a long hair layer will fall over the cut area. You can play with layers and asymmetries, do a hidden shave on the side, or design a creative pattern in the back. 

Long Ponytail

Generate a true vibe of summer with a long ponytail hairstyle. And the versatility that it offers will never make it a boring hairstyle. 

A slick and straight is just perfect for formal gatherings, and a messy wavy is ideal for a fun party. Besides, it’s a quick yet classic hair-do and a perfect long hairstyle to highlight your facial features. 

Long Tribal Braids

Africa is the origin of tribal braids, which come in various styles and techniques. In the past, braided hairstyles indicated status, age, relationships, and more. 

Tribal braids today are all about embracing heritage and showcasing your style. There are different types of tribal braids, such as the Fulani braid (which is most popular), the middle-part tribal braid, and the latest goddess braid. 

The current style of tribal braids combines the beauty of historical braids with the newest styles.

Long Dark Layered Hair

Hairstyles with long dark brown hair look spectacular. The depth of their appearance gives them a sensual appeal that is unmatched. It can become a chore to style hair in new and unique ways if you don’t have creative juices flowing daily. 

Flat and simple designs will be a total bore and a miss. Shaggy ends, layered and step haircuts, and textured bangs are great choices. If you tie them in a bun, ponytail, or braid, they look fantastic.

Three-Tier Super Long Hair

If they are simple, long layered hairstyles still look great. It isn’t easy to grow long hair. Some cannot surpass a “genetic length,” some struggle with brittleness, and sometimes, long hair just feels heavy to the touch. Those who belong to the lateral group should use layered cuts. 

Hair layers can add volume, make thin hair look fuller, and can be a very stylish way to trim long tresses. A layered haircut for long hair is the best way to alleviate your hair care. Your hair is always ready to shine without any styling.

Long Hair with Korean Bangs

In the modern era, premium Korean Bangs are gaining great attention among fans all over the world. Women carry this highly versatile hairstyle in a lot of variations. 

Each version of Korean bangs looks so adorable. Perfect for short or long hair, they look more elegant on slightly wavy hair. 

Long Dreadlocks

The dreadlocks are arguably the most iconic hairstyle of all time. These locks are full of attitude and add a matchless sensation to women’s long hair. 

Also, it is considered a protective style since no chemicals are needed to create it. Besides, the style keeps hair moist and does not overtax the scalp. 

Choppy Layered Haircut

Rock your long hairstyle with this chopped layered haircut. It’s the best for those who love long hair but can’t manage it properly. This is one of the unique long hairstyles for women that spice up your long tresses. 

Add compliment to your with this ultimately gorgeous hairstyle because your locks are precious, so never choose any style less than the best. 

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Two-Layered Haircut

Two-layered haircuts are ideal for women with voluminous hair because it includes two tiers of layering. 

Plus, having a two-layered haircut means saying goodbye to the daily styling struggle because the haircut is elegant enough to let your hair free. 

Try this trendy hairstyle with two-tone brighter colors. This will enhance the beauty of the layers. 

Long Cornrow Braids

Cornrows protect your hair from the scorching heat during the summer, so it’s a perfect summer hairdo.

Modern-day stylists around the world have adapted cornrow styles from ancient Africa. This braiding type is also called the SCALP braids because they are closer to the scalp. 

Without the help of a hairdresser, cornrowing your hair is difficult. Also, this easy-to-maintain hairstyle can easily last more than a month.

Long Fishtail Braids

If there is any comfy yet trendy long hairstyle for women, then that would surely be the long fishtail braids because it’s versatile, hottest, elegant, sexy, and what else not.  

The style is best to have a formal and informal crowd-pleasing look. Plus, never underestimate the comfort and easiness it offers. 

Gradual And Balanced Layers

When you have an incredibly long mane, gradual and balanced layers are ideal for letting your long tresses flatter your face. 

Layered haircuts are as common as bees in the world. That’s because of their versatility and suitability for all hair textures and face shapes. 

Besides, the gradual and balanced layers are elegant, easy to maintain, and dapper-looking. So, flatter your long locks with this never going out-of-date hairstyle.

Long Dutch Braids

In the world of hairstyling, Dutch braids are becoming increasingly popular.

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To make a long Dutch braid, these three sections of hair are weaved with one another. Your long tresses are parted from the mid and go over the side sections for weaving.  And it continues till the end to produce a lengthy Dutch braid. 

This hairdo is perfect for any occasion. If your hair isn’t thick enough, you can gently pull it out after braiding to make it look healthier.

Long Vintage Hair

All the classic outfits and styles are back in trend thanks to retro fashion, and of course, vintage hairstyles are no exception. 

Vintage hairstyles are more concerned with enhancing natural hair structure than fancy styling. Different accessories can modify the hairstyle and make you look classic.

A simple puff in the front with a headband and loose waves behind can give you a lovely vintage look if you have long hair. 

U-Cut With Swoopy Layers

In a U shape haircut, the middle section of your hair is somewhat longer than the sides when viewed from the back, giving it the appearance of the alphabet U.

The Swoopy layers are softer, feather-like layers haircut. When the U cut is paired with swoopy layers, it creates a lavish style that everyone adores.

This style adds movement and lightness to your hair. This hairstyle, however, is only suitable for those with thick hair.  Plus, carrying this long hairstyle means saying goodbye to the daily styling struggle. 

Swoopy Feathered Layers with Balayage

A look of straight hair with layers and subtle balayage highlights is easy to maintain yet still stunning. Adding a long fringe will elongate your face and give you a romantic vibe. 

Source Pexels 

A feathered style haircut suits all types of hair textures. It goes well with straight, curly, long, or short hair. Generally, feathered cuts have a fine texture and layers. Feathers generally have layers. Hairstylists feather your hair to give your hair a fine texture and a voluminous look.

Long 80s Hairstyle

Hairstyles in the 1980s were certainly interesting. Hairstyles, clothing, and colors were all top of the line in the ’80s. The fashion sense shifted from subtle to funky. During the 1980s, hairstyles played a pivotal role in making the decade an era of fashion and style. 

Hairstyles in the 1980s were typically curly, big, and heavily styled. Back in the 80s, long hair was also very popular. There were several popular hairstyles with long hair during the 80s era, such as crimped long hair, side partitioned long hairstyle, and long messy hairdo.

Flip Long Haircut

The hair ends of a flip hairstyle are curled upwards rather than downwards. When you give your look a spark with this long flip hairstyle, you get a new fresh look that amps up your style statement.   

By adding a wide range of layers in a structured manner, it is possible to achieve an engaging and unique appeal. Girls with all lengths of hair can wear flip hairstyles – they are very attractive. A great choice for short hair, gorgeous on medium hair, and great on long hair. 

Your flips give a natural beauty to your overall look.

Long Bandana Hairstyle

A bandana can easily accessorize your everyday hairstyle. In addition to keeping sweat away from your eyes, the bandana prevents the sun from shining on your scalp and your hair from covering your face, based on the bandana hairstyle you choose. 

Stylish celebs, bloggers, and influencers have proven that bandanas are the hottest hair accessory to wear in 2022. 

It is easy to pull back locks, braids, or Senegalese twists with a printed bandana, and it looks chic as well.

Mid-Back Layered Hair

A medium-length style is a go-to haircut for every woman. Whether it’s a bold style shift or a simple trim to spruce up a style you already love, your stylist can help you achieve your hair goals. Change your hairstyle with a simple cut if you’ve been seeking one. 

A medium-length hairstyle offers many benefits, including a variety of styling options. If you do not want to cut your long hair off, this length is a happy medium for you. While keeping the security of long hair, you will enjoy the fun of a new cut.

Long Layered Hair with Light Waves

Wavy hair has more bend than straight hair but less curve than a curl. While natural waves are stunning, they can also be challenging to style depending on dozens of variables (such as the weather, the season, and the hair products you use). 

Whether you’re looking for a more glam look with elegant S-waves or a more casual beachside look, there is a wavy hairstyle out there for you.

Long Yarn Braids

Hairstyling trends change, if not every month, then surely every year. But the one that lasts irrespective of any season or year is long yarn braids. It’s due to the ease, comfort, and appealing look that this braiding style offers.

Source Pexels 

Also, the yarn braids are stunning and super protective. And never forget that this girly hairstyle suits almost every face, which makes it just the thing for your breezy summer day. 

Long Lemonade Braids

Having long braids is always so classy and sexy, but you simply can’t beat the appeal of long lemonade braids. Long lemonade hairstyles are the sexist and trendiest type of long braiding hairstyles among black women. 

Source Pexels 

Though commonly popular among black women, others also can’t resist the look that this style creates. Lemonade braids are a type of long braids with long side-swept cornrows. 

Pick this easy-to-carry and low-maintenance hairstyle to end your styling fatigue and say hello to your most chic yet elegant look. 

The Final Words 

Hairstyles play a pivotal role in defining a woman’s style statement. A stunning hairstyle is enough to create an impactful look.  

Whether you prefer to have a more sophisticated look or a more crowd-pleasing look, a hairdo is the finest way to get your desired look. 

Of course, not every hairdo suits every woman, so we have mentioned variations of the trendiest and the most stunning long hairstyles for women. Shortlist those hairstyles that can suit your personality the most. 

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