Tennis Hairstyles: 10 Cute and Easy Tennis Hairstyles For the Court

Tennis is an intense sport. You must keep your eyes glued to that little green ball and put in the perfect swing each time. So, when you’re on the court, you can’t afford to be bothered by hair getting in your eyes or mouth. It needs to always be held back so you can focus on winning the match.

There are plenty of ways to style your hair for your next game. You can go with a simple ponytail or add intricate braids for an eye-catching touch. Either way, you want to make sure you look neat, charismatic, and a little preppy to match your tennis outfit. 

Read on to see 10 beautiful and functional tennis hairstyles that will make you look like a champ.

Cute Hairstyles For Tennis:

Double Dutch Braids

Let’s kick this list off with a classic for super long and thick hair—two Dutch pigtail braids. This is a look that’s stunning for both young and old tennis players. It’s girly and playful but tidy and practical for sports too. Make sure the braids are symmetrical and secure with high-quality hair ties that won’t give out as you play.


Another favorite among players who love being in tune with their feminine side is this combo of Dutch braids and classic pigtails. Start by weaving your locks into chunky Dutch braids. But instead of doing it all the way to your ends, stop a few inches before your neck and tie them in flowy pigtails.

Anna Kournikova’s Signature Braid in Visor

Get hair inspo from the legend herself! Anna’s signature braid and visor look is super pretty but is simple to do. Just put your hair in a tight, high ponytail. Then, braid it however you want and secure it with another hair tie. Top it off with your favorite sun visor, and you’re done!

The Single Bubble Braid

Sick of seeing the same old fishtail or French braids on the court? Go for something unique, like bubble braids. Put your hair in a ponytail by the crown of your head. Then, add an elastic every two inches down your mane until you reach the end. This should create round little “bubbles” that make up your braid.

Thick, Curly Hair in a Cap

If you have a full, lush head of curly or wavy hair, you might like how it looks in a high ponytail under a cap. This gives your usually sultry hair a more boyish vibe while still showing off your naturally sexy, tousled texture.

Loose Bubble Braid and Visor a la CiCi Bellis

CiCi’s signature loose bubble braid is like the little sister of Anna Kournikova’s famous braid. Instead of making rounded bubbles every other inch of the hair, allow about 4-5 inches before tying your mane with another elastic band. That way, it looks much more laidback. Finish off with a sun visor of your choice.

Messy Ponytail and Visor

But don’t be pressured by legendary tennis rockstars. Just because you rock a visor on the court doesn’t mean you’re required to put your hair in a braid. 

You can also do something a little more low maintenance underneath the visor, like a messy ponytail. This is a better option for those who aren’t so girly or don’t know how to make braids.

Braid to Ponytail with Scarf

Combine a loose braid and a low ponytail in this simple, chill hairstyle. Simply put your entire mane in one thick braid, stopping mid-way to turn it into a low ponytail instead. To add extra oomph to this look, accessorize by tying your favorite scarf over the ponytail.

High Pony with Mini Double Braid

Add a charming touch to the usual sleek high ponytail like Gigi Hadid does in this hairstyle. 

Before putting all your hair into a high pony, create two thin, small French braids on the top of your head, starting from your hairline and going backward. Stop where you plan on putting your ponytail. Now, gather all your hair up, tie it together, and make that ponytail swoosh with every swing.

Hair Down with Thick Headband

For those who are a little more daring on the court, you can do something out of the norm and wear your hair down. This shows off your hair’s gorgeous natural texture and healthy shine. Just make sure you wear a thick headband to keep your hair out of your eyes as you play.

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