29 Hairstyles For Over 50 And Overweight

Everyone likes to look good while dressing up. As much as your outfit and makeup are important, hairstyle plays an equally important role in your entire get-up. You have to know what hairstyle suits you the most. Choosing the right hairstyle can be quite tricky, especially for women above 50 and who are overweight.

While most of the hairstyles can look great if you have the perfect jawline, some of the hairstyles can make your cheeky face even cheekier. Some of the medium-length hairstyles for overweight and over 50 can help your face to look sleeker and compliment your personality in the best way possible.

Different hairstyles can enhance different facial features, and many hairstyles can help you to tweak the facial features too. Being overweight, you must have a round and chubby face. In this case, you have to choose the best hairstyle that can flatter your chubby face and add some contours to it, making it look sharper and sleeker.

So, if you are looking for the best hairstyle that can complement women above 50 and who are overweight, then read on to get some ideas about instant hair makeovers. We have listed the 29 best hairstyle ideas that you can try.

Hairstyles For Over 50 And Overweight:

1. Pixie Bob


For the women who are above 50 and have chubby cheeks, they can have the pixie bob cut. It is one of the best short hairstyles over 50 and overweight. This hairstyle has become one of the latest trends for women, and it looks really smart and classy. This cut is perfect for overweight women because this hairstyle can help your neck to appear a bit longer than usual, as well as makes your face look slimmer.

As this hairstyle comes with angled sides, it tends to offer a slimming effect to the fuller faces. Thus, your face can look a bit contoured. It can also enhance your personality and make you look very classy and elegant.

2. Medium Wavy Hairstyle


You can keep your look classy and trendy with the beautiful wavy hairstyle. This is perfect for women above 50 as the hairstyle is subtle as well as elegant. Also, it can flatter the chubby face very well.

The wavy hairstyle comes with a good volume, and that volume can actually distract the attention from those parts of your face that look chubby. The waves can create a beautiful contouring shadow on your face, which can help you to get a sleeker shape to your jawline and cheeks.

3. Feathered Bangs


If you have medium or long-length hair, then the perfect hairstyle to make your face look contoured is feathered bangs. The feathered bangs fall on your face and chin in such a way that they can take away attention from your chubby cheeks and double chins. Hence it is the best hairstyle for women with fuller faces.

So, tell your hairstylist to give you those uneven and wispy bangs that can perfectly complement your face and make it look slimmer. You can keep wavy layers in the back, too, or you can also keep it simply straight or round.

4. A-Line Bob Hairstyle


One of the best hairstyles for women who are above 50 and have chubby cheeks is the A-line bob style. This hairstyle can look really great on people with fuller cheeks as that hairstyle can create a contoured look. An A-line bob, your hair remains shorter in the back, and it gradually gets longer as it comes to the front.

The longer locks on the check make your chubby cheeks look slimmer. It can also help to hide the double-chin too. This hairstyle is quite a trend these days, and you can try this out if you want to give yourself a bolder and more fashionable look.

5. Textured Short Hair


The textured short hairstyle can look best for women with curly hair. If you have a round-shaped face and you want to make it appear slimmer, then make sure to try this hairstyle. Regardless of what color of your hair is and how many curls you have, the texture of short hair can look quite chic.

Also, this hairstyle is fun, and it can be a perfect hairstyle for people with chubby cheeks. You can pull it off really well, and this can also give you a great shape to your face making it look younger and better.

6. Swoopy Side-Swept Layers


Are you looking for the best women medium-length hairstyles for overweight and over 50? Then try out the swoopy side-swept layers. Though this hairstyle is quite common, it is one of the best ways to make your face look slimmer.

The beautiful swoopy layers on the sides of your face can give a beautiful contour to your face as well as it can create shadows to make your cheeks look slimmer. This hairstyle looks quite stunning and stylish, too, giving a completely rejuvenating effect. Also, this adds some volume to your hair as well.

7. Flipped-Up Layers


If you want a hairstyle that looks subtle as well as classy for women above 50, then you can go for this hairstyle. The flipped-up layers can really flatter the fuller face in the best way possible. Choosing this hairstyle can make your face slimmer.

Also, this hairstyle is quite stylish as the tiered layers are beautifully back-swept. These layers can give you a much more balanced shape to the face by slimming it down. Women over 50 often want a simple hairstyle that can flatter the shape of their face by slimming it down perfectly.

8. Long Bob With Bangs


For women above 50 looking for a perfect hairstyle, this can be a great option to consider. A long bob with bangs can be the best hairstyle for people with round faces. Also, this hairstyle can help you to look much more youthful and charming.

Bangs can help your face to look smaller than it usually is, and a long bob can help provide a perfect contour on the sides of your face. This can help your face to look really slim and perfectly shaped.

9. Layers With Soft Curls


One of the best hairstyles for women above 50 with medium-length hair is layers with soft curls. You can create those curls, too, if you don’t have the natural ones. This hairstyle can look really amazing on women with chubby cheeks. Give your round face a makeover to look slimmer and betters.

Layers along with soft curls can give your hair a bouncy and voluminous look while shadowing your cheeks to make it look slimmer. These soft curls can also help in hiding your double chins too. One additional tip that you can also apply to make your face look more contoured is a balayage hair color to create perfect highlights and shadows.

10. Deep Parting With Side Sweep


This is one of the most adorable and beautiful hairstyles that can complement women above 50 with round faces. Hence, if you have chubby cheeks, then try out this beautiful hairstyle with a deep parting on the right or left side, along with a side sweep.

This hairstyle can look really classy and elegant, while the side-swept hair can help in shadowing your chubby cheeks. This can look really fashionable and chic. It also gives a very youthful look and goes pretty well with almost all outfits, be it is a casual one or a formal one.

11. Layered, Textured Hairstyle


As you may already know, layers are the perfect choice when it comes to round faces. It can provide a better contour or shape to the face by slimming it down. But layers can look too simple. Thus, you can choose textured layering, which can look stylish, elegant and can flatter women with round faces. The textured layers can successfully contour the face by slimming it down.

It can go perfectly well for girls with long hair as well as medium hair. It doesn’t matter if you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, the textured layering can look really gorgeous.

12. Half Updos With Layers And Bangs


One of the best hairstyles for medium and long-length hair to slim down the chubby cheeks is the half-up dos with layers and bangs. This can create an illusion of an elongated face along with the layers to keep the face slimmer. Hence, the eyes will rather shift to other facial features than that of your cheeks.

This hairstyle can flatter women above 50 and looks best in wavy hair. It looks classy as well as it can help in shadowing the outer part of your cheeks, creating an illusion of a slimmer face.

13. Fusion Bob Style


This is one of the best short hairstyles over 50 overweight and can be perfect for both casual and party looks. The fusion bob hairstyle looks very elegant, and it is a mixture of the two best hairstyles. These two hairstyles are – classic bob and pixie hairstyles. Hence, this hairstyle is called the fusion bob style.

As you have read above, both bob style and pixie style can complement the chubby cheeks in the best way possible. Hence, the fusion bob hairstyle can do complete justice to your round face by contouring it where it is needed. Also, this hairstyle can look really flattering on women above 50.

14. Rolls On Short Hair


Want a perfect hairstyle to go with your party or wedding look? Then, you must consider the vintage rolls as this is one of the most flattering hairstyles. It can complement the women with chubby faces, and it is suitable for women above 50. You can flaunt those vintage rolls in your short or medium-length wavy hair.

You can part the hair on one of the sides and create vintage rolls. This can give a very classic and vintage look. It is undoubtedly one of the chicest and elegant hairstyles that can go quite well with gowns, dresses, and party wears.

15. Flowing Layers For Long Hair


Simple flowing layers can be a perfect hairstyle for women with chubby cheeks and long hair. This hairstyle can look really good on women of every age group. The beautiful flowing layers on the sides of your face can successfully hide the curves of the cheeks. It can also hide the double chin.

A long flowing layer hairstyle can be really great for adding elongated volume. This can help you to contour your face in the best possible way. You can either leave the rest of the hair down, or you can create a ponytail or bun with it. But let the front layers flow on the sides to give your face an elongated illusion.

16. Curtain Bangs On The Side


Want to slim down your round and chubby face? Then try the curtain bangs with a wavy texture. This hairstyle can work really great for women with a round face and fuller cheeks.

With this hairstyle, you can slim down the round face by adding some shadow and contours. The best way to make it look better is by coloring your hair with some rich solid color suitable for your skin tone. Overall, this can look really flattering while contouring your face.

17. Medium-Length Peek-A-Boo Hairstyle


The next hairstyle that you can try if you have medium-length hair is the peek-a-boo hairstyle. This can help you to cover a part of your face which can make it appear sleeker or slimmer.

This can balance the shape of your face in the right way keep attention to the best facial features. If you want, you can highlight the hair strands to make it look even more gorgeous when it falls on your face.

18. Collarbone Bob Hairstyle With Angled Bangs


Want to create a bob hairstyle in medium-length hair? Then this is a perfect choice. With the collarbone bob along with angled bangs, you can make your face look slimmer.

The bangs can create a beautiful contour on the sides of your face cutting down a few of your cheeks as well as your chin. Thus, this hairstyle is surely the best option for women with medium to short hair. Also, this classy hairstyle is perfect for women over 50.

19. Asymmetry Edgy Waves


The next is the asymmetry edgy wave hairstyle which is one of the appropriate short hairstyles over 50 overweight. It can help you to get the beautiful, edgy waves on one side of your face. But as it is asymmetry, the hairstyle will not have the same edgy waves on the other side.

The main purpose of this hairstyle is to get a perfect shadow on one side of the face, contouring it in the right way. This can help you to make your chubby face look slimmer. Also, this hairstyle can keep your attention away from the chubby cheeks.

20. Dynamic Layers With Highlights


Just because you are 50 or above, that doesn’t mean you cannot do something fun or exciting with your hair. If you are more of an experimental person and want to have fun with your hairstyle, then trying out this one can be the best idea. You will look really gorgeous.

While the dynamic layers can help your face to look slimmer and contoured, the new highlights can give your hair a much more youthful and brighter look. This can give your look a total makeover!

Besides these top 20 best hairstyles for women over 50 and overweight, there are some more that you can try. These hairstyles are:

1. Sleek And Straight Comb-Over Hairstyle


2. Messy Bob With Short Fringes


3. Razored Shaggy Hairstyle


4. Long Choppy Pixie


5. Full-Forehead Fringe


6. Messy Bun With Wavy Layers


7. Pepper Bob With Short Curls


8. Braided Bun With Layers And Center Puff


9. Short Inverted Bob



The hairstyle can play a vital role in your entire look, and thus it is important to focus on that too. You cannot make your look complete without having a hairstyle that perfectly flatter your face. Being chubby can have some issues like a fat round face and double chin.

To hide these two things, you have to choose a hairstyle that can create an illusion of either an elongated face or a slimmer face. This is only possible when your hair can create some contours and shadows over your face.

If you are looking for one such hairstyle, then all these medium-length hairstyles for overweight and over 50 can perfectly complement the chubby cheeks. These above-mentioned hairstyles are completely recommended by experts and professional hairstylists.

But it depends from one face shape to another, how that hairstyle will complement you. Either you can do the trial and error method to perfect the hairstyles perfect for your face, or you can ask for professional advice. More or less, all the hairstyles mentioned above can look really great on women above 50. Try them!

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