New Year’s Eve Hairstyles: 10 Great Ideas

New Year’s Eve is arguably the wildest night of the year in anyone’s life. But it’s not passed-out-on-the-floor during Spring Break kind of wild. It’s a little more sophisticated and glamorous than that. After all, doesn’t the start of the year deserves the glitziest parties ever?

When the clock strikes midnight to usher in the New Year, it’s important to look good. Why start the year looking like a sad sack of potatoes, right? That’s why people bring out their prettiest sequined dresses and style their hair the way celebrities do for every New Year’s event they attend.

Need some ideas for what hairstyle you’ll rock this New Year’s Eve? Here are 10 ideas to help you out!

Voluminous Curls with a Deep Side Part

If you want to enter the New Year looking like the queen of glam, this is the look for you. Make a deep side part in your hairline for a sexy, domineering look. Then, create huge, red carpet-worthy voluminous curls with the biggest curling iron barrel or hot roller set you can find. Top it off with a mini crown, and you’re ready to be the life of the party.

High Half-Updo a la Jennifer Lopez

Go for a younger, trendier look that’s still easy to achieve with this sophisticated high half-up ponytail. The trick is to make sure that when you brush your hair back to put the top section of your hair in a pony, it’s super tight and sleek. You can use some gel or petroleum jelly to tame any pesky flyaways.

Super High Pony

You can’t go to a New Year’s Eve party and not see at least one girl sashaying with her super long, super high ponytail swooshing around. This is a classic for holiday parties—and any glamorous get-together in general. Try it out if you want to look glitzy and fabulous but still youthful and cute.

One Long Bubble Braid

Braids sometimes feel like they’re just for little kids. So take it a notch further and go for this unique kind of plait—the bubble braid. It’s a type of braid that’s all the rage on social media because of its fun, chic look. Put your hair in one long bubble braid with multiple hair ties, and you’re ready to dance the night away.

Soft Curls with Pearl Embellishments

If you’re not a fan of outrageous hairstyles but want something a little more festive for New Year’s, add some shiny pearl embellishments to your usual party hairdo. Pearls look regal and elegant, making you look opulent as you count down to the New Year. Scatter them all over the top of your head and down a few strands in your mane for a luxe look.

Braided Half-Up Space Buns with Glitter

Teens will love this look! It’s a combination of so many fun Gen Z hairstyles.

First, create two French braids that go down your hairline to the crown of your head. Instead of tying them up regularly, create space buns on each side. Finish off the look with a generous sprinkle of glitter, and you’ll be ready for the New Year’s party of your life.

Glittery Pull-Through Braid

Another way to play around with glitter for New Year’s is to dust it all over a pretty braid. This one is a pull-through braid, but you can do it to any single braid you choose to put your hair in for a holiday. You can do it on a fishtail braid, Dutch braid, and even infinity braids!

Slick, Wet-Looking Hair

The “wet look” was a huge trend back in the day, but it’s making a resurgence today, specifically on the runway. If you want to look like a fashion model and aren’t afraid of bold hairstyles, try this out for New Year’s. Use your favorite gel or hair oil to create that wet look as you slick back your hair for a sultry, brooding look.

Blunt Bob with Gold Clips

A short, blunt bob isn’t exactly festive. So if this is the haircut you sport, you need to whip out all your eye-catching clips and hair accessories to make it look New Year’s Eve party-ready. Pro-tip: gold clips look stunning on dark-colored bobs!

Long Curls with Multi-Colored Bubble Braids

Combine superstar glam and bubblegum trendiness with this hairstyle. First, curl your long hair to your liking using a medium-sized curling wand. When you’re all done, take a one-inch section of hair on each of your temples and create a long bubble braid to frame your face. For a fun, party-ready look, use elastic bands in vibrant colors when you tie your braids!

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