24 Haircuts for Brown-Haired Guys

Brunette men are quite underrated. Plenty of women prefer the attractive blonde surfer, while others find the ultra-mysterious, bad boy vibe of black hair super sexy. 

But guys with brown hair can be the main character too! As long as their locks are styled to perfection, they can ooze sex appeal and charming handsomeness simultaneously.

Brown hair is incredibly versatile. You can rock sensual, glamorous looks but also look like the laidback boy-next-door. Not sure how to get either look? We’ve got you covered. Here are 24 of the best haircuts for brown-haired guys.

Haircuts for guys with brown hair:

Messy Scissor Cut

Let’s start with something casual and low-maintenance—the classic scissor cut. This is a super easy look to maintain. Because there are no shaves and fades down the side of your head, this length grows out quite nicely without frequent touch-ups. To add a more chill, free-spirited vibe, style it messily with your hand and a bit of wax.

Spiked Up with Blonde Tips

If you still feel like you’re missing out on the blonde hype, you can always use that shade as an accent for your naturally brown hair. It looks nice on the tips of your hair, especially when you spike up your locks like so. This look gives off a playful, youthful rockstar aura.

Brushed Forward Fringe with a Sharp Fade

This edgy hairstyle is perfect for those who want an everyday look with a touch of punk. Instead of brushing your hair back, like most guys would, try brushing your hair forward for a long yet soft fringe. Ask your barber for a sharp fade on the sides of your head for a seamless finish.

Full, Luscious Clean Cut

If you have thick brown hair, you don’t have to do much to look good. Your hair is already luscious and full as it is. Show that volume off by styling your hair upwards with just a tiny bit of pomade and wax. No need for anything complicated—just use your fingers and work through your hair to bring out the lushness.

Blown-Out and Brushed Up

Look like you’re at the beach every day with this wind-in-the-hair style. Achieving this look is super easy. Simple blow-dry your chocolate locks while brushing upwards to add height and volume. Use some volumizing powder or pomade to keep it in shape all day.

Bold, Dramatic Pomp with Smooth Shave

Bold, daring looks also look great on brown hair. One that is dashing and dramatic at the same time is this pompadour that your most fashionable barbers would kill for. Not only is this pomp very structured and shaped meticulously; it also requires a smooth shave fading as you go down to your sideburns. 

Short on the Sides, Long Up Top

Add volume and height near the crown of your head by focusing your length at the top of your hair. Ask your barber for shorter sides while leaving your hair a bit longer near the top. This brings a lot of texture to naturally fine hair.

Extra-Long Combover

Pack some rock and roll attitude to your hair by sporting a combover with your long-ish locks. Instead of slicking back your hair, brush it up and let it fall to the side of your face to frame it. This is a great way to show off your forehead and facial features.

Slicked-Back Greaser Style

To channel the 60s bad boy in you, use your favorite gel to recreate the look that Grease made famous. Slick your hair back with a brush and lock it in place with the gel. Add some shades to complete the look.

Lush, Shoulder-Length Curls

If you want to look like a cross between a relaxed skater dude and that surfer beach boy that lands all the ladies, this is the look for you. Grow out your natural curls and wear them down. This gives you a laidback, approachable, but mega-hot look.

Short, Clean Cut with Straight Fringe

Get a combo of clean, short hair and a little pop of surprise with this androgynous hairstyle. It’s the classic short haircut with a super seamless fade, but with something extra—a slight baby fringe. This is a nice cut to go for if you want something simple yet chic.

60s-Inspired Long Bowl Cut

For something that will really turn heads, experiment with absurdist, super unique hairstyles that have a vintage touch. This bowl cut already screams retro. But with the long sides and back, it will catch even more attention.

Messy, Winded Curls

Get that bohemian look by wearing your wavy or curly hair down and letting the elements manipulate its shape. As long as you keep your hair at a length that’s easy to style and maintain (e.g., shoulder-length), the wind will always make it look good, no matter how strong.

Classic Hunky, Good Boy Cut

This haircut might not have the pizzazz of a fringe or a smooth taper, but it’s a classic that will always look attractive on brown-haired guys. This clean-cut looks great when the hair isn’t super short but isn’t considered long either. Style it with one product, and you’re done!

Slicked Back Chin-Length Hair

For something a little more high-fashion, we recommend this slicked-back style. It’s similar to the “wet look” that’s super trendy for both men and women. Just comb your hair back with the help of your gel or hair oil to lock the hair in place. It’s a great go-to for fine hair and those with a blunt haircut.

Curly Mullet

Who says mullets are only for straight hair? Show off your natural curls while channeling the cowboy in you with this curly mullet look. Make sure you keep your mane extra long so that your defined curls shine through!

Voluminous Curls with Pastel Tips

Experiment with a pop of color in your curly hair with this bold hairstyle. Instead of getting highlights, try an ombre in your brown hair by getting only your ends colored. This look is fabulous with soft, cool tones, like baby blue or even silver.

The Smooth Combover

This classic combover look is excellent for any occasion or setting. It’s dashing enough for a cocktail party with your lovely date or just another day at the office where you have to look professional. 

Short Curly Top

Sport a youthful but still trendy hairstyle with a short cut that shows off your curls on the top. While you don’t exactly want a taper that shows off your skin on the sides, make sure that area is shorter than the rest of your hair to make your curls stand out. 

Deep Side Part Combover

For a clean, professional look, do a quick combover with a deep side part. It’s neat and charismatic—everything a good businessman is. This look is great for career men who always want to make a good impression at meetings and events. 

Perfectly Defined Surfer Curls

If you live that sun-kissed, beach-loving lifestyle, this hairstyle will fit you well. Most of the curly hairstyles we’ve shown so far were on the shorter, chin-length style, but this one is for those with longer hair that goes past the shoulders. 

To achieve this look, use a high-quality curling gel or smoothie and scrunch up to bring out your naturally tight, coily curls. It also adds that healthy sheen to your locks.

Curly Mohawk with Creative Fade

Mohawks have been becoming more popular among younger men, especially when it comes with a seamless fade. Make this hairstyle stand out more by adding a creative design to your shaved sides, like this geometric pattern.

The Shaggy Look

This soulful look is commonly associated with the sensitive artist or musician. If this is the vibe you want to go for, leave your hair in a natural-looking messy shag, like this one. It’s best on overgrown hair.

Brown-Blonde Combover

Here’s another combover you might like, this time with a cool-toned brown-blonde shade. This is a great look to go for if you want a bit of lightness to your brunette locks but still want to keep them mostly brown.

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