For many people, going gray is a huge concern. Just like back pains and wrinkles on your forehead, finding more silver strands in your hair is yet another sign of getting older. 

Lots of men try to cover up their grays with dye or concealing powder, but believe us when we say that gray and silver hair can be incredibly sexy. If you rock the right hairstyle and ooze that confidence only a seasoned man can boast, women will be falling over left and right for you. Here are the 32 best hairstyles for men with gray hair

Hairstyles for Men With Grey Hair:

Classic Scissor Cut Pushed Back

Before we get into anything too bold and daring, let’s start with the basic, clean-cut style—the scissor cut. This is a great look for men who want to have a smooth, clean appearance that doesn’t attract too much attention. That said, when this haircut is pushed back, it looks incredibly attractive. 

Brushed Back with Straight Taper

Another brushed-back style is this sleek, short-haired look. But to add a bit more attitude to the hair, shave the sides down a bit, too. Ask your barber to taper your sides with a straight cut going upwards, giving your head additional angular shape.

Medium-Length White Blonde Hair

Channel the energy of a 90s pop star with this medium-length hairstyle. It’s perfect for hair that looks more white than gray and will even look great on bottle-colored hair. Comb it over to one side to get that luscious side-swept mane that covers your eyes ever so slightly for a romantic touch.

Slicked-Back Hair with a Short Boxed Beard

Instead of trying to hide your grayish-white hair, embrace it by growing out your beard! A short boxed beard style gives a masculine touch to your hair and face. To get that super-smooth look, brush your hair back and taper the sides while keeping your beard a little scruffy.

Silver Caesar Cut

If you want something edgy but still looks clean and put together, you can go for a short Caesar cut. This type of hairstyle looks great with shaved sides. To add a grungy, rockstar vibe to your look, wear a subtle fringe as well.

Lush, Voluminous, Brushed-Up Hair

Men are self-conscious about graying locks because it makes them feel old. Well, an easy way to add a youthful look to your hair is by boosting its thickness and volume. Do that by brushing your hair up to give it a tall, luscious look. You can use a volumizing powder or mousse to make it look even lusher and bodied.

Black and Silver Fauxhawk

Gray hair isn’t always a natural occurrence. Some young folks are coloring their hair gray or silver for its cool look, too. One hairstyle that’s awesome for hair that’s been dyed gray is a fauxhawk with a tapered side—it’s free-spirited and stylish!

It looks even more daring when the hair is two-toned. We love this look in black and gray, especially when the silver strands are focused up top and in the front.

Tapered Combover with Beard

A classic combover and beard may sound like it’s going to make you look even older, but if you shave your sides in a smooth taper, it makes you look hip and trendy. This style looks fantastic with salt and pepper hair!

Curly ‘Fro

Embrace and be proud of your natural curls in a haircut that shows off your hair’s texture. It’s best for curls not to be weighed down if you want to sport a mini afro, so make sure to ask your barber for a medium length.

Two-Toned Undercut

If you want to add gray to your hair as an accent to your natural shade, this is a nice haircut to consider. An undercut is a classic for any hair type, but it looks especially good when it has two shades. It makes the fade look even more prominent. Color the front section of your hair gray and leave your shaved sides your natural color for a bold finish.

Curly Top and Full Beard

Combine charming and curly with a full, manly beard if you want to look warm and homely. This is a great look for any man who doesn’t exactly vibe with overly edgy undercuts or fauxhawks of this generation.

Tall, Blown-Out Hair

Show off how thick and luscious your hair is by giving it a blow-out. Brush upwards as you dry your hair with a blower, and use a pomade to keep it in shape all day long. This is great for elongating short, round faces.

Long, Side-Swept Fringe

For a chic, fashionable vibe, you can do a long fringe that’s swept to the side. This look is similar to a long pixie cut, which is more common for women. It’s a terrific look to go for if you’re still young and want to look extra dramatic and daring.

A Military Cut

People often think that military cuts are boring and too common, but if you do it on white or gray hair, it adds a super cool twist. 

A fringe would also pair well with a military cut so that you don’t look too rigid or stiff. Make sure the shave on the sides is smooth and even, and you’ll have the best military cut any silver fox has ever worn.

Long Mane and Beard a la Pierce Brosnan

Men in their mid-life often think that long hair will make them look even more mature and aged. But when styled correctly, you can still look strong, stately, and respectable. 

Take Pierce Brosnan’s long hair and beard combo, for example. With his brushed-up hair and well-maintained beard, he’s still sweeping women off their feet.

Wavy Mullet

If you have wavy hair, show off your silver strands in a classic, almost shoulder-length mullet. It’s a great way to show off your natural texture that is not pin-straight but not too curly either. 

This cut and texture combo will make you look like a man’s man—no pretty boy cuts or high-maintenance blow-drying needed.

Messy, Silver Quiff

Take the trendy pompadour to the next level by sporting a quiff with your gray and silver hair. Shave off some of the sides without exposing too much of your scalp for a daring finish. This look pairs well with a five o’clock shadow.

Short Combover and Beard

For a no-fuss hairstyle that still looks macho and rugged, try out a combover with your short hair. Because a combover can still look a bit clean for some, groom and maintain a beard for an added touch of masculinity.

Undercut Brushed Forward

It’s almost natural for anyone styling their hair to brush their locks backward to create height. But if you want to be unique and playful, you can brush your hair forward instead. This works great for short hair; long and medium-length hair might just end up in your eyes.

Smooth, Clean, Luscious Pompadour

If you’ve been blessed with thick, long hair even as they turn gray, consider showing off your mane in a pompadour. This majestic hairstyle is casual on the young, but on a silver fox like yourself, it looks glorious and shows off your salt and pepper shades.

Soft, Messy, Blown-Out Spikes

Strike a balance between rockstar and country icon with this hairstyle for medium-length hair. Instead of going for harsh, rigid spikes, blow out your hair to look soft yet messy at the same time. This look is particularly well-suited for men with white and silver hair.

Wavy Locks with a Middle Part

Go au naturel with your God-given locks in a chin-length cut like this one. Just a little bit of mousse is all it takes to make your hair look luscious and bodied when the hair is this long. Sport a middle part for a chill, bohemian touch.

Slicked-Back Hair with Long Beard

Combine sleek, slicked-back hair with a long, well-maintained beard to convey a seasoned bad boy image. The slicked-back style is reminiscent of greaser hair, which was popular in the 60s. So, it’s fitting if you want to ooze attitude and wisdom at the same time.

Naturally Brushed Hair with Side Part

Natural, low-maintenance haircuts can look dashing and cleaned up too. One way to do that is to simply brush your hair back and do a side part. Red carpet superstar meets dream doctor with this sexy, mature look.

Short Side Part a la George Clooney

If there’s anyone who might be a poster boy for salt and pepper hair, it would be George Clooney. So, turn to his hairstyle for inspo when you don’t know how to style your grays. This short hair with a deep side part is a classic if you want to look like the Ocean’s Eleven actor.

Laidback, Casual Pomp

A pompadour is usually structured and smooth, but if you style it this way, you could end up with a hairstyle that looks calm and relaxed. Use only your hands and trusty hair wax to form this pomp for an easygoing finish.

Undercut with Soft Fringe

Get the best of both worlds with this haircut that’s edgy and soft at the same time. Shave the sides of your head for a smooth taper and a touch of edginess. But make sure the front of your hair is cut in a soft, floppy fringe for a romantic touch.

The Even, Spiky Haircut

Here’s another version of a good boy clean-cut look. An even cut all around the head looks a little more adventurous when you have straight hair that sticks up naturally, giving you a subtly “spiky” look.

Prince Caspian, Shoulder-Length Locks

Who says older men can’t look like Prince Charming? Cut your hair to shoulder length and leave it in a neat yet shaggy style to look both dreamy and natural at the same time. Perfect for wowing queens and princesses!

Super Structured Crop Top Undercut

If you want something extremely bold and trendy, this undercut style might be just what you’re looking for. Brush your hair down as flat as you can and trim the front of your hair to look like a straight fringe. A super-smooth fade on your sides will elevate this look, too.

Regular, Clean-Shaven Look

You don’t always have to look edgy and dramatic just to show of your graying hair. You can still wear a regular cut and no beard if you want to look youthful. Brush your hair to one side, give them a huge smile, and you’ll age backward by quite a few years!

Very Messy Hair

Show off your playful, fun-loving side with this messy, shaggy, but still super sexy look. It’s a pain to be super structured with styling sometimes, so it’s nice to just shake your hair out a bit with volumizing powder and call it a day. It looks great with or without a beard!