10 Cute Soccer Hairstyles for Girls

People usually assume that female soccer players just toss their hair in a messy ponytail before heading to practice. And while that’s true for some girls, others love to jazz up their hairdo to add a bit of charm to it. At the same time, they have to ensure their hair stays out of their face as they play.

Who says athletes can’t play sports and look cute at the same time? There are tons of ways to style your hair in a cute and fashionable way before you run to the field and score those goals.

Ready to be the sweetheart of the soccer league? Here are 10 soccer hairstyles girl players of any age will love wearing.

Soccer hairstyles for girls:

The Classic Sleek, High Pony

The easiest hairstyle to put your tresses in before running to the practice is a ponytail. But ponytails can be plain and boring. To level it up, do a modern high pony that is very sleek at the roots and flares out in pretty waves and curls after it’s tied. 

Make sure the hair tie you use is tight and secure, so your hair doesn’t fall into a limp, low pony after running for a few minutes on the field!

The Chunky Single Side Braid

Braids are fantastic when playing sports because they keep your hair in place without budging as you run around the soccer field for hours. One of the easiest braided hairstyles you can do is a thick, single braid down the side of your head. 

Sideways Single French Braid

A unique take on the single braid is to have it start from the top of your head, traveling down sideways. A French braid incorporates hair as you go, so it’s not as loose as a regular braid. This way, you can be sure your hair doesn’t move around so much as you play.

High Bubble Braid

Haven’t you mastered the art of weaving your locks into braids? Don’t worry—you can still sport cute braids that are way easier to achieve: bubble braids! Put your hair in a tight, high ponytail and add elastic bands every two or so inches to create the look of “bubbles.”

French and Bubble Braid Combo

If you’re a big braid lover that can’t decide on what braid to do on game day, why not combine two of your faves? Instead of doing two French braid pigtails, stop at your nape and do bubble braids the rest of the way. This is a pretty and playful style that’s awesome for kids too!

Ponytail with Thin Braid Accent

A braid doesn’t always have to be the star of your soccer hairstyle. If you want a regular ponytail with a bit of extra cuteness, you can create a thin braid or two near your hairline. Then, tie that braid with the rest of your hair in your usual ponytail.

Trendy Space Buns

Space buns aren’t just for music festivals or cosplayers. When done right and securely, you can play your favorite sport while wearing them. Just create two pigtails high on your hair and twist each one into itself to create a bun. Secure the buns with a scrunchie or sturdy hair tie and some clips.

Dutch Pigtail Braids

For a more innocent and girly vibe, you can do two thick pigtail braids to hold your locks together as you play soccer. One style that looks amazing from the back is two Dutch braids that go straight down. 

You might need extra help doing this so that the braids fall completely straight, so recruit some of your best girlfriends on the team to help you out!

Double Bubble Braids

Let’s go back to bubble braids. If you want that classic pigtail braid look but want to make it a little more Gen Z, you can do so with bubble braids. This looks super glamorous on long hair!

The Classic Low Pigtails


We’re ending this list with something straightforward: pigtails. Don’t get stressed and pressured to braid your hair before the game. If you want to look youthful without having to put so much effort into your hairstyle, pigtails are always a safe option! 

Just make sure to tie the super securely and position them low on your head to avoid putting a strain on your roots.

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