Easy Hairstyles For Gymnastics: 10 Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Gymnastics Practice or Competition

Gymnasts are known to look exquisitely graceful, from their costumes and practice attire to how neat their hair looks. But it’s not only to look pretty and presentable in front of the judges.

Any gymnast knows that even the smallest distraction can ruin the perfect cartwheel or backbend. Sometimes, it’s anxiety and pressure. Other times, it’s those annoying locks of hair that keep falling in front of your face. So, keeping your hair pulled back while you practice your best moves is super important.

Need recommendations on how to style your hair to make it lovely and practical for when you’re on the high bar? Here are 10 easy and pretty hairstyles for gymnastics.

Easy and Cute Hairstyles For Gymnastics:

A Sleek, Smooth Donut Bun

If you need to keep your hair out of your face during practice, you might be tempted to just tie it in a messy bun. But if you want to look extra neat and clean, you might want to invest in a donut bun. This tool helps you create that full, perfectly round, ballerina-like bun. 

French Braided Pigtails with Ribbons

Braids are a smart and stylish way to make sure your hair doesn’t get in the way of your practice. To achieve this look, start with two thick French braids on each side of your head. Instead of going all the way down, tie them in pigtails when you get close to your neck.

To add extra charm to this style, tie some bows on your pigtails with ribbons that match your leotard or costume. This is a super cute addition to your get-up on performance day!

High, Tight Space Buns

Keep it trendy with modern space buns on your next practice day at the gym. Not only will space buns make you look cheerful and Instagram-ready, but they will also keep your hair out of your face all day long. Position your buns high on your head for a more flattering look.

Classic Dutch Pigtail Braids

For a clean braided look, why not try the classic pigtail braids that gracefully fall on your shoulders as you make your moves? To ensure your braids fall straight and not sideways, ask a friend to help weave your locks together.

Upside Down Dutch Braided Buns

Everyone loves the pizzazz of gymnastics costumes and hairdos. Wow, the crowd with a unique look, like this one that combines upside-down braids and space buns. 

Instead of doing your braids right side up, bend forward and start from the bottom going up. When you get to the top of your head, tie each pigtail braid into a space bun.

Heidi Braid with Flowers

A Heidi braid is super simple to do. Just put two plain pigtail braids and wrap them across the top of your head. But to make it a little more exciting and romantic, add some fresh flowers to your hair. We love white and peach roses for this look!

Curly Hair Half-Up with Bow

Although wearing your hair up is best when moving around as a gymnast, you’re still free to wear your hair down, especially if it’s of short to medium length. To keep your hair out of your face to a certain extent, try out a half-updo. This looks super cute on curly hair, especially when you tie your updo with a bow.

Double Dutch Low Ponytail

Dutch braids that turn into pigtails may be pretty common for kids. But if you want a more mature version of this adorable hairstyle, do a ponytail. Start by making two Dutch braids the way you would for pigtail braids. When you get to your nape, stop braiding and combine the two sections together in a low pony.

Fishtail Side Braid

If you want a braid that’s not so fussy and doesn’t require you to hold your arms up to the back of your head for too long, go for a side braid. A thick, chunky fishtail braid that falls on one shoulder always looks fabulous, so try this one out.

Glittery Braided Ponytail

On performance day, you should look as dazzling as possible. So, why not add a little extra sparkle to your hairstyle with some glitters? Create a few thin braids in your hair and tie them with the rest of your tresses in a high pony. Then, dust a little bit of shimmery glitter all over!

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