Blonde Hairstyles For Men – 44 Refreshing Blonde Hairstyles Each Man Should Try Out

Blonde hair is the trademark of the ultimate heartthrob. Golden locks scream charisma and ooze sex appeal, making it a favorite among women when scoping out the room for a new beau.

But just because you were blessed with blonde tresses doesn’t mean you’re automatically a stunner. You need to put in the effort and style your hair in an attractive, trendy, appealing way that will reflect your personality and style.

Not sure how to go about wearing your blonde hair? We’ve got you covered.

Blonde hairstyles for men:

Long, Prince-Like Golden Locks

If you’re okay with maintaining a longer mane, go for a long-haired look like this one. It makes blonde hair look like an absolute dream and is sure to make women swoon and wonder if their very own fairytale prince has finally come to sweep them off their feet!

What’s great is that you can wear long blonde hair in many ways. Wear it down on lazy beach days or up in a ponytail or man bun when you need the strands out of your face.

Short, Brushed Back Hair

The most uncomplicated hair you can sport when you have blonde locks is a clean, short haircut. Brush it back for a snazzy, tidy look that pairs well with glasses for a smart look. You can also shave your sides down for a little extra attitude and trendiness.

Forward Fringe and Undercut

Blonde hair doesn’t always have to be long and flowy or short and goody-goody. When styled correctly, it can have bad boy written all over it—like with this hairstyle.

Give the classic undercut even more of a wow factor by dyeing the longer parts of your hair platinum blonde and doing a forward fringe. This shows off your shaved sides more while adding texture and softness to the top of your head.

Messy, Wavy Mop Top

Go for a charmingly shy college boy vibe with this messy but sexy mop top. It’s a wash-and-go style that’s very easy to maintain since it barely requires any styling. Ask your stylist to give you a little bit of a fringe that slightly brushes the eyes for a youthful finish.

The Classic Bun

Even blonde hair has its down days. When you’re not feeling up to styling your long hair in any dramatic way, put it up in a careless, messy bun for that free-spirited look. Tie your loose locks around the bun to hide the elastic for a more natural finish.

This hairstyle gives you a hipster vibe that is sure to attract the attention of ladies in a mellow café or music festival.

Blonde Buzz Cut

If you can’t be bothered to wake up early and style your hair, get the easiest haircut in the book—a buzz cut. This one doesn’t even require any brushing! Pair it with a tapered fade to show off some skin, and you’re ready to beat the heat during the summer months.

Medium-Length Messy Bob

Not sure if you like long or short hair? Why not opt for something in the middle? A bob is a classic for both men and women. Try sporting one that sits just shy of your shoulder. That way, you can have hair that’s long enough to blow nicely in the wind without having to maintain fussy, hip-length locks.

Tousled Blonde Curls

Blonde looks terrific on curls, so if you have naturally curly hair, don’t waste it. Show it off as much as you can! One way to do so is with this hairstyle. 

Cut your hair to a medium length and use a curling cream to enhance your natural curls. Just remember not to go too short—your curls will make your hair “shrink” and look shorter than they actually are.

Blonde Quiff with Fade

This everyday style is awesome if you want a look that is both clean and casual. Sweeping your hair forward into a swoop isn’t as fancy as a pompadour but doesn’t really fall into the “messy” category either. Ask your barber to give you a nice, smooth fade on the sides, and you’ll look super fresh.

Long Comb-Over with Shaved Sides

Give your blonde locks a deep contrast between short and long hair with this comb-over. Have your sides shaved to look extra smooth and sleek, but leave long, straight hair on the top. Add volume to that hair with wax or pomade and comb it to one side, and you’ve got this edgy look.

Thick, Long, Wavy Hair

Emulate that all-American spirit with bright, blonde, casual waves. You don’t have to do much to style your hair if it’s naturally wavy yet relatively tame. Just make sure you brush it through to get rid of any tangles, and you can wear it down. It’s a terrific look to rock if you’re going for that country boy vibe.

Platinum Blonde Mohawk

For a more dramatic look with some unexpected oomph, try wearing your blonde hair in a mohawk. This look will likely capture attention quickly, especially if you style it in a way that will give you a long, soft fringe. For even more flair, bleach your hair to get a platinum color for your mohawk.

Bun and Beard Combo

If you’re gunning for a strong, tough, lumberjack look, this style may be right up your alley. Pair a relaxed man bun with a thick, medium-length Garibaldi beard to get that look instantly.

This look is perfect if you’re the outdoorsy type who loves going on hikes and excursions in nature.

Soft Locks with Curtain Bangs a la Jimin

Blonde hair is super versatile. It can look tough and masculine one day and soft and romantic the next. If you prefer the latter, you might want to try on this hairstyle by Park Jimin of BTS. 

The soft, medium-length hair is left alone without a sharp shave or angular shape for a more relaxed vibe. Meanwhile, curtain bangs frame the face to accentuate softer features.

Short, Relaxed Curls

Most people think they need to grow out their hair to show off their curls, but that’s not the case at all. Instead of maintaining a long-haired look, get regular trims to a two-inch length that will put your natural curls in the limelight. 

When you jump out of the shower, don’t brush your hair. That will only disrupt the curls! Leave it as is and let it air-dry.

Short with Unstructured Spikes

When you picture spiky hair, you probably think of those super sharp spikes of the 90s held by too much hair gel. A modern, more relaxed take on that retro look is short hair with “unstructured spikes.” 

That means you don’t have to create meticulous little spikes with extra-strong hair gel. Just use your fingers to comb upwards with a scant amount of pomade. Pick up a few pieces and gently pull upwards to make soft spikes, and you’re done.

Soft, Slicked Back Strands a la Austin Butler

For formal events or an evening date, try out this look if you want to clean up nicely. Slick your hair back carefully—not so much so that it looks like it’s sticking to your head, but just enough to expose more of your forehead and strong facial features. This style matches well with evening wear, like a tux or suit.

The Straight Shag

Straight hair can be messy, too! Get a blunt cut right below your ears and wear your straight, blonde hair down. 

To add that shagginess, run your fingers through your locks and shake them out a bit. You can also run your fingers through your hair to push them back in one direction for a fashionably disheveled look.

Clean Cut Dyed Blonde a la Zac Efron

Sick of your boring clean cut? You don’t have to cut or shave it in a flashy style. If you want to add some boldness to your short haircut, consider bleaching it and dyeing it platinum blonde. A super bright, almost white shade grabs attention, even with a short, basic haircut. 

Short, Straight Mullet a la Kim Namjoon

Short and straight mullets are trendy in the K-pop world. So, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names, like Kim Namjoon of BTS, flaunt them. This hairstyle isn’t quite as daring as a regular mullet and definitely has a softer touch. It looks amazing slicked back or with a side part.

Sleek, Dirty Blonde Pomp

Blonde isn’t always necessarily bright and yellow. When you add in some darker streaks, it comes out as a sexy dirty blonde shade. This darker blonde color is incredible for shorter hairstyles, like the classic pompadour. Ask your barber for an even shave on the sides to emphasize your upward do even more.

Tall, Spiky Blonde Hair

Get that classic rockstar look with tall and spiky locks like this. This style is fantastic for those with sparse, fine hair because it creates the illusion of thickness and volume, especially when you comb it upward so that it’s extra tall. Pair it with some earrings or tatts to complete the look.

Platinum Buzz Cut

You’ve seen a regular blonde buzz cut earlier, but if you really want to wow a crowd, dye your hair a stark white platinum color. 

A platinum buzz looks amazing on deeper skin tones. If you want to showcase a new tan or your natural mocha skin tone, this might be an excellent option for you.

Blonde Dreadlocks

Dreads are usually black or brown, which is the natural shade of African hair. But if you want to make your dreads look more unique than usual, you can bleach them blonde. If you don’t want it completely blonde, you can also opt for highlights or blonde tips instead.

Brown-ish Blonde Comb-Over

If you have a tapered haircut that is shorter on the sides and long on top, you can style your hair in a comb-over like this. Create a side part in your hair and brush most of your locks in one direction. Work in some pomade to add some volume and depth to your hair if you wish.

Undercut with a Deep Side Part

Here’s another version of a blonde comb-over. Instead of keeping the sides short, shave them off completely with a smooth, tapered fade. Brush your longer part of your hair neatly to the side (this look is better when it’s sleek and not messy), et voila! An undercut and comb-over in one.

Carefree Curls Under a Cap a la Logan Paul

Hate fussing with your hair? Good news! Curly and wavy blonde hair looks awesome even under a cap. Just take a look at Logan Paul, who has perfected this skater boy, can’t-be-bothered look. Just put your fave cap on and make sure some of your golden locks are peeking through for a little tease.

Fine, Short Pompadour

Pomps are known to be thick and full, but those with finer hair types can also rock this look. Instead of styling it into a huge quiff-like shape, simply brush your pomp backward for a clean, put-together finish. This style looks fantastic with a tapered fade on the sides.

Shaggy Blonde Retro Look

This look is inspired by the preppy boy styles of the early 2000s. It’s a great look for teenagers and college boys but will work well for any blonde man with thick hair, too. Add some layers to this style if you want the extra texture to your mane.

Short, Ivy League Haircut

Speaking of preppy college boys, this short Ivy League haircut is perfect if you want to look young, handsome, and stately at the same time. It’s clean yet charismatic at the same time. No unnecessary drama or boldness here.

Soft, Blonde Spikes

Spiky hair can look soft as long as you don’t go overboard with the gel or grease. If you use something a little more matte and volume-boosting (like wax or pomade), it will look a little something like this—a cross between spiky hair and a quiff.

Thick and Curly Blonde Locks

Goldilocks may be the sweetheart of a classic nursery rhyme, but blonde curls aren’t just for little girls. As long as they’re thick, luscious, and defined, they can make any man look tough and masculine. Embrace your naturally curly blonde tresses by wearing them down like this.

Short, Platinum, Wavy Hair

Even if devilish men usually have darker hair, an icy blonde shade can give you that bad boy look you’ve always wanted. Against pale, fair skin, platinum blonde can give any woman the chills (in the best way possible!). Bleach your short, thick, wavy hair with this cool shade, and you’ll be winning hearts left and right.

Classic Slicked Back Style

Slicked back hair is a go-to for any man, but it’s especially attractive on blonde hair. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s versatile. It’s appropriate for date night, hanging out with friends, and even networking at a business conference.

Blonde Highlights in Messy Hair

Not the best at styling your hair? Don’t worry; you can still add extra pizzazz to your look without bothering with intricate fades and haircuts. One way to do so is by adding gorgeous blonde highlights to medium-colored hair. 

This is a great way to add some edge to your otherwise plain-looking hair. It makes even messy, woke-up-like-this hairdos look loads better!

Short Sides and Long on Top

If you want to elongate your face and make your hair look a little taller and fuller, you might want to ask your barber for a haircut that is shorter on the sides and a bit longer on top. This gives the illusion of a longer face shape and added height as well.

Dark Blonde Beach Waves

This look is a classic for laidback surfer dudes—long, tousled hair that you let loose in the wind. And when you’re sick of running your fingers through your tresses to tame them, you can simply tie them up in a ponytail or man bun, and you’ll still look good!

Brown-Blonde Caesar Cut

Who says short haircuts are boring? Here’s one that is sure to earn a few longing looks when you’re out clubbing—an edgy Caesar cut with a subtle fringe. 

This look is super easy to maintain. It doesn’t require much effort to style either. Just brush all your hair forward, and you’re done. It looks gorgeous in any blonde color, but especially so on brown-blonde and platinum.

Choppy, Layered Surfer Hair

If you have naturally pin-straight hair, it may be challenging to achieve beachy, blonde waves. To accomplish that textured hairstyle, add choppy layers to your locks. Use a salt spray or curl-enhancing cream to bring out a bit of a wave for added body and movement.

Ash Blonde Quiff a la Zayn

Add a bit of a silver glow to your locks with an ash blonde tone, the way Zayn Malik did a few years back. This color looks fantastic in a classic quiff, especially if you have thicker hair. Style your hair upward while keeping it short on the sides.

Blonde Mop Top with Soft Fringe

For a soft, good boy look, try rocking this mop top. You can even ask your stylist to give you a choppy fringe that falls right where your eyes are for some boyish charm. This is great for teens but will look fabulous for any softspoken man too.

Retro Frosted Tips

Bleached or “frosted” trips were a massive trend in the 90s, and they’re making a comeback in the modern age! Ride the trend by bleaching only the tips of your dark hair. This creates a contrast between a darker base and lighter tips, adding dimension to your thick locks.

Dirty Blonde Brushed-Up Hair with Beard

A dirty blonde shade is a great way to add some rugged handsomeness to your clean, blonde look. To make yourself look even more austere and stylishly rough, pair this hair color with some stubble or even a short beard. It’s a manly way to flaunt your bright, blonde hair color.

Mullet-Hawk with Faded Sides

What do you get when you put together a mullet and a mohawk? This edgy, grungy hairstyle, that’s what! If you love punk hairstyles, try out this “mullet-hawk.” It’s incredible on dark hair that’s been bleached, but also on natural blondes. 

This cut looks fabulous on curly hair since the mullet shape shows off your natural texture. Meanwhile, the shaved sides make your mane a lot easier to control and tame.

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