10 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Bisexuals

Bisexuality is all about duality. You’re attracted to both masculinity and femininity, and probably everything in between, too. 

Most of the time, this love and attraction for all kinds of beauty translates into how someone who identifies as bisexual presents themselves, too. It could be through the clothes they wear, the language they speak, or even the style they put their hair in.

Looking to spice up your hairstyle? Here are 10 gorgeous styles any bisexual hair lover will be excited to try out!

Bisexual Hairstyles:

Icy Blonde Bob

Let’s start with something simple but packed with oomph—an icy blonde bob. A bob is a medium-length haircut that is a classic at this point. It’s short enough to show off your strong facial features and piercings, but long enough to bring out your feminine, romantic side too. 

This cut is quite versatile, making it a fan favorite. Depending on how you style it, a bob’s look could range from an elegant ‘do to a messy, laidback mop.

Icy, almost white-blonde hair is another thing about this style that makes it sexy and edgy. It’s a must if you’re sick of your natural color and are looking to lighten it to something that will turn heads.

Purple Locks to Frame Your Face

Aside from your haircut, you can also express yourself through your hair’s color. If you’re looking for a way to show off how proud you are of being bisexual, purple is the color to play around with. 

If you’re not ready to dye your entire mane a solid purple or lilac, you can start with a few face-framing locks, like this style. Face-framing tresses bring out your eyes and your favorite facial features.

If you want to be extra creative and want more pops of color, you can use shades like blue and pink to complement your purple.

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

If you want to tap into your androgynous side, a pixie cut is an excellent go-to. It’s a way to keep your hair low-maintenance and also beat the heat if you live in a hot city.

However, some may feel like a pixie cut is too bold and boyish for them. If you want to add a bit of softness to your look, leave some side bangs that tickle the top of your eyes. This gives more volume and length to your hairstyle.

Two-Toned Curls

If you want to be more experimental with your color, try going for two different tones that blend together nicely. You can go for a sultry combo, like black and maroon. But if you really want to stand out, you can opt for lighter tones, like this silver and turquoise fusion.

Light, pastel shades look terrific on curly hair. The texture allows the strands to catch on and reflect more light, showing off the depth of your color.

Long, Feminine Waves with a Twist

Bisexual hair doesn’t always mean short, boyish cuts. Hair has no gender, so bisexuals express themselves through both short and long styles. This wavy, tousled hairstyle is perfect for those who express themselves more femininely than most.

But what’s cool about this hairstyle is it has a little twist—purple tips. This is a great way to maintain your girly aesthetic while still being loud and proud about being bisexual.

Vibrant-Colored Curls with Baby Bangs

One of the things we admire most about bisexuals is their adventurousness and love for experimenting. This multi-colored hairstyle is the perfect depiction of that.

Deep, bright blue, purple, and pink tones don’t just represent bisexuality—they’re also vibrant enough to turn heads when they’re in your hair! And if you want to look even more unique, cut your fringe shorter into baby bangs. People are sure to do a double-take as you walk down the street.

Black and Pink Long Pixie

Not a fan of the bob but not confident enough in your ability to rock a pixie? Go for something in between, like this long pixie. It’s not too short and has just the right length to make it easy to maintain.

There’s a lot you can do with this haircut. You can play around with clips, comb the locks over to one side, and even make side-swept bangs. But one of the cutest things to do is blend in your natural color with a lighter one to show off its depth. A combo we’re loving right now for this is black and pink!

Side-Swept Curls with Shaved Sides

If you have curly hair, it can be a really hard decision to cut your hair off. People with straight hair envy curly locks, so why should you waste yours just to rock a shorter hairstyle?

This hairdo is the perfect solution for you. You get to keep your gorgeous, defined curls in a side-swept look, but still have half your hair in a shaved style. You get the best of both worlds and look good rocking them.

Platinum Blonde Buzz

Fearless, bisexual women aren’t afraid of losing their hair. Some people prefer to look more masculine than feminine and are fine with getting the big chop—so long as they’ll still look good after.

If that sounds like you, the classic buzz cut is a terrific haircut to consider. To pack more of a punch, think about dyeing it a shocking color, like platinum blonde.

This hairstyle will make you look super high-fashion while showing off your bone structure and favorite piercings.

Hidden Rainbow Locks

Want to express your LGBT pride with rainbow hair, but can’t because of your professional workplace? This unique hair coloring technique will be perfect for you.

Instead of sporting bright, flashy, colored locks all the time, you can opt to color the inner areas of your hair only, which will then be covered by your natural shade up top. That way, you can choose when you want to look sleek and professional or wild and adventurous!

This hairstyle looks gorgeous in a ponytail or a messy bun. You can also play around with braids to show off your colors in an even more playful way!

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