The pixie haircut is this year’s most fabulous haircut trend. If you desire short hair that is easy to manage for a stunning look every day, a pixie haircut is ideal for you. 

There are a ton of best pixie cut haircuts that women can choose to get, ranging from a selection of low-maintenance to cool styles to everything in between.

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So, there are endless possibilities, whether you want long hair with side-swept bangs or short hair with a trimmed nape or sides! Or better yet, you can take the safe route and go for a pixie haircut that your favorite celebrity is rocking right now!

What Is A Pixie Cut?

Pixie haircuts are short hairstyles for women where you have to get your hair trimmed close to your face and head. This hairstyle gives a slight boyish feel. However, it’s relatively easier to style than other haircut types.

A pixie haircut can be cut extremely close to the head or fall ever so slightly above your eyes. However, you can ask your hairstylist to give you a pixie haircut and keep the length of your hair according to your preferences.

How To Style A Pixie Cut?

Depending on your intended look, you can quickly style the best pixie cut haircuts with a small quantity of pomade or hair gel.

For instance, you can achieve a smoother pixie hairstyle with hairspray or gel. On the other hand, you can make your pixie haircut appear spiky by applying pomade on your hair’s tips. Furthermore, a beachy, sloppy style is also achievable by applying a high-quality leave-in hair conditioner.

So, no matter how you decide to style the best pixie cut haircuts, this hairstyle is perfect for the summer seasons. What’s more, you can also achieve a unique look by simply coloring your pixie haircut!

Pixie haircuts for women:

There is a never-ending list of pixie haircuts you can try this summer or winter. So, on that note, mentioned below are some of the best pixie cut haircuts you can rock to give your hair and yourself a unique look and feel!

Side-Parted Silver Pixie-Bob

An ultra-deep side-parted silver pixie-bob is a guaranteed method to add drama to a pixie cut, especially if you have thick hair. In addition, the long and asymmetrical hair in the front offers you a lot of styling versatility.

So, this cut provides many styling options, whether you want to smooth out your part or have a long fringe dangling in front of your face. Not to mention, the silver hair color adds a touch of class to your look. This is one of the best pixie cut haircuts ladies can try in summer or winter.

Gray Shaggy Pixie

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If you’re ready to try it, a gray shaggy pixie cut can provide you with the uniqueness you’re looking for in a pixie cut. This hairstyle is a fan favorite because it frames your face and emphasizes the cheekbones. 

So, although it fits most face shapes and types, it’s especially well-suited to those with fine or thin hair.

It also doesn’t; require much maintenance, besides a couple of salon visits every other week to retain the haircut’s shape. Therefore, a shaggy gray pixie is one of the simplest and best pixie cut haircuts to rock and maintain. 

Lavender Pixie-Bob

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If you recently got a pixie bob haircut and want to add a personal touch to it to make your own, nothing is better than coloring your hair lavender.

For example, if you have a shorter-length pixie bob, you color your hair lavender and brush it forward to have more hair volume on the top and sweeping sides and bangs.

Such a type of pixie bob haircut will help you feel confident in your look, especially if you have lost hair volume over time.

Messy Outgrown Pixie

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This hairstyle is easy to achieve as it’s essentially an outgrown version of the messy pixie. In fact, it’s all about letting your pixie cut grow naturally! However, if you want to make your messy, outgrown pixie cut look better, simply color your hair. 

A messy, outgrown pixie cut is just the kind of messiness your life needs! In fact, this type of pixie cut will give your hair excellent volume and body, especially if you have thin hair.

Stacked Pixie with V-Cut Nape

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It’s fascinating to experiment with the texture when you cut your hair in layers from the nape to the bangs.

This hairstyle displays hair’s natural volume while keeping the look manageable. The stacked pixie with v-cut nape also looks terrific with contemporary colors, such as gray.

Furthermore, a v-cut nape gives you a better feminine and looks fantastic with a pixie hairdo. It gives the pixie hairstyle a distinct and edgy appearance.

In addition, the pixie cut gives the top of the hair more volume, especially when your hair is stacked on top. Therefore, this is probably one of the best pixie cut haircuts you would want if you have low hair volume!

Pastel and Ash Pixie with Fused Layers

You’re in luck if you’re a fan of ash and pastel hair color and want to rock them with a pixie haircut. The pixie hairstyle goes very well with light ash and pastel colors such as blonde, light brown, etc.

A pixie with fused layers typically consists of shorter and longer pieces. It is one of the best pixie cut haircuts that appears airy and full of dimension.

Long Bangs Pixie Haircut

These days, you can rock a pixie haircut in various ways, including with a beautiful fringe. In fact, a pixie cut with long bangs can make you look younger while covering small wrinkles and bad skin on the forehead.

It’s also an excellent hairstyle choice for women who love short hair but want to make it appear longer. Bangs can make you feel more feminine or edgy, and they can frame your face and attract attention to your eyes, depending on the cut you choose.

Ash Blonde Pixie with Nape Undercut

Add a nape undercut to give some character to your pixie hairstyle. It is a fashionable women’s hairstyle that includes cutting your hair down from the back, giving you a rebellious and relaxed look.

However, ensure that your hairstylist keeps your pixie cut longer on the top. This will allow you to style your pixie so you can still have a ton of hair texture and volume. Then, take your undercut pixie haircut to the next level by coloring your hair as ash blonde. You won’t be disappointed!

Reverse Gray Ombre for Short Hair

If you have short hair and want to rock a pixie hairstyle, then the reverse ombre for short hair is the right hairstyle for you. This hairstyle is suitable for both younger and older women. However, to add more character to your ombre, you can color your hair gray to give them a unique look.

You can also try the reverse gray ombre by blending it with black to show that you aren’t afraid to try any hairstyle, no matter your age!

Asymmetrical Tapered Pixie

The asymmetrical tapered pixie cut adds dimension and height to your look. It looks best on medium to thick hair, but it will work on a range of other hair types as well.

Try coloring your hair in contrasting tones, such as dark brown over platinum blonde, to add more drama to your hairstyle. Anyone looking for something different and new will love this layered style.

Choppy Gray Pixie

Females with thick hair might be hesitant to cut their hair short. But, with the appropriate cut, this is a beautiful and modern option.

A chopped gray pixie cut’s somewhat chaotic and chaotic appearance creates a highly relaxed vibe, making it ideal for informal settings.

It’s also perfect for thick hair because the layers help reduce hair weight while adding movement and volume.

Wavy Pixie

A wavy pixie should be your go-to hairstyle for a sophisticated and stylish vibe, especially if you love pixie haircuts. It is one of the best pixie cut haircuts women can try today.

However, tucking one side of your wavy pixie will add an extra layer of flirtiness and fun to your look. On the other hand, consider using a heat serum when styling waves to give your hair some well-deserved protection.

Piece-y Cut with Subtle Balayage

Another entry on our best pixie cut haircuts list is the piece-y cut with subtle balayage. So, don’t worry if your hair is fine and flat; there’s a way of making it work in a stunning hairdo.

Consider a piece-y pixie cut with subtle streaks or balayage. However, balayage highlights truly pop out if paired with darker root colors such as black or dark brown, keeping your pixie cut the main attraction.

Undercut Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

This hairstyle undercut at the neck and dark-colored roots complement the unusually long wavy blonde layers. In fact, the undercut blonde pixie with dark roots adds much-needed volume to fine hair while also increasing hair depth.

Furthermore, the long bangs across the forehead draw attention to your eyes and exude carefree summer sentiments. So, why not rock this hairstyle 365 days a year, whether it’s summer or winter? We certainly would!

Spiky Pixie

As far as female hairstyle trends go, the spiky pixie hairdo is trending everywhere. However, the spikey pixie hairstyle is like a double-edged sword if you want to make a fashion statement!

In fact, it’s pretty and sends the message that you’re not afraid to style a pixie cut in such a bold manner. 

However, we recommend taking your spiky pixie to the next level by coloring your hair in a greyish hue. This is indeed one of the best pixie cut haircuts trending today!

African-American Messy Ashy Pixie

If you have light skin with blonde hair and you’re looking to try something new, look no further than the African-American messy ashy pixie haircut. However, women with darker complexions can rock this hairstyle the best without worrying about multiple eye rolls.

Sure, there is something unique about an African-American woman with ashy blonde hair that has a certain level of attraction to them. However, their hairstyle is of the utmost importance as well.

Short pixie haircuts with multiple ashy blonde layers look great on African-American ladies. So, give it a go if you’re a dark-colored lady yourself!

Classic Pixie

If you’re looking for one of the best pixie cut haircuts that are still timeless, the classic pixie hairstyle should be at the top of your list. A classic pixie cut gives off a strong but beautiful feel.

However, your confidence will skyrocket when you rock this hairstyle, making you look and feel independent. So, if you want to introduce these two characteristics to your personality, now you know that the classic pixie haircut is the right choice for you.

Imperfect Pixie

How nice would it be to wake up with imperfect hair and simply comb it with your fingers before heading to work? You can have this freedom with the imperfect pixie cut!

Your hairstylist will give you the imperfect pixie hairdo by cutting your hair unevenly and without any scale. However, ask the hairstylist to keep the top of your hair long if you want bangs.

Though, the best thing about the imperfect pixie cut; it looks good on women with every face type, size, and shape.

Sassy Undercut Pixie with Bangs

The sassy undercut pixie with bangs is another entry on the best pixie cut haircuts list.

So, try this sassy hairstyle by getting your hair textured from the top with gentle fades on your nape and sides. In fact, as this haircut leaves no severe necklines, it will mature nicely. First, however, consider coloring your undercut pixie with bangs rose gold to make this hairstyle pop.

Furthermore, to rock a lived-in, dry-textured look, we recommend using hair clay to style your hair every morning.

Disheveled Pixie Bob

Give much-needed flair to your fine-cut locks with the help of a disheveled pixie bob. This hairstyle is one of the best pixie cut haircuts today because it gives you the volume your hair needs to bring out every razor-sharp cut of every strand.

Furthermore, the disheveled pixie bob also allows you to show that messy hair looks excellent with a pixie bob haircut. But, to give your hair more flair, consider coloring your hair blonde while rocking a disheveled pixie bob!

Lovely Tapered Pixie Cut

With short hair on the sides and the top, the tapered pixie cut is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle. In addition, the tapered back and sides create a stylish contrast to the longer layered hair, resulting in a disjointed style with added flair.

All hair varieties, including wavy, curly, fine, thin, straight, and thin, look fantastic with a tapered pixie haircut. So, ask your hairstylist if this hairdo fits you well!

Sleek Polished Pixie

The polished pixie is one of the best pixie cut haircuts that you can strut without any worries. However, if you have naturally black hair, this sexy haircut looks extra elegant. Just look at Rihanna. She has managed to pull off this haircut well.

However, older women can also enjoy the sleek polished pixie hairstyle because it isn’t overly modern or girly.

Furthermore, It’s also pretty low-maintenance, and long bangs that fall on the forehead will allow you to conceal facial blemishes.

Two-Tone Undercut Pixie

Similar to the undercut pixie, this hairstyle looks equally stunning. However, the main difference is that the two-tone undercut pixie gives your hair a touch of flair that the traditional undercut pixie doesn’t.

Nobody can tell you that you’re limited to a single color scheme when rocking an undercut pixie. So instead, consider getting a two-tone colored hair, preferably colors such as platinum blonde on brown or yellowish Blonde on black to make your hair pop!

Outgrown Pixie with Short Layers

Letting your traditional pixie cut grow out naturally is an easy way to have one of the best pixie cut haircuts possible. But, of course, a short pixie with layered hair looks excellent on every face type and size.

However, an outgrown pixie with gorgeous bangs or short layers looks better. So, don’t wait up and ask your hairstylist to give you this stunning cut to feel confident and look beautiful whenever you want!

Curly Pixie

One of the best pixie cut haircuts you can get, the curly pixie allows you to show off your relaxed and fun personality. So, whether you want to rock a short or curly pixie, you can rest assured that you will look stunning and sexy!

However, if you have naturally curly hair, you probably won’t have to maintain or curl your hair every day. On the other hand, if you have sleek, silky hair, you will have your work cut out for you; you will have to use a hair curler every day to maintain your curly pixie!

Ravishing Red Pixie

You will have to get a traditional pixie haircut first if you want to rock this hairstyle. Now, that within itself is an excellent hairdo to have. However, if you get your hair colored red, you will elevate your pixie cut more.

So, if you like to try different things with their pixie cut and aren’t afraid of breaking from the norm, the ravishing red pixie cut is an excellent choice.

Cropped Silver Pixie

A cropped silver pixie cut is an easy way to make a statement. But, of course, dying your hair bright or vibrant colors is a terrific way to express yourself, regardless of your hairstyle. 

However, you will turn many heads if you get a pixie cut with a cropped top and dye your entire head silver. So, go for it!

Two-Tone Pixie

This hairstyle is pretty self-explanatory. First, get a traditional pixie haircut. Then color your hair in a two-tone color scheme, and you’re set. But, of course, this haircut might seem bland as it’s just a traditional pixie.

However, the two-tone color you go with will decide whether it’s a pass or fail. So, for example, consider coloring your hair blonde over black or red over silver to give your “boring” pixie some uplift.

Undercut Pixie Cut

The undercut pixie is one of the best pixie cut haircuts for women these days, especially if you like short hair. In fact, the undercut gives your pixie some much-needed edge.

Generally, getting an undercut includes shaving or trimming your sides and back of the neck while keeping the hair length the same.

The finished look is feminine, pretty, and, best of all, low-maintenance, gorgeous, and feminine. Celebrities such as Katy Perry have rocked the undercut pixie recently.

Pixie with Tousled Waves

If you’re someone who wants your traditional pixie to have some character, then tousled waves are the way to go. Sure, this hairstyle will make your hair look messy and imperfect.

However, that is something that many women love to have, especially those who don’t want to style their hair every morning. In addition, the tousled waves add a ton of texture and volume to your thin or thick hair.

Tapered Pixie Cut

The tapered pixie cut hairstyle is similar to an undercut pixie cut. However, it is less extreme and excellent for women who want to avoid a disconnected undercut.

Furthermore, the tapered pixie also provides your face with a softer touch than your typical short-cut pixie. It is one of the best pixie cut haircuts, especially if you don’t like your hair to be the center of attention. 

Long Red Pixie Cut

Like the ravishing red pixie cut previously mentioned in this article, the long red pixie cut has the same style but longer hair length. Ask your hairstylist to leave your hair a bit longer than a traditional pixie cut to get this haircut. 

Then, get your hair coloured red to give your long pixie cut a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Choppy Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

The choppy pixie cut with side bangs is full of character and texture. However, it will allow you to turn hundreds of heads wherever you go. 

Furthermore, a choppy pixie cut with side bangs has everything you would want from one of the best pixie cut haircuts; beautiful side bangs and choppy layered hair! But, be prepared to invest some money and time into styling your choppy pixie cut with side bangs as it requires a lot of maintenance. 

Choppy Bowl Cut Pixie

When anyone talks about the bowl cut, we think about an outdated hairstyle best avoided. However, if you ask us how a pixie cut will look paired with a bowl cut, Outstanding is our answer! 

A choppy pixie is already one of the best pixie cut haircuts. But, a badass and cool style and feel are achieved with completely shaped sides and nape. So, if you think you can pull off a choppy bowl-cut pixie, what are you waiting for?!

Gorgeous Bleached Pixie Haircut

The ever-so-popular bleached pixie haircut is edgy and undoubtedly one of the best pixies cut haircuts today. Also, this hairstyle screams glam, flirty, and fun altogether and shows that you’re ready to party every day!

This hairstyle adds a contemporary and bleached look to your hair and removes bulkiness from your thick tresses. So, rocking a pixie bleached haircut is perfect for every occasion, whether formal or casual.

Shaved Nape Pixie Cut

As the name suggests, the shaved nape pixie cut involves shaving or trimming your hair under your neck. 

Once you do that, you’re good to go for any occasion, whether a beach party or a family dinner. It is one of the most common and best pixie cut haircuts you should try. 

Black Jagged Pixie

There is no doubt that women with straight black hair should go for a black jagged pixie cut. 

This hairstyle allows your hair to drape your face gracefully while giving it density and volume as well as dimension and depth with a touch of playfulness. 

Furthermore, the hairstyle’s side boom shows that you’re not afraid to speak your mind.

Funky Blue Pixie with Layered Bangs

Are you thinking of getting a pixie cut with bangs? Short haircuts, particularly pixie cuts, are incredibly fashionable among women. However, you may want to stand out by making some minor alterations. 

Adding bangs and coloring your hair blue is that alteration. It will take away the entire boyish aspect of short pixie cuts and give your traditional pixie cut some life and character. 

Moreover, long bangs will give you a trendier style, while short bangs will give you a cute feel and look.

Ashy Blonde Pixie with a Messy Touch

Sassy, modern pixie cuts come in a wide range of styles, from the more classical and demure, with just natural hair colors, to the messiest and most fashionable. 

But nothing says ‘edgy’ like an ash blonde pixie cut with a messy touch on a twenty-something-year-old woman. So, go ahead and try this hairstyle today, especially if you love experimenting with your hair.

Voluminous Short Pixie Cut

This short pixie cut is perfect for unmanageable thick hair. The voluminous short pixie shows that you have thick and high-volume hair, but you’re not afraid to rock them in a short-haired style. 

So, if you want to enjoy thick hair in a short pixie hairdo, the Voluminous pixie cut is the way to go. However, don’t forget to utilize hair volume-boosting products to increase your hair volume. 

Choppy Tapered Pixie

The choppy tapered pixie cut is one of the most fashionable and best pixie cut haircuts to try today. It has the best of both worlds: a gentle taper that accents your pixie and a choppy look that gives your hair something fresh and chic. 

Growing-Out Pixie For Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and want to grow your pixie, this hairstyle is the ideal choice for you. The curls in your hair will allow you to stay away from uneven lengths. 

On the other hand, growing out your pixie will allow you to add character and dimension to your hairstyle. It’s a win-win situation for you!

Pixie Undercut with Side-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle is similar to the undercut with bangs. However, instead of letting your hair flow naturally, you can sweep it to either left or right side to give it a unique touch.

After all, a pixie cut with bangs might be somewhat dull for you. So, you can always add some flair to hair and rock side-swept bang for a unique vibe. 

Long Shaggy Pixie

A shaggy pixie is typically best for short hair. But you can always ask your hairstylist not to cut your hair too short, resulting in a long shaggy pixie. 

One of the best pixies cut haircuts out there, and the long shaggy pixie cut is best suited for ladies who want to conceal facial blemishes such as wrinkles and fine lines on the eyes and forehead.

Spiky Undercut Pixie

This hairstyle combines both the undercut pixie and the spiky pixie. The undercut will result in trimmed hair on the sides and back of your neck. Similarly, the spikes will give your pixie cut a goth feel and appearance.

Try this hairstyle if you want to let the world know that you’re not afraid to try different hairstyles and style your pixie cut the untraditional way.

Shaggy Pixie Cut in Red Hues

The shaggy pixie cut in red hues works well on women of all ages. It makes older women appear younger while allowing younger women to appear more mature. 

So, give your shaggy black or brown pixie some much-needed character by coloring your hair in a reddish hue for somewhat of a two-toned vibe.

Rose Gold Pixie

This hairstyle’s name says it all. It’s a traditional pixie cut with rose gold hair color. So, of course, it might seem relatively straightforward to rock this hairstyle. But, the rose gold-color is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This hairstyle also looks best when you have a more extended pixie cut. But, ladies with short hair can also rock the rose gold colored pixie hairstyle with ease and comfort. So, this hairstyle is for women who want to have a unique pixie cut while not going overboard with different hairdos. 

Spiked Blonde Mohawk

Are you considering relocating to another city, changing jobs, or breaking up with your toxic boyfriend? 

With a new spiked mohawk, you can now match these incredible improvements in your life. This haircut is precisely what it says; a pixie cut with a spiked mohawk. 

But, if you think that styling a mohawk with a pixie cut isn’t outrageous enough, color your hair blonde to add more flair to your hair. 

Balayage Pixie

A long or short pixie with some balayage highlights will make your hair low-maintenance while looking stunning without too much effort. 

The balayage pixie is one of the best pixie cut haircuts that women with long hair can try. However, that doesn’t mean women with short hair can’t give it a go and still be confident enough.

But, generally speaking, balayage highlights pop more when you’re rocking them with a more extended pixie cut. 

Tapered Pixie with Maximum Volume

Don’t like a pixie cut that sits flat? Today, you can have a longer pixie hairstyle without sacrificing hair volume. So, if you’re amongst the women who love a longer pixie, the tapered pixie with maximum volume is one of the best pixie cut haircuts to try. 

This hairstyle will allow you to have a pixie cut that exudes class and elegance in one small package. 

However, take your hairdo one step forward by coloring your hair in darker hues to get more hair volume. Moreover, also consider using hair products that improve your hair volume. 

Rocker Pixie

Try the rocker pixie cut to stand out from other pixie cuts. Shaved sides, unexpected angles, and bright colors will help you produce a unique look that shows off your “rocker chick” side. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the rocker pixie cut according to your hair texture and facial shape and experiment with it in terms of hair length. 

For example, you can keep long hair on top while providing your hair a much-deserved contract to provide contrast with shaved sides or a nape undercut. However, this is one of the best pixie cut haircuts if you’re all about having fun. 

Wrapping Up

So, that wraps up our list of best pixie cut haircuts you need to try this year. 

However, the best pixie cut hairstyles involve getting a haircut to show you’re not afraid of trying new things with your hair.

 Of course, not all haircuts mentioned in this list will look amazing with your face type, shape, and size. So, expect to experiment before finding a cut that works well for you!