When someone identifies as asexual, it means they don’t really experience sexual attraction and instead choose a partner based on romantic attraction alone. 

A lot of people wrongly assume that being asexual means being lonely (not true! Asexual people fall in love all the time!). But the way we see it, those who are asexual are lucky enough to have more time to give attention to their own growth and self-care. 

One of the best ways to focus on yourself? Expressing your creativity and identity through beautiful hair. Asexuals can sport any hairdo, from daring looks to natural and simple styles with a touch of LGBT pride. Here are 10 of the prettiest ones!

Hairstyles for asexuals:

Short Bob with Shades of Purple

Purple is the official color of asexuality, so why not have numerous shades of it weaved into your hair? Add violets and plums into lilac hair for an ultra-purple blend of colors.

This combination of colors will look awesome on a short bob, which makes you look super spunky and full of attitude. If you love grunge and boldness, it’s the length for you.

If you have extra time in the morning, take your curling wand and add subtle waves to some of your locks. This will really bring out the depth and range of purple tones in your hair.

Half-Up with a Butterfly Clip

If you’re not sold on hairstyles and cuts that are too daring, you can always go for a simpler style, like long, natural hair put up in a classic half-updo. 

But instead of trying the upper section of your hair with an elastic band or bobby pins, go for something that will be an ode to the LGBT community, like a purple clip. This butterfly clip isn’t flashy at all. It’s a simple black brooch that has a touch of purple.

Naturally Coily Curls with a Side Part

Coily, kinky curls can be a pain to style. But if you love that clean, natural look, wear your curls down! Use a curl-enhancing smoothie or gel to make them uber-defined, and wear them as is.

If you want to add more volume to your curls, do a deep side part. This adds a bit more sultriness to your hair, while simultaneously making it look more bodied and luscious.

Messy, Shaggy Curls


One thing we love about the LGBT is that they don’t care what people think of them. So, they’re free to style themselves however they want. For some, that means having a hairstyle that’s as shaggy and carefree as possible—but still oozing with style.

These messy curls are perfect if you want that au naturel looks but also want something a model might be seen in while walking the streets of New York. The hairstyle strikes a balance between free-spirited and casually chic.

Silver Bob with Purple Streaks

Look stylish and futuristic with this combination of silver and purple in a classic cut—the cult favorite bob. 

A bob is a hair length that never goes out of style because it suits anyone. But if you don’t want to look like everyone else on the street, spice it up by adding colors that mean a lot to you and your identity—like purple. Combine it with an ashy silver to make it really stand out, and you have a winner.

You can also sneak in some light pink highlights to make the silver and purple locks look more properly blended.

Full-On Lilac Hair

If you don’t want to beat around the bush and are ready to take on a vibrant hair color that will surely turn heads and raise eyebrows, consider lilac. It’s not as deep and loud as purple, but it still shows your pride to be part of the asexual and LGBT communities.

This color works nicely with long hair, especially in a V-shaped haircut. And when you curl it or add beachy waves to your hair, you’ll be showing off the depth and dimension of your color.

Sultry, Tousled Waves

Not all asexuals want drama, flair, and color in their mane. Some want a low-key and simple style. If that sounds more up your alley, long, tousled waves might be well-suited to your taste.

This hairstyle doesn’t need outrageous color or ultra-short shaved sides to earn a double-take. Messy, “woke up like this” beach waves are innately sexy, so you’ll look glamorous even if you simply roll out of bed and wear your hair that way.

You can easily achieve this look with a curling wand or even just wearing your hair in braids before you go to bed. Let your hair down in the morning, spritz a bit of hairspray in, and you’ll be sporting sultry, tousled waves all day.

Black and Purple Half-Up Bun

Space buns are all the rage on TikTok, and in any music festival, you go to. But if you want to show off your length while still rocking those cute buns, try this half-up hairdo.

Instead of putting your hair up in a half-ponytail, put it in a high topknot instead. Leave the rest of your hair down and add some curls or waves to it for extra texture.

This hairstyle looks super pretty on two-toned hair. We’re especially big fans of this black and purple combo for this look!

Lilac Ombre with a Full Fringe

The world may be fussing over the more stylish balayage nowadays, but a good old ombre effect in your hair color will never go out of style. It’s the go-to coloring technique if you want to showcase a special color, like this lilac shade that allows you to express your LGBT heart.

A soft, full fringe is awesome for making you look years younger. So, if you want to have a more youthful appearance, add some bangs to this look!

Medium-Length Half-Up Curls

Let’s end the list with something on the more natural side, which plenty of asexuals love. This medium-length haircut looks pretty and angelic on its own. But when you add some gorgeous curls and ringlets, it elevates the look even more.

Grab some locks and weave them together carefully to create that half-up detail. Use bobby pins to secure them, and you’re done!

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