30 Male Actors With Long Hair That Fits Them Perfectly

Our hair defines our face, brings out our best features, and at times, even reflects our state of mind. And no prizes for guessing where we get our bright ideas to experiment with our hairstyles and looks.

We love to replicate the looks of our favorite stars. As kids, we fondly remember dressing up as ‘Rocky’ or ‘Pirate’ or ‘Maverick,’ trying to copy their looks.

Be it for red carpets, movies, TV series, or even commercials, it’s amazing how actors’ appearances influence our fashion sense.

Keep reading to find out which actors with long hair have made the biggest impact with their stunning locks.

Male Actors With Long Hair:

Jason Momoa

This actor has become synonymous with his flowing locks and raw masculinity. On-screen and off-screen, we have seen Jason Momoa kill it with his dense mane. Sometimes tied up in a ponytail and sometimes let loose, we love how his hairdos complement his macho personality. If looks could kill, this Aquaman actor would be guilty of a worldwide catastrophe.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has set the silver screen on fire for decades now, and with his reel and real persona, he’s been seen carrying long hair with such a flair. Whether it is a male bob cut with flicks on his face or a layered cut, or a mean ponytail, he looks irresistible with his long dark mane.

Orlando Bloom

If there’s one guy who looks adorable with long blond hair, it’s Legolas, aka Orlando Bloom. This talented, versatile actor can slip into any color and kind of hair with utmost ease. Even when he wore his hair dark and curly, portraying the character of Paris in the movie Troy, we couldn’t take our eyes off him even for a second.

Tom Cruise

This legendary heartthrob with a sheepish grin can knock socks off your feet with his devilishly good looks. The forehead bangs, messy short layers, the mission impossible look, and his many other hairstyles have influenced the world of fashion and style for over three generations. If anyone can look so coy and handsome at the same time, it is Tom Cruise!

Jared Leto

This guy can give any woman a run for her money with his enviably gorgeous long hair. I seriously would like to know his hair care routine. One of the most talented actors in Hollywood, Jared Leto, can braid his hair and let it out open- mid to shoulder length, pull a short pony, or put on a man bun; we’ll love him for his awesome hair.  

Hugh Jackman

We all know this hunky actor, Hugh Jackman, for his portrayal of Wolverine but what we don’t know is that he used to have long hair ages ago. And just like his performances, he rocked the long hair look too. The slight curly locks, falling on his shoulder, frame his face perfectly, adding a subtle grace to the whole getup.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is one of the celebrities who is known for their long hair. Although there is a slight risk of looking messy, when done rightly, it is an asset. His long and wavy dark hair has set the bar pretty high, the perfectly groomed hair. With the sex appeal and the style quotient always on the rise, we can only thank his blessed hair for it.

Kit Harrington

We loved his portrayal of Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones, and even after the show ended, Kit Harington’s popularity never receded. With his boyish charm, and his dreamy, curly jet-black hair, Kit comes across as THE cool guy. With a ponytail or let-out open, he keeps us yearning for more with his great long hair. 

Austin Butler

This young and beautiful actor mesmerized us with his performance in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and he continues to do so even off the screen with his dashing, glorious mane. One look at Austin Butler, and you wonder how on Earth does he manage to have such glowing long blond hair. Kudos to him for pulling off every kind of hairstyle successfully!

Jake Gyllenhaal 

Although he may not be known for his long hair, he knows how to groom his grown-out hair. His thick, gorgeous hair looks best when he sports it in a man bun, a hair band, or just open with a blowout. What we love even more about Jake Gyllenhaal’s long hair is that it complements his face and his beard perfectly. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

This super talented actor has given us a few of the most memorable characters of this century. He practically started the everlasting trend of the mushroom cut, and since then, we have seen him sporting numerous hairdos for various movies and otherwise. Leonardo DiCaprio always carries his stylishly, be it really long and flowy or even in a mean man bun. 

Brock O’Hurn 

His manliness cannot be described in words. The actor who claimed his shot to fame by being an Instagram Star is Brock O’Hurn. His man bun made him the popular guy he is today, and we keep thirsting after his luscious long manes. Combined with his great facial hair, we can say that he’s no short of the beauty of Greek Gods.

Colin Farrell 

One of the actors who can hop from genre to genre with the ease of a chameleon is Colin Farrell. Not afraid of experimentation, this Irish actor has explored a lot of hairstyles, and with long hair, he’s such a hottie. It is crazy how slightly shorter layers or even shoulder-length hair complements his divine looks.

Joe Manganiello

If we leave out the name of Joe Manganiello from desirable actors with long hair, it would be a crime indeed. His short layers perfectly border his face and match his distinguished beard. Anyone with mid-length, naturally wavy hair can aspire to style it the way this hunk pulls it off. Get inspired by this fine actor for your next long hair styling.

Harry Styles

This up-and-coming-of-age singer-turned-actor has mesmerized us with his tunes for some time now. Very popular among the GenZ, the One Direction singer- Harry Styles has been seen sporting beautiful flowing long hair. Since the ‘X factor,’ we have witnessed his hair evolution closely. Be it the mop-top in the beginning, rockstar look in between, or the man bun, he looks nonchalantly attractive in every hairdo.

Ashton Kutcher

We have seen this fine actor grow on-screen, and we have loved every phase that we witnessed. Ashton Kutcher has the best boy-next-door casual image, which can be attributed to his slightly messy and nonchalant hair. The Ranch actor has dazzled us with his long wavy hair, sometimes with layers and sometimes with fringes over his forehead, and the internet cannot stop gushing over it.  

Keanu Reeves

We have crushed over this Sweet November actor with all our hearts. Through all these years, we have seen that his hair has been as versatile as his roles, if not more. His long silky hair with slight waves complements his patchy boyish beard flawlessly. The ease with which Keanu Reeves carries his long black locks makes many go weak in their knees.  

Jeff Bridges

It would be unfair if we missed his name from the list of actors who look amazing with long hair. His salt and pepper look of long hair and beard is a sheer delight to look at. At his age, Jeff Bridges looks uber-stylish. With his long thick locks flowing gracefully around his face, he could give talented younger actors a run for their money!

Chris Hemsworth

He’s flaunted his beautiful golden long locks both on and off the screen. When we saw Thor’s hair being chopped off in the MCU, a little part of our hearts died. But it was only a matter of time before we saw Chris Hemsworth with his long hair again. And boy, is he blessed with gorgeous hair which looks dapper in every hairstyle.

Dev Patel

Dev Patel’s claim to fame may have been a deglamorized role, but since then, each of his appearances has oozed with glamor. The clean-shaven young boy metamorphosed into this mature man by gaining a beard and long mane. The soft long black curls look irresistible, dangling on the back of his nape, and we cannot dig this look enough.

Brad Pitt

One of the finest actors the world has seen, Brad Pitt has been known to be popular among the women for his astounding good looks. Through thick and thin, through marriage and divorce, through long and short hair, we have loved this actor. In virtually any hairstyle- tied back, let down, curls, waves, blond or otherwise, he looks drop-dead glamorous.

Christian Bale

Another actor who has brought a superhero to life is Christian Bale. The intensity of his performances is gripping, and so is his captivating hair. His thick and wavy hair falling carefree on his shoulders is a sight for sore eyes. Add that to his irresistibly well-groomed beard, and you have looks to kill for. 

Daniel Radcliffe

As Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe became a household name and heartthrob of all the young girls. In that franchise, we saw his disheveled hair long enough to hide the curse mark, and with the round glasses, he looked adorable. Since then, we have seen him explore various hairdos, both long and short for movies and otherwise, and loved it.

Sam Elliot

Although we know him for his television appearances with a legendary mustache and thick white mane, Sam Elliot has killed it for over sixty years with his dashing good looks. His long wavy locks do justice to his he-man image, and we love how gracefully this actor has grown older over time. If you find time for some guilty pleasure, do go down the memory lane for his ravishing long hair.

Bradley Cooper

Beautiful silky curls effortlessly decorating his equally charming face, Bradley Cooper is an epitome of attractiveness. Coupled with his pleasant smile, his tousled hair oomph up his appeal. We love how he styles his pretty locks with immense ease. If you’re blessed with hair like him, don’t hesitate to try a few of his hairdos.

Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker actor who enthralled us with his portrayal of the title role looks extremely desirable in his long way hair. With age, it may appear that our love for Joaquin Phoenix’s silky locks has only grown. Whether open or pulled into a man bun, natural brown or salt and pepper, he has managed to tangle us with his long hair. 

Brendan Fraser

Age has not been kind to this superstar. The actor who bedazzled us with his action timing in The Mummy series and as the George of the Jungle was blessed with an enviable mane. With his perfect body and hair to die for, Brendan Fraser ruled the hearts of women in the nineties. We sure as hell hope to see him on the big screen again.

Tom Hiddleston

As the God of mischief, Loki, we have seen him sporting long hair. With his devilish good looks, clean face cut, and a lean figure, long dark hair looks dapper on Tom Hiddleston. Every appearance of his is a visual treat, and we love him for wearing his hair down. He’s probably one of the few actors who look equally charming in light and darker shades of hair. Even before when Tom Hiddleston was younger, he was pretty handsome with different hairstyles.

Timothée Chalamet

With a chiseled face, supreme talent, confidence in the craft, and thick, dark hair, Timothée Chalamet is an internet sensation. Those soft curls look super charming on our new-age crush. Let’s just say that he has found his styling groove in that he wears it down and lets it loose, just below the ears, and we have no complaints, sir!

Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes is one of the sleekest men in Hollywood. When the actor grew out his hair in Chronicles of Narnia, we went gaga over his dapper looks. Those silky, wavy locks look stunning, especially with a stubbled beard. Messy or not, we love his long tresses and how he styles them. Although he’s currently chopped off his mane, we’d love to see more of his luxurious hair.

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