For many people, their hairstyles are a part of who they are and define them. You find this group of people rarely change their looks. Once in a while, they switch up to a different hairstyle.

On the other hand, we have the other group of people whose hair doesn’t define who they are. They regularly change their hairstyle according to the trending style. Either way, both groups of men find a way to make their hair presentable.

Over the years, various hairstyles for men come in trend then later fall out a year later. Other hairstyles have never fallen out of style since the early ’80s and ’90s. What people do is that they adjust the style to fit their desired look. Let’s find out where it all started.

People in the fashion industry or influential people constantly borrow outfits and men’s hairstyles from the ’90s and rock them as trendy designs. 1990’s men’s hairstyles were influenced by cool fashion and pop culture. Although hip-hop music started in the early ’70s, the music and culture hit their peak in the ’90s. Therefore, in the 90’s hairstyle, black men were highly influenced by hip-hop culture.

Typically, the ’90s was an era where every man wasn’t afraid to rock any hair. Both the 90’s hairstyles, men from the black and white community, were enthusiastic, bold, and cool.

That is why decades later, these hairstyles still haunt us. Today we will discuss some of the awesome hairstyles that men still rock and others that can be adopted into the coming year.

We will see the classic long hairstyles, medium hairstyles, faded hair looks, and short hairstyles. We will also see how these hairstyles are manipulated further. For example, we will know the hair parts sideways or middle, no cuts, and the high or low fades.

Best 90s Hairstyles For Men:

1.   The Bowl Cut

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Many people in the ’90s used to rock the bowl haircut, but nowadays, it is trendy among young boys. Adults and teenagers can equally rock this style. If you are looking for something blonde and vibrant, this haircut should be among your top favorites. The cut lines at the end of the strands are usually harsh and equally straight like this image.

Also, adults can rock this look with a high side fade like this one(image). You can also get a sleek straight or a wavy bowl cut like in this image or this one (image). A mushroom cut is also a bowl cut that doesn’t require the ends of your hair strand cut out perfectly (image).

2.   The Men’s Afro

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Black men in the 90’s embraced their natural hair by rocking afros. Today, many black men are equally embracing the texture of their natural hair. The trending black culture movements have influenced black people to rock out their natural hair, which is why this hair is trending. Some people are perfectly rocking combed out afros like this image.

Some are also let their hair grow out and rock the huge combed-out afro like on this image. Many men also love the shaggy natural look (image). While others like their afros with curls or braid out or twist-outs (image). If you like, you can get a slight fade with a perfect cut edged like this image.

3.   Flat Top

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The flat-top look can be rocked with anyone, regardless of whether you are an adult or a kid. Typically, the ends of your hair at the top are perfectly cut straight so that they appear flat, like in this image. The 90’s punk and soul music also inspired the black men’s flat top afro hair like this guy (image). If you like, you can also add some color to your afro like this image.

The other style that doesn’t follow the trend of the straight flat top is the pointy afro and dreamboat afro top. As the name suggests, the Pointy afro top is not entirely flat but point like this image. The Dreamboat flat top is a type of flat top that is not perfect, but instead, there is a wavy hair pattern like this image

4.   The Box Braids Hairstyle

image source

Box braids are one of the 90’s trends that black men in the 90’s rocked. Many cultures today continue rocking the box braids hairstyle. The box braids look like this image. You can also do twists which are almost similar to braids like this image.

The most popular braided hairstyle by black men is the one with braids or twisting and a fade. The hair also has perfectly outlined edges like this image. If you don’t want the hustle of always unplaiting the braids, you can get dreadlocks (image). Some men also prefer their dreads with highlights like this image.

5.   The Long Hair

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The long hairdo was a hit in the ’90s, and it is still a trend today. This style never gets outdated, and men will still rock it in the future. Therefore, if you want something unique and casual that can also be official, you can grow your hair to a length like this one(image).

You can also part your hair in the middle or side to get various looks like the guy in this image. If you already have long hair, you can switch the hairdo to curly or wavy like this image. Don’t be afraid to get something bold like the highlights on this image. You can also get a ponytail with fades on the side if your long hair keeps getting in the way(image).

6.   The Men’s Con Rows 

image source

The men’s cornrows have consistently trended since the ’90s to date. Today, men from all other communities are adopting the cornrows hairstyle. Black men in the past would do their hair in straight cornrows to the back like this one(image).

People have incorporated new designs like the fades on the sides like this image. There are other types of people who rock cornrows with tramlines or perfectly cut edges like this image. Men also do them in Kris-cross cornrows like the guy in this image. You can also do your cornrows into a ponytail like this guy(image)

7.   The Mullet

image source

The mullet hair became famous after the popular song “The Mullet Head” by the Beastie Boys, released in 1994. This hairstyle involves long hair at the back with short hair at the front like this image. The inches of the back don’t matter, provided the back is longer. Some people rock the mullet hairdo with longer hair at the back like on this image.

Other people have a hairstyle with shorter hair at the back, like the guy in this image. The mullet hair can also have a fade on the side(image). Apart from the usual mullet, people have redesigned the hairstyle to a rat tail. The rattail hairstyle involves having no hair at the back and a few long ones like this one(image).

8.   The Chin Length Hair Style

image source

The chin-length hairstyle involves men growing their hair to their chin level, or if you have longer hair, you can trim it to the chin level like this image. You can choose to wear your medium height as a Wavy floppy hairstyle like the guy in this image.

Some people like the sleeked-back look, which can also be polished or messy like this image. Others want a Grunge bedhead hairdo, which is also popular among teenagers and men in their early 20’s (image). You can also go for a wet look for your bob or medium hair length like this image.

9.   Spiky Hairstyle

image source

This is one of the most popular hairstyles in the ’90s. People loved this hair because any boy band group would rock it, such as the backstreet boys. To achieve this look, you will use a lot of gel and pomade to create the spike look (image).

Typically, people go for hair with big spikes like this image. Other like a lot of spikes which are smaller like the guy in this image. You can also add some extra highlights to your hair if you like or get some color (image1) (image2).

10.  Undercut Hairstyles

image source

Undercut hairstyles are the trendiest hairstyle for men. These styles that we will mention were adopted in the ’90s, but people have modified them with an undercut, also known as the fade. The first one is the super gelled hairstyle which involves having gelled hair at the top with an undercut like this image. Another style is a curly top hairstyle where a person has a lot of curls with fades on the side like this image.

The other hairdo is the Blonde top highlights. Both boys and men can rock this style either casually or officially like this image. People also rock the undercut with middle or side part hair like this one(image). You can also get tramlines in any of the mentioned looks with perfectly cut edges like this image.

Many of these 90’s hairstyles don’t need a lot of hair products. Apart from your favorite shampoo and conditioner, the other unique product that your hairstyle may need is the hair gel, spray, wax, and cream. Some hairstyles only require light scissor touches, hair spray, and you are good to go. You don’t have to worry because your barber will guide you on which product suits your hairstyle. You can also purchase the recommended products online, at your nearest grocery store or the barbershop. With all this information in mind, good luck with the hair transformation into 2022. 

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