I know what you’re thinking. How could hairstyles exclusively be for lesbians? Well, the answer is: they aren’t. Hairstyles, no matter how short or long, have no gender. 

But lesbians are known for their adventurousness and creativity when it comes to expressing themselves through their hair. Some go for edgy, masculine cuts, while others use color to bring life to their locks. A few might feel most comfortable with natural, feminine-looking hairdos as well!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to expressing your sexuality and identity through your hair. So, for any of the fun-loving and adventurous lesbians out there thinking of sprucing their hair up a bit differently, here are 49 hairstyles to inspire you.

Lesbian Haircuts:

The Short, Messy, Choppy Bob

A short bob with a choppy cut is the epitome of grunge and confidence. It looks even better with some messy strands sticking out.

It screams attitude while still looking chic. The best part is that it looks good whether you style it meticulously or if you’ve just rolled out of bed in the morning.

The Pixie Bowl Cut

This short cut shows off a more androgynous side but with tons of style. It looks like the typical pixie cut at first, but when you look closely at the shape, it’s reminiscent of the classic bowl cut.

Add a tapered undercut that fades upward, and you’ve got yourself the best rock and roll hairstyle ever.

The Braided Undercut

Who says an undercut looks boyish all the time? Add a touch of girliness to your undercut by adding a braid that goes down your hair part. It’s a smart, fashionable way to show off both your edgy masculine style along with your feminine beauty.

The Short Side-Comb

Combing your short hair to one side gives you that classic, sleek, greaser look. If you love all things retro and want to show off your bone structure, this short haircut will be perfect for you.

And if you shave underneath for a tapered look, it looks even better!

Lazy, Easy Top Knot

The messy bun is all the rage today. But we’d like to introduce you to its charming sister: the lazy top knot. Instead of a bun centered in the lower area of your head, a top knot sits on your crown instead. This gives you a cuter, youthful appearance, all while looking laidback and super chill.

Tapered and Buzzed Butch Cut

If you’re adamant about showing off your facial features and head shape in its purest form, a very short cut like this might be what you’re looking for. While it’s sure to turn heads as is, you can also bleach your hair or add spunky pastel color to it to pack even more of a punch.

Geometric Triangle Undercut Design

Undercuts with designs are one of our favorites because people never know what they’re going to get until you tie your hair up. This one looks incredibly cool because it has a geometric pattern inspired by triangles. 

Sure, it’s a pain to maintain. But making sure the lines are straight will leave everyone in awe of how slick your undercut is.

Natural-Looking Surfer Waves

Not all lesbians are into artsy, edgy hairstyles. Some embrace their natural hair and beauty. If you love surfing and the beach, you might find something like this well-suited to your style.

Natural waves always look sexy and sultry. The best part is you don’t have to maintain them as you would shorter haircuts!

Long, Tall Pompadour

For a dashing look, try styling your short or medium-length hair up in a tall pompadour with your favorite pomade. If you want, spray on some temporary color for extra flair. It strikes a balance between attitude and glam. It’s sure to get you compliments on your next night out.

The Spiky French Crop

Get that bad girl (or boy!) look with this French crop with a twist—it has relaxed, laidback spikes. It’s short enough to bring attention to your facial features and any piercings you have. But it also adds a subtle fringe near the top of your eyes for a sweeter vibe.

Short Hair with Rainbow Bangs

A creative way to show how proud you are of your sexuality is by coloring your hair in that iconic rainbow shade associated with the LGBT community. But you don’t have to go full-on rainbow hair to do it. For a more subtle touch, focus your rainbow color on your bangs for a soft yet eye-catching look.

Long Pixie Hair

If you feel like the classic pixie cut is too short for your liking, you can give it a twist and wear it a bit longer than usual. This is what we like to call the “longer pixie.” It’s short and easy to maintain, but you still get to keep your hair at the length you like.

Long Locks with Shaved Sides

Torn between your girly side and sporting a grungey, boyish look? Have the best of both worlds with this hairstyle. When you wear your hair down, you can have a flowy mane. But when you wear it up or to one side, all that attitude comes out through your shaved underside.

This look is also great for the summer when it’s extra hot out!

Side Part with Tapered Fade

A side part is common with long hair, but it also looks great with a short, boyish cut. If you add a gradient-like, tapered fade down to your nape, it gives an even bigger punch!

Ashy Blonde Bob with Indigo Highlights

Cool-toned hair is incredibly stylish, especially for lesbians who want to make a statement. Instead of going for a golden blonde, try rocking your bob in an ashy, almost silver tone.

Add some indigo as highlights to give your hair extra depth when it catches the light. After all, violets and indigos are part of the special color palette for lesbians.

Brown and Red Two-Toned Messy Pixie

A pixie cut is already daring as it is. But you can make it look even bolder when you dye it two colors. We love the look of brown and red on a pixie cut. It strikes a balance between natural and fierce.

Outgrown, Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-back hair looks gorgeous when it’s short, but it also looks fab and sexy when your hair is outgrown. Slick it back with your favorite gel and let your mane lay on one side of your face, and you’re done!

Tapered Cut with Purple Curls

The tapered haircut for short locks is a classic at this point. Why not spruce it up a little bit by adding something unique, like purple curls? This look is great on naturally curly locks but can also work with any kind of hair texture.

The Modern Mullet

One hairstyle that’s seeing a resurgence among creative hair lovers—LGBT or not—is the mullet. The concept of the modern mullet is similar to the retro one. You clip the locks near the front of your face but keep the mane at the back long. 

Short Mohawk

When you ask someone what they think is the most outrageous and deviant hairstyle, there’s a high chance they’ll come out with “mohawk” at the top of the list. So, if you want to look dauntless and free-spirited, turn your short hair into a short mohawk. 

Make it extra spiky at the top and longer in the front of your face for a softer finish.

Short and Spiky Hair

If you want something simple but will bring out your masculine side, short and spiky hair is always a safe bet. It’s easy to maintain, so you don’t have to style it every single day. But when you do want to look a bit more put-together, pomades and waxes make this hairstyle easy to mold.

Heart-Shaped Nape Undercut

Give everyone a sweet surprise every time you put your hair up with this heart-shaped lining in your shaved underside. This undercut is unique because it makes you look bold and dangerous but also charming and playful!

Sunset-Toned Pixie

The colors of the sunset look beautiful, so why not put them in your hair? It’s a great way to add vibrance and creativity to the common pixie cut. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will make you stand out, this warm color palette is a must.

Shaggy Hair with Lots of Volume

If you’re an old soul, you’ll love this vintage look. Shaggy hair was all the rage in the 80s, but they’ll still look wonderful today. A shaggy cut with lots of layers and volume will make your hair look thicker and lusher, giving it a healthier and chicer appearance.

Silver Undercut with Trim

Silver hair makes you look like a cool fox, so it pairs nicely with a classic look, like an undercut. If you want to make your final hairstyle unique, you can also add a creative emblem symbol trimmed in your undercut. 

Tapered, Brushed-Back Hair

If you have a simple, short, tapered haircut, you’ll know that it’s easy to run out of ideas on how to make your hair look fancier. I mean, you can’t exactly curl or straighten super short hair.

A quick and easy fix for this is using wax and brushing your hair back to create texture and shape. You can create anything out of your hair this way, from a subtle pompadour or a simple, slicked-back style.

Long, Slicked-Back Mane

Speaking of slicked-back styles, the wet look is becoming popular among women with long hair. If you’re the type, who wants to keep your romantic tresses but also want attitude in your evening look, slick your locks backward with a generous amount of gel. It makes you look sweet with a kick of spice!

The Elephant Trunk

This look was popular among men in the 60s. But in the name of equality and modern girl power, you can rock it, too! It gives you a bit of a retro Elvis vibe, so it’s perfect for rock concerts and music festivals.

The Skrillex Swoop

This hairdo is inspired by—you guessed it—Skrillex. The signature long hair and pulled-back sides and edges are key for achieving this look. You can pull your hair back with braids or even shave them off if you please. But don’t forget that big swoop of side-swept bangs to give a look some oomph.

A Smooth Fade

Sometimes, the heart of an adventurous, short hairstyle isn’t the hairdo itself but how smooth the fade is. However you style your short hair, make sure your fade is perfect for a uniform taper that is sure to impress others.

Super Sleek Combover

Who says short hair doesn’t have supermodel potential? If you want to add glitz and glam to your super short hair, do a smooth and sleek combover to one side, like this one. It will make you look like you’re a superstar headed down the red carpet!

Messy, Choppy Undercut

This look may seem messy and unruly to some, but the choppy feel gives it a relaxed vibe for those who want to sport an “I don’t care what you think about me” kind of look. The undercut is the cherry on top of this daring hairstyle, making it look free-spirited and laidback.

Short Mullet with Flyaway Ends

Most people think a mullet will look boyish on a woman. But as long as you know how to style it properly, you can bring out both your masculine and feminine side with it. Part your mullet down the middle and use a straightener to flip the ends of your hair, and you’ll perfect this cute hairstyle.

The Disconnected Undercut

One of the most modern takes on the undercut is how some people “disconnect” it. Instead of having a smooth fade, this kind of undercut has a top that looks disconnected from the sides. Sounds complicated, but it looks glorious, especially on short hair. 

Do a voluminous combover to one side, and you’ll look like a glammed-up rockstar.

Long Hair with Shaved Sides

Have long hair on one side and a spunky, shaved look on the other with this hairstyle that shows off the duality of being a proud lesbian. It’s an awesome way to embrace both your feminine hair length and love for all things edgy and different.

Warm-Toned Rainbow Combover

Want to rock rainbow locks but hate cool colors? Try out this color palette instead, which goes from red to green instead of making the full rainbow. It looks gorgeous on short and even overgrown hair, especially when put in a combover like this!

Curly, Sideswept Undercut

Curls look beautiful on a long mane, but they look sensational on short hair. Show off your pretty curls by putting them front and center in a side-swept style, even as you rock a short undercut. This is yet another way to mix femininity and masculinity in one hairstyle.

Short Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Give your pixie some depth by keeping it short at the back and a bit longer at the front. This gives it a spiky look, but without too much hair sticking up. This look is grungy but high-brow and modelesque at the same time since it shows off your pretty bone structure.

Triple Zero Buzzcut

If you’re not afraid of rocking super short hair, go for a triple zero. This look shows off a lot of skin on your scalp, so only the bravest and boldest take it on.

If you feel like this is too plain and want to add some wow factor to it, trim the hair at the front in a straight line. This creates the illusion of blunt baby bangs, which is definitely unique.

A Pastel Blue and Hot Pink Combo

Pairing a soft, pastel tone with a bright one creates a vibrant, eye-catching feel to your hair. One such combination that we love seeing on short hair is pastel baby blue and outrageously hot pink. It looks fabulous with long hair, but screams lesbian girl power in a long pixie.

Curly Combover

Pushing your hair to one side and creating perfectly defined curls is one of the best ways to show off your spirals. Flip your hair over to one side. Then, comb back your remaining hair on the opposite side to make it look sleek and smooth.

Smooth Fade with Razor Line


Spice up your typical fade by adding the thinnest, razor-like design on it, like this one. If you want to make your hair even more venturesome, color the rest of your hair with a neon shade, like turquoise.

Sideswept Undercut

We’ve seen multiple versions of this long hair and shaved side combo on this list. But this one looks extra unique because of the pastel highlights that make it pop. Sweep your hair to the side, and you’ll have spunky glam written all over you.

Blunt Bob

This bob will never go out of style. To add your own touch to it, mess it up a little and play around with textures, like curls and crimping. It’s a versatile cut that can go from fun and bold to prim and proper in a millisecond.  

Bleach Blonde Buzz Cut

If you have a square jawline or bright blue eyes that pop, a light-colored buzz cut can help bring out those features. This beach blonde buzz is amazing if you want to put a specific facial feature in the spotlight (or if you just want an androgynous look!).

The Quiff

This is traditionally a men’s hairstyle, but we can’t deny it—it can sometimes look better on women! This slicked-back style is perfect if you want to sport a greaser vibe.

Crew Cut with Simple, Neat Fade

If you want to keep it simple, go for a good boy cut. But make sure your fade is neat, so your hair doesn’t look like it’s disconnected from your head. This simple look is great for those who aren’t so adventurous but want short hair.

The Fauxhawk

Not brave enough to shave off your sides and go full-on mohawk? No worries. With a high-quality wax, you can achieve a fauxhawk instead. This gives your hair all the height you want without committing to a dramatic trim.

Laidback Waves with Full Fringe

Lesbian hair doesn’t have to be short. Full, voluminous locks can look fabulous, too, especially when they frame your face right. These wavy curls with a full fringe will make anyone look younger while still being ultra sexy.

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