Cowgirls are known to get their hands dirty for many tasks. Whether it’s to go riding to train racehorses or caring for their favorite cattle in the stables, it’s always better to have their hair out of the way. 

But getting down and dirty doesn’t mean your hair can’t look cute. There are tons of pretty cowgirl hairstyles suitable for any hardworking girl on the ranch. The best part is that many of them are easy to achieve, even if you’re a newbie when it comes to how to do cowgirl hairstyles.

Here are 15 gorgeous, easy cowgirl hairstyles we’re sure you can perfect:

Cowgirl hairstyles:

1. Curly Waterfall Braids

Get your hair out of the way while looking cute with this soft and feminine braided hairstyle. To do this, create two braids starting from your temples, moving their way to the middle of your head. 

Instead of doing regular braids, do a waterfall braid. As you weave three sections of hair together, constantly drop the middle section down and grab more hair from above to replace it as a third section.

Tie the two braids together when they reach the middle. Then, curl the hair that’s still down to give it a girly, romantic finish.

2. Tousled Messy Waves and Cowgirl Hat

Who says cowgirls are just good girls? Tousled waves strike a balance between a sultry, sophisticated girl and a woman who can hold her own weight—like a cowgirl.

Get messy baddie hair by curling them loosely with a thick curling iron. You can also achieve this look by wearing loose braids overnight and letting them down when you wake up. Top it off with a cowgirl hat, and you’re ready to ride.

3. Loose Side Bun and Hat

Just because you’re a low-maintenance girl doesn’t mean you can’t look cute all day. This look is perfect for you if you don’t have much time to get ready before starting your work at the ranch.

Simply tie your hair in a loose bun or braid and let it settle by one side of your nape. Leave some tendrils or strands to effortlessly frame your face. To add some rusticity to the look, wear your favorite cowgirl hat.

4. Thick, Chunky Dual Braids

Every cowgirl needs a go-to braided look. This is one of the easiest ones that are perfect for long hair.

Divide your hair into two sections split down the middle. Then, create a simple three-strand braid all the way down each section. 

When you’re done, gently tug and pull on the braids sideways to make them looser and chunkier in appearance. This creates the illusion that you have thick hair.

5. Neat and Tight Pull-Through Braid

For a no-nonsense braid, try this one out. Create two small ponytails at the top of your head, one on top of the other. Split the top ponytail into two sections and pull the bottom one through them. Tie the reunited sections of the top ponytail together with an elastic. 

Continue doing it downward, creating more ponytails and adding more into the braid until all of your hair is part of it.

6. Messy Bun with Braided Locks

For this look, all you have to do is create two small braids on the side of your hair and tie your mane in a loose ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail around itself to create a bun on the lower part of your nape. Secure the bun with some bobby pins. 

If you want to exaggerate the messy look, you can pull some strands out of the bun for a wispy finish.

7. Boho Braided Half-Updo

Combine your favorite French braid and a half-updo with this easy cowgirl hairdo. Instead of simply grabbing hair to put together to make your half-updo, create French braids on each side. 

Make sure to grab sections of hair as you make your braids to fully incorporate your mane into it. Then, when the two braids meet in the middle, tie them together with an elastic.

8. Knotted Curly Half-Updo

Hate having to pry elastic bands out of your hair after a long day? Try knotting them loosely instead. 

After curling your hair, grab two sections of medium thickness near your temples. Bring them together at the center of your crown and tie them one over the other. Then, secure them with bobby pins, so they don’t loosen throughout the day.

9. Combine Different Braid Types

If you want to go the experimental route, you can combine all your favorite braid types in one hairdo. Put different sections of your hair in whatever braids you want. 

Do a combo of fishtail, Dutch, and French braids if you want. Then, tie (or even braid) them together for a neater, more polished finish. Leave some of the braids out of the bunch for a messier look. Add barrettes and cute clips if you want.

10. Gorgeously Voluminous Curls

You don’t always have to deal with complicated braids to look like a cowgirl. Sometimes, you can simply curl your hair the way you’re comfortable with and wear it as is. 

Create tight curls on your long, thick hair to add some volume. You can do this with a curling wand or a flat iron twisted at an angle. Just make sure to wear a hat over your hair to make sure they don’t go crazy in the wind as you ride.

11. Retro Swirls and Curls

Capture the spirit of decades past with vintage-style swirls on the crown of your hair. With the use of hair gel, hairspray, and bobby pins, create spirals on top of your head with the sections nearest your face. Then, continue curling the rest of your hair. 

Wear a cowgirl hat on top of it, and voila! You’re a cross between a pin-up model and a glamorous cowgirl.

12. Long, One-Sided Rope Braid

Instead of a usual weave, wow everyone with a unique rope braid instead. It looks intimidating, but it’s actually easy to do. 

Take two thick sections of hair on one side of your face and twist each of them in the same direction. Then, twist them together, essentially combining them in what seems like a rope. Continue doing this, moving downward. Pull in new sections of hair to add to the “rope” until you’re at the bottom. 

13. Big, Chunky, Single Fishtail Braid

Another chunky braid look that looks good on any cowgirl is the fishtail braid.

Divide your hair down the middle into two big sections. Grab a thin lock on the outer part of the left section and cross it over the whole section, adding it to the right strand. Do the same on the other side, alternating until you have an even-looking fishtail braid all the way down your hair.

14. Natural Waves with a Pretty Hat

You can’t get any more simple and low-main than this. 

Create natural waves in your hair with a curling wand with the biggest barrel you can find. You can also make waves by wearing your hair in a bun when you sleep. When you let your hair down in the morning, you’ll have the faintest waves that look just like this!

Wear your favorite cowgirl hat as a beautiful accessory, and you’ve completed your cowgirl hairdo for the day.

15. Single Dutch Braid with Smaller Braided Strands

Get creative with how you wear your braids. In this hairstyle, you can put some thin locks of hair in a classic three-strand weave or some fishtails. Then, incorporate them into a classic Dutch braid from the top to the bottom of your hair.

Combining braid styles into one cowgirl look makes your hairstyle look intricate and complex, even if it was very simple to do. Not only will it make you look cute as you tend to the ranch, but it also keeps hair out of the way as you work.