If you’re a Caucasian woman, you probably have hair that is fine and delicate—maybe even thin and not-so-luscious. Your hair is brittle, so there are a lot of cool statement hairstyles you can’t do, like cornrows or putting your hair in super tight ponytails every single day, lest you suffer from hair breakage.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look sophisticated and stylish. Even the simplest and easiest of hairstyles like ponytails and buns are bound to elevate your appearance. You just need to understand how to use them to your advantage.

Many people probably look at you and think that you’re a basic girl next door, but we’re here to level up your look, starting with your hairstyle! Here are 20 hairstyles that will make you look uber cute and chic.

Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

First on the list is a hairstyle that’s been trending all year—curtain bangs. These face-framing bangs are perfect when you have long hair parted down the middle. They call attention to your eyes and cheekbones, which is tremendously flattering. Add some blonde highlights to your locks and bangs, and you’ll end up looking like one of those glitzy Instagram models!

Curly, Clamped Half-Updo

For a playful and youthful look, try putting your curled hair in a half-updo. But don’t just grab half of your hair and tie an elastic band around it. Make the updo look even bouncier by keeping it in place with a clamp instead. This gives your hair way more movement as you shake your head from left to right.

Side Braids in Wavy Tresses

This simple, feminine look is great if you want to incorporate braids into your hairstyle but don’t want it to look too flashy. First, add waves to your hair with a flat iron or your favorite sea salt spray. Then, simply take an inch-thick section of hair on each side of your face and braid it halfway through. Et voila! You’re done.

Pull-Through Braid

Braids tend to make fine hair look even thinner. If you want to rock a pretty plait but add an illusion of thickness to your mane, do a pull-through braid.

Start with three ponytails on the top of your head, one on top of the other. Split the topmost ponytail into two sections and tuck them under the second ponytail and tie them up again. This makes the latter appear as if you pulled it through the first. Do the same thing with the second and third ponytails. Repeat the process until you have one voluminous pull-through braid.

The French-Braided Combover

A combover can make anyone look like a tough baddie. But if you want a girlier look to your combover, add a small, quick French braid on one side of your face. This adds a bit more softness to an otherwise hard and angular look.

Braided Half-Up Pigtails

This hairstyle is perfect if you’re going to a party or concert. Split your hair down the middle and create two braids that stop at the crown of your head. Instead of continuing the braid, tie them up in cute pigtails. Sprinkle some glitter on top, and you’re ready to steal the spotlight at your next music festival.

Loose, Braided Chignon

If you’re attending a wedding or formal daytime party, try your luck with a loose chignon. Create a loose braid on one side of your hair. Then, gather everything in a very loose, low bun. Secure all your locks with a hair tie and some bobby pins to make sure the shape holds all day.

Braided Half-Updo with Scarf

Here’s a more intricate version of the half-updo. Instead of simply grabbing half of your hair and pinning it up, create a braid on each side of your head and pull them to the back until they meet at the center of your head. Then, use your favorite scarf to tie them together. This is the perfect hairstyle for summer!

Ponytail with Side Braid

Like the previous hairstyle? Here’s the same look, but in a ponytail instead. Do a side braid and stop halfway before sweeping all your hair (including the braid) into a low to mid-height ponytail. This hairstyle looks super pretty on curly hair.

One-Length Bob with Full Bangs

If you’re an office girl and need a hairstyle that’s perfect for everyday meetings in a professional setting, you’ll love a blunt bob. It may be a huge sacrifice if you’re sporting long hair now, but trust us when we say it’s worth the chop. Add a full fringe, and you’ll strike the balance between boss babe and chic runway model!

Romantic, Curly Bob 

If the blunt bob is too serious for you, go for the more relaxed and laidback curly bob. It’s great if you already have naturally curly hair, but you can also achieve this look with a flick of your curling wand!

Low, Messy, Concealed Pony

Got only 60 seconds to put your hair up in a cute style? Do this ponytail trick! Put your hair in a low and messy ponytail—it doesn’t have to be perfect. Then, take a thin lock of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of your pony, essentially covering up the hair tie. 

Braided Space Buns

Everyone who goes to Coachella wears space buns now. Yawn! Stand out from the crowd by spicing it up with some braids!

Section your hair into two and create a Dutch braid on each side going down your head. When you reach your nape, put the hair into a bun and hold it in place with a scrunchie and some bobby pins.

One Bubble Braid

Not the best at creating complex French or Dutch braids? Go for something simpler but is just as sophisticated—the trendy bubble braid! Just tie your hair in a ponytail and use another hair tie to create a bubble every inch or two downward until you have what looks like a glamorous braid. Easy peasy!

Curly High Ponytail

This sleek look is fabulous on long hair. First, curl your locks with your favorite curling wand. This will make the ponytail look even more elegant and sophisticated. Then, brush your hair back and gather it to the crown of your head. Ensure that there are no bumps, and then tie it up in a high pony.

Classic Pigtails

For a jolly and fun-loving look, try out classic pigtails. Part your hair down the middle. Then, bring each section up to the top of your head and tie it in a pigtail. Leave some face-framing locks out of the pigtails to give them a more mature look. This is awesome for costume parties or whenever you just want to look extra playful and flirty.

Straight Hair with Flipped Ends and Wavy Bangs

This vintage-inspired look is terrific for girls who want to pay homage to the 80s. First, style your straight hair so that it has ends that are flipped inward. Then, wear your favorite headband—a thick, plain black headband is perfect for this look. Use your flat iron to flip your bangs in an inward wave, and you’re done.

Short, Blonde Pixie

Who says you need to have long hair to look cute? A pixie is awesome for any girl who wants to look extra fierce. The best part is that you don’t need to do much to style it! You can just wash your hair and wear it naturally.

Messy Bun

Get that college girl chic with this cozy, carefree, messy bun. It’s a great style to put your hair in when you need your locks out of your face, like when you’re studying or doing some chores in the garden. 

Chunky Braid with Butterfly Clips

Anyone can put their hair in a chunky braid. But one way to spruce it up and grab attention is by adding lots of colorful butterfly clips in it! Butterfly clips are all the rage on social media, so it’s super trendy and perfect for teens and college girls out at parties.


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