Hippie Hairstyles For Women: 32 Soulful Hippie Hairstyles For Women of Today

There’s something about the bohemian, free-spirited hippie look that will never get old. It’s a style that’s laidback and chillax but can also be intricate at times, especially when it comes to hair and clothing. 

While the OG “hippie” look is the relaxed style of the 70s, today, we still embrace soulful, slightly modernized styles that are a favorite at music festivals and even just trips to the great outdoors.

Want to bring out the soulful, tree-hugging flower child in you? Here are 32 of our favorite soulful hippie hairstyles you’re sure to love!

Female hippie hairstyles:

Braid with Fringe and Hair Down

Rocking a soft fringe is an easy way to spruce up your look, even when you don’t style your hair with anything particularly complex. But if you want to add some cuteness to your look, place the middle section of your hair in a half braid. Make sure the braid stops at the crown of your head so the rest of your hair can blend in with your mane.

Locs in a Bun

Nothing screams hippie more than long, gorgeous dreadlocks. One quick way to style your dreads when they’re getting in your face is tying them up in a loose bun. For a slightly messy finish, leave a few strands down to frame your face.

Dark Red to Baby Pink

Colored hair is a fave among hipster girls. We’re not talking about blonde or brunette colors—we’re talking vibrant, eye-catching pops of color. A two-toned look like this one that goes from deep red to light, pastel pink is sure to turn heads as you sashay down the street.

Accent Braids in Pin-Straight Hair

Super-straight hair has the reputation of being boring. Thankfully, adding a bit of your hipster soul into your straight hair is as easy as creating two long braids on the side of your head. This shows off a more texture and charm in your otherwise plain-looking locks.

Bandana as Headband

This look is inspired by vintage hippies who loved using their scarves and bandanas as headbands. This look gives you a gorgeous retro-glam look, a la Taylor Swift in the Wildest Dreams music video. These headbands are best worn when you have your hair up, like so.

Teased Braided Ponytail

Show up at your next rock festival with this girly but grungy take on the classic ponytail. Create short braids on the top of your head, stopping near the crown. Then, tie all your hair together in a tall, smooth ponytail. To finish it off, use a teasing comb to add messy volume to your ponytail.

Wavy Bob with Colored Highlights

If you want a wash-and-wear kind of hairstyle, you might like this. A wavy bob is a classic as it is, but if you add some peach/peach-toned highlights and a bit of a fringe, you’ll stand out a lot more.

Half-Up Bun with Long Hair

Have no time to do your hair before the music festival? No worries, here’s an easy one you can do in mere seconds. Instead of putting your hair in a half-ponytail, create your half-updo with one space bun on the crown of your head.

This look is awesome for long hair. Just shake your hair out before tying up your bun for a messy, carefree finish.

Dreadlock High Pony

If you sport dreads, a cute everyday look is to tie them up in a ponytail. It keeps your hair neat, charming, and out of your face all day. Leave one or two locks near your hairline down so they can frame your pretty face.

Pearl Headbands

Hipsters love accessories! One that is both classy and vintage is anything with pearls. Pearl-studded headbands like these go with any hairstyle, from sophisticated chignons to your usual bohemian waves. Wear it to spruce up your next music festival hairstyle!

Dreadlock Bun with Scarf

You can use a scarf as a hair accessory in many ways. Some use it as an alternative to a hair tie, while others wrap it around their head like a band. But one smart way to use it if you have dreads is weaving it in with your locks and tying it up in a bun. It’s a unique and enchanting way to use a scarf and show off your pretty dreadlocks at the same time.

Curly Pony with Braids

This playful and feminine look is great if you want a youthful glow. Start by creating one braid off the side of your hair. Then, tie your hair in a high to mid-ponytail, incorporating the braid along with it. Curl your hair for extra volume.

Chunky Gold Headbands

Headbands can be bold too. This thick, chunky, gold-embossed headband is a testament to that. Wear it to add some flair to your everyday hair. This type of headband looks particularly cute on short, curly hair that can be worn naturally.

Plaited, Curly Half-Pigtails

Flaunt beautiful braids and pigtails while wearing your hair down all at the same time! Put your hair in two thick French braids from the top. Stop about two or three inches down, and then tie each one into a bouncy pigtail. Curl the rest of your hair for more texture.

Short, Shaggy Mullet

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take a lot of time to style, do a short and shaggy mullet like this one. If that feels too plain for you, add a full fringe for some hippie oomph!

Shaggy, Medium-Length Curls

You can also rock a shag if you have curls that are a bit longer. But if your curls look too messy, you can always tame them with a bit of gel or curling cream. Curtain bangs pair well with this look.

Stripey Scarf Headband

Using a scarf as a headband is reminiscent of decades past. So, if you want to add a retro touch to your hipster look, tie your favorite scarf up in a bow to serve as a headband. This looks ultra-chic on tousled, beachy waves.

Dutch Braid Fauxhawk

Want to experience rocking a mohawk at least once in your life? Try out this easy “faux” hawk with a cute hippie braid instead! Make one thick and tall Dutch braid across the center of your head downward. Sweep up the sides of your hair to bring them in for a sleek finish.

Long, Tall Bubble Braid

Instead of wearing a high pony, why not spice it up with a bubble braid? Put your hair in a tall, sleek ponytail like you usually would. Then, use elastic bands to tie your hair every two inches down, creating airy “bubbles” in your hair.

Wavy Hair and Rhinestone Forehead Chain

Think flower crowns are overrated? Go for something more elegant—a forehead chain headband studded with shiny rhinestones. It gives off an ancient princess vibe while making you look trendy and classy.

Pink Half-Up Space Buns

Space buns are all the rage at Coachella. But if you want to show off your spunky pink hair color and your long, curly hair, you can always tweak it and go for half-up space buns like this instead!

Braided Pigtails

Wear easy pigtails with a twist—literally! Instead of putting your hair in plain pigtails, braid both sections. Then, stop right at your nap and tie them in the usual pigtails. This is great for an all-American hippie vibe!

Low Braid with Jewel Headband

For a look that combines exquisite gems and a lowkey vibe, try this one. Do a simple, long braid all the way down your hair, and then top it off with a showstopping headpiece—a headband with lots of crown jewels.

Big Chunky Braid with Floral Embellishments

Braids and flowers—two classic elements of a hipster hairstyle. Combine them in this hairstyle by creating one big, thick braid of your choice (fishtail, Dutch—whatever works!) and then adding little floral brooches throughout. Fresh flowers would work great as well!

Classic Flower Crown

Did you really expect us to end this list without at least one flower crown? Heck no! The flower child look is basically hippie girl personified. Add a flower crown to any hairstyle, and you’ll automatically look like a Coachella princess. Flower crowns are versatile and look awesome when your hair is up or down!

Bright Turquoise Loose Waves

Bright hair colors are another signature element of hipsters’ hair. Some people blend together a few different shades or do an ombre of their natural locks that end in a deep, vibrant fashion color. But if you want something light but will still wow the crowd, go for bright turquoises like this! It looks gorgeous with loose waves and curls.

Dutch Braided Dreadlocks

Some people think dreads can only be styled up or down, but that’s not the case at all. As long as you have dreads that are long enough, you can still nail cute hipster styles, like the classic Dutch braid. Do one on each side for the classic double-Dutch look.

Double-Braided Pigtails

If you’re not a fan of the classic, “easy” braids, you can always go for something a bit more complex, like these double braids. 

Part your hair down the middle and focus on one section first. Create a long, thin pull-through braid and secure it with a tie at the end. Then, braid the rest of your hair in that section in a super loose braid. Combine the two braids with a hair tie, and do it on the other side as well.

Half-Up Braids with Fresh Flowers

A nice way to spruce up some half-up braids is by adding fresh flowers to your hair. This is considerably more natural-looking than using floral brooches. You can also play around with tendrils to frame your face.

Braided Hair with Deep Side Part

Sexy meets cute in this wavy hairstyle. A deep side part is a popular sultry look. But if you want to add some innocence and youthfulness to it, add a feminine braid on one side of your hair.

Silver and Rainbow Hair

Show your hipster side by rocking every single color of the rainbow in your mane. And add even more of a punch by starting with a silver base. You can add the rainbow tones as highlights later on for a seamless blend of shades.

Futuristic Heart-Shaped Space Buns

Space buns are traditionally round and tight. But if you want to make yours unique, you can put them up in heart shapes. Just put your hair up in normal buns, then divide them into two and secure them with ties and bobby pins.

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