Hip Length Hairstyles – 10 Ways to Style Your Long Hair

Long hair has always been a standard of conventional beauty all around the world. In some continents, it’s a sign of prosperity and even a status symbol among women. In others, it’s the type of hair that wins affection from men. 

When your hair grows so long that it touches your hips, you command attention in a room without even trying. People stare and shower you with compliments and ask how you maintain such luscious, hip-length hair. 

But the praise is only part of the fun. The real excitement of having waist-long hair is styling it and using accessories to make it even prettier. Not sure how to do that? Here are 10 hairstyles for super long hair that you’ll love.

Hip Length Hairstyles:

Sleek Straight Barbie Hair


When you think of super long hair, one of the things that might come to mind is the classic Barbie doll. What better way to honor the iconic glamour girl than to style your mane to recreate her look?

Sporting super-straight hair will show off how long your hair is (curls can sometimes shrink and hide your hair’s actual length). This style looks incredible on blonde hair for that authentic Barbie feel.

Tousled Beachy Waves 

If you’re not a fan of straight hair and prefer a little more texture to your long strands, you can always go for sexy, beachy waves. 

Use a curling wand with a one-inch barrel and wrap a lock of hair around it. Hold for 10-15 seconds before letting go. Do this all over your head until your entire mane is wavy and glamorous.

The Curly Half-Updo

If you want to show off your length but want to keep your hair pulled back, hit two birds with one stone with a curly half-updo. 

After curling your tresses, take a thick lock of hair near each temple. Pull them towards the back of your head until they meet, and secure them with a hair tie or some bobby pins. Your hair will look very elegant and stay out of your face.

Flower Crown Curls

Want to spruce up an otherwise dull party look? Accessorize your super long hair! Instead of going out with the same curled hairstyle, add something different—like a flower crown. This adds a bit of freshness and femininity to your hairdo, so it’s perfect for a date or garden party!

Quadruple Pocahontas Braids

Two pigtail braids might feel middle school, but if you elevate it and go for four braids, it looks super chic and modern. This hairstyle is perfect for those with really thick hair that flows down to their hips and even beyond. Make sure to style your edges in gorgeous swirls to match your plaits!

A Playful, Girly Bubble Braid

Not a fan of traditional braids? Go for a trendier option that Gen Z loves—the bubble braid. It’s an easier option than confusing yourself with complicated weaving patterns.

Put your hair in a low ponytail. Then, add more hair ties every 3-4 inches down your ponytail until you reach your hips. When you’ve added all the hair ties you can, gently tug on each “bubble” to loosen it up and add more volume to each part of the braid.

Electric Blue Waves

Waist-long hair is already pretty captivating. But if you want to elevate your hairstyle and make it even more attention-grabbing, color it in a neon shade, like electric blue. Add waves with a curling wand to show off more of the color’s depth!

High Single Braid a la Gigi Hadid

Everybody knows of the high ponytail. But if you want a baddie, tough girl hairstyle, you might want to try a high braid instead. Style your hair in a sleek high pony like you normally would. Then, braid your hair in a simple Dutch plait all the way to the ends.

Straight with Wavy Ends

Can’t decide between straight or wavy hair? Why not have both? Instead of curling your hair from root to tip, focus your waves only on the ends. Spray on some hairspray to make sure the waves hold all day. This is an excellent way to add more texture and attitude to naturally straight hair.

Braids with Fresh Roses

Add a softer and more romantic vibe to the usual thick braid by adding your favorite flowers to your hair. Pink roses look especially good for this technique. Just keep the roses in place with two or three bobby pins each going down your hair. Make sure they’re secure, so they don’t fall out in the middle of the day.

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