As you grow old, your hair changes. You have to adopt a different hairstyle with age. The perfect hairstyle is the one that keeps your hair in one place and also keeps them protected.

Usually, women are habitual of tucking their hair in a clip when in a rush. Though this keeps the hair in one place, the damage this does to your hair is inevitable.

Using simple accessories, we can create dozens of hairstyles within minutes best suited for working women. However, you should also consider the type of hair you have and the most important, your face shape.

White women are usually blessed with naturally thick hair. This is to their advantage as they can try almost every hairstyle and look glamorous on them. Let us explore some of the best short and long hairstyles for white women that can keep your hair protected and make you stand out as well.

The Best Hairstyle For White Women

The best hairstyle is the one that goes with your facial features and that is trendy. No matter if you have long or short hair, you can make the hairstyle in a way that goes with the trend.

However, braids and buns are never out of fashion. You can make the same regular three-strand braid in different ways to get a unique look every time. Know that white women’s hairstyles are a lot different from black women’s.

This is due to the hair texture and volume. While black women have to make a lot of tiny braids to keep their hair organized, white women do not have to make much effort.

A single braid at the back can be made within a minute that keeps white women’s hair organized. You can try following hairstyles whether you have long or short hair.

1. French Braids

Braids always look classy. Not only are they protective, but they also glow up your face. And when it comes to French braids, the hair looks even more organized.

Don’t worry if you have short hair. French braids look aesthetic on both long and short hair. Though you can turn French braid in different ways, this specific idea is to make two braids on both sides of your head by parting your hair from the center.

Nevertheless, this hairstyle goes with front bangs as well. Just start by partitioning your hair from the center. Keep the one side of your hair clipped while starting with a smaller section on the other side of your hair. Divide that small section into three equal parts and start making the braid as you normally do.

Once you make a cross, grab some hair from one of the sides and merge it with a strand. Continue adding strands all the way down until one side of your hair is completely wrapped in a French braid. Repeat the same steps on the other side. And Voila! You are ready with the most adorable hairstyle.


2. Twisted Updo

You can either create a regular updo or make use of a headband to take this hairstyle to another level. This hairstyle goes with both short and long hair. However, the cleanest look can be achieved with long hair.

Start by wearing a headband and make sure it is an elastic headband. Making a sideways partition before wearing the headband is even better. Using a few bobby pins, you can secure the headband in one place.

Now, take some hair from the front, twist them a bit, and then wrap it around the headband. Keep on wrapping small strands of hair until all your hair is wrapped in the headband. When you open your hair at the end of the day, you will be amazed to see the beautiful heatless waves.


3. High Bun

High buns are best to keep your hair together. If you feel like making your facial features more prominent, a high bun is a way to do this. It is the most versatile hairstyle that goes with almost every occasion. You will be able to work better with this hairstyle.

Making a high bun is as easy as making a ponytail. But instead of letting them go down, you have to wrap them completely with an elastic band. It is up to you to keep it loose or tight.


4. French Braids Into A High Bun

For this hairstyle, divide your hair into four to five sections. For each section, make a French braid and take it all the way to the back. Secure each braid with an elastic band.

Once you are done making all the braids, pull them together and tie them in a high bun. A loose high bun looks beautiful with this hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle every day and even at parties.


5. Bubble Ponytail

Start by making a high ponytail at the back. By using another elastic band, secure the ponytail a few inches underneath the first one. Once done, pull the sides apart to create a little bubble. Now take another hair tie, and secure the ponytail again a few inches underneath. Continue the same step until you reach all the way down.

This hairstyle will create more bubbles if you have long hair. Nevertheless, it looks gorgeous on both short and long hair.


6. Double Dutch Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle not only takes all your hair away from the face but also looks gorgeous at the back. For making it, divide your hair into three sections. Make sure to keep the middle one the biggest portion, while the two others should be small and equal.

Tie the middle portion into a ponytail. For the other two sections, make a Dutch braid of them and secure their ends with an elastic band. Once done, poke the two braids through the elastic band, which is tied to make the ponytail. There you go! The finished hairstyle is definitely worth the effort.


7. Braided Updo

This hairstyle is super easy and can be your go-to hairstyle for work. You only need to be a master in making simple braids.

So, start off by partitioning your hair from the center. Then make two regular braids on both sides and secure the ends with hair ties. Take the braid from one side and move it to the opposite end. Then secure it using a bobby pin.

Do the same with the other braid and secure it nicely so they don’t fall off. You can finish the look by clipping some aesthetic pins on both sides.


8. Twisted Ponytail

Again, if you are looking for a quick and easy ponytail at the back, you will love it.

Take a small portion of your hair from the front and make a low ponytail of rest at the back. Divide the front hair into two sections, preferably parted centrally. Twist each section all the way to the back and tie them together.

Once tied, pull it through the ponytail. Secure it with bobby pins if the final result is not clean. And you are done!


9. Side French Braid

It is another very popular and beautiful hairstyle among white women. Those who have a grip on French braid can do it to perfection.

For this hairstyle, you have to part your hair sideways. Start making a French braid on the side with more hair. Take this braid all the way down and secure it with a hair tie. For the rest of the hair, bring it to one side, and make a regular braid of it. Secure it with an elastic band at the end.


10. Loop Ponytail

This hairstyle looks super cute on short hair. It is easy and quick to make. You can do it within a minute. For this loop ponytail, you will need only one hair tie.

Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Right above the ponytail, separate the hair from the center using your fingers to make a hole. Then, lift the ponytail and let it pass through that hole. You can do this step several times if you like. Don’t forget to tighten the ponytail at the end for perfect finishing.


11. Braided Ponytail

Putting long here together is a hassle. If you have long hair, you must be struggling to find the right hairstyle that can be made in minutes. If you have not found it yet, I have one for you.

Pull your hair together at the back and make a very high ponytail using a thick elastic band. Once settled, brush the ponytail thoroughly to smooth it out. This is necessary for making a clean and perfect braid.

After that, start making a regular braid on your ponytail. You can also make a fishtail braid, but it can be time-consuming. Once you reach the end, secure the braid with another hair tie. Finish off by brushing the little hair at the end.


12. Three Strand Braid

This classic three-strand braid hairstyle can never get old. It goes with every outfit and can be made within minutes. You can do this braid on a side or at the back.

Start off by pulling your hair at the back. Then divide it into three equal sections so that the braid is smooth and of equal length throughout. Let the first strand go over the second one and under the third strand. After this step, tighten it a bit.

Repeat the same step again until you reach all the way down. Stretching the sides of the braid makes it even more elegant.


13. Low Fishtail Ponytail

This low fishtail hairstyle keeps your hair together and safe. At the same time, it is super elegant. It works great for both short and long hair.

You need to pull your hair at the back for making this braid. You can also do it on one side, but it can be quite messy. So, smooth out the hair with a brush and divide the hair into two sections. Using your index finger, take a hair strand from one of those hair sections and bring it over to the second section and mix them. Then, again grab a strand from the second section, bring it over the first one, and mix them up.

Continue this all the way down until a major portion of your hair turns into a braid. Tie an elastic band at the end to secure it.


14. Low Buns

Low buns are the cutest of all hairstyles. They can be styled within minutes. Most of all, they go well with cozy outfits.

For making this hairstyle, divide your hair into two sections. Pull each section to the back and wrap it in a bun using a hair tie. Pull some hair out of the bun to make it look a bit messy. This hairstyle looks even cuter on short hair as it gets messier.


15. Make It Knot Ponytail

A simple touch of the knot in a low ponytail makes you stand out. Just like you make a simple loop, you can make the ponytail look like a knot.

Keep this hairstyle a bit messy by taking out strands from here and there. Pull the hair at the back and make a low ponytail using an elastic band.

After that, lift the ponytail, fold it upward, and pass the end through the elastic band. Wrap a strand of hair around that band to hide it and make everything look clean.


16. Hair Clip Bun

A hair clip can settle all long and short hair into a bun. You don’t have to be skilled to do this bun like you have to be in making a braid.

Just grab a hair clip, pull your hair at the back, twist them several times and lift them up at the crown. At this point, secure the bun using a hair clip. You can make this hairstyle even more beautiful by using an aesthetic hair clip.


17. High Buns

Just like you do two low buns, you can make them a bit higher to change the look. It depends upon you which hair partition you want to do. A middle partition usually looks good, but you can also do the sideways partition.

The next step is the same. Pull the hair off one side, lift them up, twist them, and secure with a hair tie. Do the same on the other side. Pull out a few strands from here and there to complete the look.


18. Basic French Braid

This is totally a romantic hairstyle that goes with parties and weddings as well. You can beautify it even more by adding some accessories like pins or small flowers in between the braid.

The French braid starts all the way from the top of the head and goes down until all the hair is tied into a braid. You can also do it down till the crown and turn the rest into a ponytail.

If you are heading towards a party, you can secure little artificial flowers in the braid to make it look more romantic.


19. Middle French Braid

If you feel like keeping your hair open for the fresh air, you can try this easy two minutes hairstyle. This half-up French braid with hair fluttering on your face makes you look even more beautiful.

Section your hair in the middle and start making a French braid. Let it go straight to the back. Take it as far as you want, and then secure it with a bobby pin. You can also use a cute bow clip to make it even more elegant.


20. Top Bun

This hairstyle is very in nowadays. It looks super cute with jeans and a tee top, especially if you have a chubby face.

You can make it by partitioning your hair with a major portion in the center. Smooth out the center part and twist it around to turn it into a bun. Secure it using a hair tie or a bobby pin.


21. Rope Braid


22. Lace Braid


23. Waterfall


24. Side Braid Ponytail


25. Double Dutch Braids


26. 4 Strand Braid


27. Double French Pigtails


28. Half-Up Hair Bow


29. Crown Dutch Braid



This post has covered various hairstyles that can go for both short and long hair. It is up to you to decide what do you like the best. If you want to keep your long hair protected and safe, tying it in a braid is the best option. You can also go for different buns to protect them. The same strategy goes for short hair. As hairstyle reflects your personality to some extent, always be careful while choosing a hairstyle for yourself.

However, if you want to keep the hairstyle stylish, you always have the option of different braids that you can do in several ways. At the same time, there are so many types of buns that can be made easily on both long and short hair.

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