10 Volleyball Hairstyles For Girls

You can take several directions when styling your hair to play volleyball. 

You can go the more athletic route and put your hair in beautiful braids and ponytails. But on the flip side, if you’re playing for fun at the beach, you can go for tousled, carefree hairstyles so you can make the most out of playing ball under the sun.

Doing your hair for a fun time playing your favorite sport doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 10 cute and easy volleyball hairstyles that will surely leave you looking gorgeous and ready to win every set of the game.

Cute and Easy Volleyball Hairstyles For Girls:

Messy, Laidback High Bun

Volleyball is a pretty chillax sport, so you don’t need to go above and beyond for an intense hairstyle. You can be ready to play with something as simple as a messy bun like this. Remember to leave out a few locks of hair to frame your face for that relaxed vibe.

Multiple Dutch Braided Pony

That said, you can also go the other way, and be as extra as possible with every female athlete’s favorite hairstyle go-to—braids! 

Next time you’re playing on the court, try out this ponytail with tons of braids that give it more life. To achieve this creative hairdo, make four or five thin Dutch braids from your hairline. When you’re all done, tie your entire mane in a nice, medium-height ponytail.

Wavy, Beachy High Ponytail

If you’re not a fan of extravagant braids and would instead go for something simple but still sexy, a high pony might be more up your alley. For this look, create a sleek, tall ponytail and tie it securely so that it doesn’t loosen as you play. This looks gorgeous on naturally wavy hair!

Low and Chillax Pony

You can also go lower with your ponytail if you want something a bit looser and won’t add too much of a strain to your roots. You can either do a low pony in the middle of the head or a side pony to keep your long mane draped across one shoulder. Either way, you’ll look super cute!

Quick Clamped Chignon

Only have a few seconds to get your hair out of your face before a beach volleyball game? Whip out your trusty hair clamp and create a five-second chignon to lock it in place before you come in for a serve. It’s fast, easy, and oh-so-pretty!

Relaxed Bun with Bandana

A messy bun takes only a minute to create. But it’s not exactly the most glamorous hairstyle out there. If you want to add some attitude and charm to your bun, use a bandana and wrap it around your bun. This elevates your basic hairstyle and stays true to that summery feel of playing volleyball.

French Braided Pigtails with Colorful Scrunchies

Want to look athletic and girly at the same time? Get the best of both worlds with this ultra-beachy volleyball hairdo. It starts off with two French braids going down your head. A few inches from your nape, tie them in two ponytails, mimicking innocent pigtails that fall on your shoulders.

For an extra playful touch, use colorful scrunchies to hold your pigtails in place. We recommend silk or satin scrunchies, so that they don’t tug on your hair as much.

Voluminous Braided Ponytail

If you’re not a fan of pigtails and want something a bit more grown-up, you can go for a braided ponytail instead. On one or both sides of your head, form a loose braid. When you get to the crown of your head, tie it in a high or medium-height ponytail. 

Make it a bit messy by taking out a few strands from the ponytail to act as tendrils that frame your face for that beachy vibe.

One Long, Thick French Braid

If you want a hairstyle that really won’t budge no matter how rough you play, try doing a single braid down your entire mane. To achieve a relaxed, beachy look, gently pull on the braids to add volume and body for that loose, tousled finish.

High Braid with Sun Visor

When playing under the hot summer sun, you might want to protect your eyes and face with a sun visor. Put your hair in one high, long braid so that it doesn’t get caught in your visor. It also adds sweet femininity to such a practical, unisex sports accessory.

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