15 Travis Scott Inspired Braids and Hairstyles

Rappers with long, curly hair usually experiment from time to time with their hairstyles. Some hip-hop artists switch between rocking natural curls and buzzed hair. Others go back and forth between dreads and cornrows. Whatever floats their boat at any given time.

But Travis Scott isn’t like these rappers. Instead, the Sicko Mode rapper has pretty much always stuck to one hairstyle—box braids. What makes this style so distinct from other braids is that the hair is sectioned into square-shaped partitions, creating “boxes” on your head that fall into braids.

While Travis loves box braids for himself (and sometimes his daughter Stormi!), he’s also inspired other people to wear them proudly. Here are 15 hairstyles you can get inspiration from if you want to rock braids like his.

Short Box Braids, Just Like Travis Scott’s

First up, we have a style that looks exactly like Travis Scott’s box braids. They’re short and fall right by the ear—the same way Travis wears his. The braids aren’t too thin, but not too thick, either. And the box sections on the hair are big enough to be comfortable, not too small, that they create tension on the scalp.

Very Long Box Braids for Women

Of course, men aren’t the only ones Travis has inspired with his signature box braids. Women have also jumped on the bandwagon to wear it themselves. Here, we see a woman create neat, knotless box braids to mimic those of Travis Scott. What’s cool here is that you can tell her hair is thick, so the braids come out quite juicy and luscious.

Box Braids and Twists Combo

This hairstyle is still similar to Travis’, but with a few little twists. First, the boxes on the head are a lot bigger, making the braids thick and jumbo-sized. However, the braids start to taper towards the end until they’re just thin, curly twists. 

This style looks complicated, but the secret is actually simple—layered hair that thins out towards the ends. 

Braids with a Woven Cornrow Pattern

Box braids are simple because all you have to do is create neat boxes while sectioning your hair before plaiting them. But if you want to do something a little more challenging, try our creating more intricate patterns on your braids. 

Check out the woven box pattern on this one. It has three long cornrow braids going across the head, weaving between the other braids.

Box Braids with Blonde Extensions

A fun, easy way to lighten up your dark-colored box braids is by adding extensions of a different color. Travis never really does this, but it’s an awesome way to thicken up fine hair while adding some lightness to your color. The result? Black and blonde strands that weave together beautifully into perfect box braids.

Thick, Layered Braids

Travis’ braids are usually just one length. But if you want more depth in your box braids, you can cut your hair in layers before braid installation. For this look, simply cut your hair so that the front part is longer than the back.

Thin Box Braids with Clear Beads

If you want a more tropical feel to your box braids, you can do so with this look. Start out with thinner box braids (that means making your box sections smaller as you go). Then, at the end of each braid, use some transparent beads to hold them in place.

“Pie”-Shaped Box Braids

Here’s an interesting take on box braids. Why not section off the braids in a unique shape instead of in boring boxes? This one takes on a round base that is divided into sections that look like little slices—kind of like a pie. The result is still stunning, and something Travis would be proud of if he ever saw it.

Cornrows with Braided Boxes

If you’re more of an advanced braider, try to level up your box braids with something more complex, like this one. Instead of doing regular box braids, do cornrows that mimic the same look. To get that “boxy” effect, braid tiny locks of hair to literally draw box-shaped cornrows across your scalp. It’s tricky, and only the best braiders will nail this style!

Small Knotless Box Braids

Here’s yet another woman who rocks box braids like Travis’, except hers start with box partitions that are a lot smaller. This is a great technique to use if you want to show off more of your scalp. We highly recommend it for those with thick hair, not with thin hair.

Interlocked Box Braids

Give your box braid an extra twist—literally! To make the braids thicker and sturdier, combine two box braids and twist them into each other to create a stronger box braid. This creates the illusion of the braids hooking together near the scalp. It’s an incredible style if you want your box braids to stand out.

Box Dreadlocks

Here’s another rebellious take on Travis’ signature braids. Instead of doing box braids, why not put those tiny braids together to create thick box dreadlocks? Just combine the smaller braids together and put them in bigger dreads, and you’re done.

Zig-Zaggy Box Braids

Box braids are usually made with standard square-shaped sections. But if you want a wilder, more carefree look for your braids, you can experiment with the shape of your box sections. You can do something a bit more abstract, like zig-zag lines that connect into “squares” with lots of angled edges.

Box Braids with Ponytail

Sick of wearing your box braids down? Put them up in a ponytail so that they don’t keep getting in the way. We’re sure Travis also puts his hair up once in a while when he’s not on stage, so why shouldn’t you? This style is awesome for the summertime when you need to cool down.

Undercut Box Braids

Most people have a full head of hair when they get braids. But if you want an edgier touch to your box braids, get an undercut beforehand. That way, the sides and backside of your head will be shaved, but you still get to retain your long box braids at the top.

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