TOP 50: Interesting Takuache Haircut Ideas

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Are you looking for a hairstyle to rock this Christmas or new year? Say no more! The Takuache is one of my favorite looks that I’m hoping people will jump on this train. The hairstyle is not new, but people have been rocking it for years now. The Takuache haircut feels like a modification of the bowl cut because the barber combs part of the hair to the front and cuts the ends bluntly.

The Takuache haircut is also called the Edgar haircut Takuache. The hairstyle is primarily popular among the Latino culture and also Europeans. However, people from different parts are actively adopting the style and rocking with pride. The look is subtle and fits both official and casual occasions.

You can rock the haircut to your corporate job, and it will complement your suit by exuding expensive. It is also the type of hairstyle that will land you a chic at the club. Takuache hairstyles are also timeless. Both older men and young boys can rock the look. For the older men looking for a look that makes you look young and vibrant, that does not scream middle life crisis. You can continue reading to find out which particular design will work best for you.

You how hair articles and barbers are strict on getting a hairstyle that matches your face shape? The Takuache fits men with all face shapes, including rectangular, heart-shaped, diamond, round, and oval-shaped faces. You no longer have to get insecure about getting bald in your 20’s.

The Takuache hairstyle can hide the balding area. By pushing more hair towards the front, you can cover the affected area. Besides, men can also cover an irregularly shaped hairline or receding hair.

Enough with the multiple benefits of Takuache, the hairstyle is cool. Now let’s get deeper and see the various trending Takuache hairstyles and how you can modify the styles to your liking.

Best Takuache Haircut Ideas:

1. The Classic Takuache Haircut

The classic Takuache is ideal for people who have thick hair or a large amount of hair. The barber shaves the back of the hair, which gives you a high fade. The barber leaves the front part with more volume, which he cuts into a short blunt cut. (image)

Today people add some spice to the classic Takuache by getting their hair getting a skin fade like the guys in this image. Other people like to get a skin fade that includes sharp cutting edges like this guy (image).

While you are at the barber store, don’t forget about your beard too. The Takuache haircut with a perfectly shaped beard will leave you looking sherpa and elegant&gt (image). If beards are your strong suit, then you can shave it clean and rock the Takuache hairstyle. (image)

2. The Wavy Takuache Haircut

Sometimes straight hair can get monotonous. You try rocking wavy hair for a change if you are always with a straight hairstyle. A person can rock the short wavy Takuache haircut (image). Even with the wavy hair, the barber still ensures that the front has a blunt cut. Many guys love the Takuache with high taper fades and the short sharp-cut edges (image).

However, the low fade with some sharp cutting-edge is also a cool guy’s look attractive (image). The blunt cut at the front does not need to be all the way short. You can get a medium sharp cut that is not close to the eyebrows (image). If you naturally have more volume of hair, you don’t always need to keep it short. You can get a wavy Takuane with an extended blunt cut (image).

 3. The Spiky Takuache Haircut

To achieve the spiky look, you will require different products like pomades and wax. The spiky look cool for guys in their 20’s and teenagers (image). Older people can also rock the spiky look, which makes them look younger and attractive (image).

The spiky hair could be thinner and more full like the guy in the image. On the other hand, you can choose to get thicker Takuache spikes that clump up (image). A tramline with a spike Takuache blunt cut is unique and simple at the same time (image).

4. The High And Tight Takuache Haircut

The high and tight haircut makes it easier for men to maintain. All they have to do is brush their hair forward in the morning (image). The high and tight hairstyle is the one that has higher skin fades at the sides, short hair, and a tight blunt at the front (image).

The high skin fade and a well-outlined cutting age at the sides make a guy look neat and professional (image). In some cases, you can get the temple fades with the Takuache hairdo. The temple fade is where the barber fades your sideburns the same way your hair fades in the opposite direction (Image).

You can reverse that by getting perfect edge cuts if you ever have a bad day at the barber store. Usually, the cutting edge can covert a dull look in a matter of seconds. Check out this Takuache hair cut with edge cuts (image).

5. The Fade Takuache Haircut

As we have seen, there are various types of fades that you can request with the Takuache haircut. So lets us discuss the fades in detail. The high fade is where the barber shaves more of your sides and leaves a smaller portion of hair in the middle (image).

The low fade is where the barber shaves off a small section of the hair on the sides and leaves a larger section of the hair (image). The middle fade Takuache hair cut is where the barber shaves off part of your hair at the sides. The shaved area is not as large as the high fade or smaller as the low fade (image).

Another type of fade is the temple fade, where the barber lightly fades your sideburns and your hair (image). It would help if you did not confuse the various types of fade with the taper. The taper fade is where your barber seamlessly naturally fades your hair. The sides of your head will still have hair in a way that your skin will not show. However, the hair at the sides is short than the top of your head (image).

6. Takuache Haircut With Highlights

You can try out the Takuache with highlights if you have ever wanted to dye your hair (image). People love this style because of how the hair colors contrast-the hair transitions from black to a brighter color at the top. You can check out this platinum highlight (image).

The hairstyle is currently famous with many musicians, so it is time for you to try out the style before it falls out of trend. Some people also love the wavy hair with highlights like this man (image). Other people love a little color with waves and tramlines like this guy (image). It is also possible to get a cool fringe with highlights (image).

7. The Fringe Takuache Haircut

Since the Takuache involves a blunt cut at the front, people modified it to a fringe by curling the front part (image). Some people like it when their Takuache fringe is long to the point that it almost touches their eyebrows like this guy (image).

Other people like a subtle mid-level fringe that doesn’t call out for attention, but you can notice that it is a Takuache fringe (image). Lastly, we have guys who like their Takuache hairstyle short, which means their fringe is also extra short (image). It is also possible to get a wavy fringe like this guy (image).

8. The Takuache With A Mullet Haircut

The mullet is a hairstyle that first came into place in the late 80s. People still rock the hairstyle, and it doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. The mullet hairstyle is where people have the regular hairdo leaving a part of the hair at the back, which is longer than the front (image). The Takuache mullet combines the blunt cut at the front and a few inches of long hair at the back (image).

The amount of hair at the back doesn’t matter. Some people have a huge chunk of hair that is only a few inches long (image). Others can have a small amount of hair with fades sides like this guy (image). People also get smoothly shaped hairlines with temple fades like this guy (image).

9. The Takuache For Curly Hair

Nowadays, many people with curly hair, especially teenagers, are embracing their natural hair. Therefore the Takuache hair is possible on curly hair (image). Many young men with curly hair love the long fringe like this guy (image).

While others like the short fringe like this guy (image). Even black people can rock the hairstyle with their natural hair, but they need to use gell and other products (image). People also get highlights on their curly hair like this guy (image).

10. The Takuache Bowl Cut

As the name suggests, the bowl cuts look precisely like your barber inverted the bowl on your head and trimmed the edges. The Takuache bowl cut can have a bunt cut all around like this boy’s hairdo (image). Some people go for the extreme mushroom or bowl-shaped Takuache hair like this image.

You can also get some waves for your Takuache bowl hairstyle like this guy (image). The other bowl trend is when a person gets a skin fade leaving the Takuache bowl hair untouched (image). Finally, there is the Takuache bowl haircut with high fades and a cut like this image.


Takuache hairstyle never goes out of style because people update it over time. Guys, change it up with fades, temple cuts, tramlines, and sidecuts. In the end, you will end up with at least two numbers, if not several, on your way home from the barbershop.

Getting the Takuache hairstyle frames your head shape, which advances your features and makes you more attractive. Guys with curly and coily hair can also rock the hairstyle with confidence. With all of the hairstyles listed above, choose one that is appealing and schedule an appointment with your barber.

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