20 Best Sporty Hairstyles For Women Who Workout

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It is expected to look fresh at the start of every workout, but halfway through the workout, sweat can ruin that freshness. It gets even worse if some strands of hair are left unpacked and become messy alongside. That is why most women are quick to jump in on cute sporty hairstyles that don’t ruin their pristine hair look while working out.

If you work out often, considering your hairstyle is one of the most important things, you need to do. It is very crucial because working out and adjusting your hair as you do are two unfriendly activities. If you don’t get tired of retwisting your hair, you might just get frustrated at the whole workout and stop midway.

Some people would rather just pack it all up with the closest available headband and get started with their workout. While that doesn’t seem like a bad idea, we think there is everything fun in styling your hair for work out. Interestingly, you can be creative about it with our list of 20 best easy sporty hairstyles.

The only challenge many people have with styling their hair is that it is sometimes more straightforward, and other times it becomes more complicated than the workout itself. But not to worry anymore as this list of best sporty hairstyles for medium hair also includes getting it done in a few minutes. So, if you are ready to save time and still look good while at it, take your writing tools and let’s get started.

Sporty Hairstyles For Women:

1. Topknot

One of the most effortless hairstyles to do for a workout is the top knot. In fact, you don’t have to take extra tutorials to have this beauty on your hair. All you need to do is bring all your hair forward by flipping your head, then use a band or scarf to take it all up. Then twist the edge to make a knot, and bam, your top knot is sitting where it should be.

Some hair textures will need to use a leave-in conditioner to minimize frizz, but regardless you are set for your workout. You can use this hairstyle in the gym for jogs, and it also looks great for a casual outing with friends.

2. Braided bun

Everybody loves a bun as it is easy to do. Adding braids to the bun now makes it look sleek and cute. This hairstyle is also easy to recreate without having a previous skillset in it.

If you can divide your hair into two and braid it down to the end of your hair, you are halfway there. When the braid is ready, pack it together to make a ponytail and roll it up to achieve the bun. Yes, it is that simple and would surely be an absolute favorite for those just beginning to style their hair.

3. Hidden braid

The exciting thing about this particular hairstyle is the surprised look at the back. For someone approaching from the front, all they see is some hair packed up and ready for the gym. But, taking a side glance at this beautifully styled hair always comes with a shocking second glance.

It is not an easy style for everyone, but it is doable, especially if you already make lovely braids. Start by sectioning the hair you want to braid and leave down the cover-up hair. When you are done weaving the inner hair portion, pack it all together and rock your hair in style.

4. High ponytail

Creating a high ponytail is one of the most straightforward styles to go for before any workout. Aside from the ease, it also never gets old, leaving those hair tips down and ready to fly.

All you need to secure the pony is a headband or a scarf then it is in position for the activity. You can further lay the edges down with a pomade so you can keep all hair strands within the pony tightness all day long. Unlike a regular ponytail, the high ponytail is positioned at the top of your head, making it unique and one of the best sporty hairstyles you can adopt.

5. Pigtails

Pigtail is an oldie but never runs out of trend, primarily if you can spice it up. This is a good alternative for those looking for other options outside ponytail as it is also a simple hairdo that can be done in minutes.

Styling your hair into the pigtail style just requires you to section your hair into two. When you are done sectioning, lift both sides with a headband and let the tails drop. For those unable to make a high pony because of the length of their hair, the pigtail serves as a similar high rise.

6. Half-up

This is one hairstyle common among celebrities during work out because it makes them look athletic yet classy. Though you might have to deal with dents after work out, it would be too minimal to disrupt your cute workout look.

Half-up just involves a tiny portion of your front hair styled upwards while the rest falls to the back. You could also make the front edges stay in place with a pomade if you want to wear it even after the workout. Also, since half-up hairstyle removes hair from the face, it is a good style for everyone and a perfect fit for short-length hair.

7. Messy high bun

If you don’t want to go through any step-by-step DIY hairstyles for workouts, then the messy high hair bun is your best bet. It is easy, simple, and gives you that uncertain yet cute look everybody wants to see. Because of the look, it can sometimes be mistaken to be a style that was thoughtfully crafted.

All it requires is that you pack your hair up loosely with a headband or with your hair itself and roll the tip into a bun. Not all hair lengths can do a messy bun, but it will come out excellent, no doubt if yours can.

8. Braided half-up

If you are tired of just doing the conventional half-up, try customizing it by doing the braided hangups. This hairstyle comes with half-up braids in front that take in all the hair lying around.

If you want to achieve three in one style, the braided half up gives just that. Because with it, you can do your regular half-up, braid the front and make a ponytail with the tip of your hair. Trust me, with this hairstyle you will be eager to work out as your hair will inspire lots of people.

9. Braided pigtails

There are many reasons to want to make your hair into braided pigtails for work out. One of the many reasons is that it doesn’t loosen during any activity. No matter how strenuous the activities can be, braided pigtails stay intact through it all.

You can decide to start the braids from the front and pack them into two at the middle of your head or take them to the back. Interestingly, braided pigtails are not so common because it takes a little bit of extra time to create so you can be sure of looking unique in your next gym appointment.

10. Bandana buns

Bandana buns are the new trendy cute hairdos for sporty activities as they appear to have varieties in the styling. You can decide to use a monochrome scarf or bandana today while you exchange it with a brighter color the next. Anyone you choose is the fun part about this style.

So, for women with little or no styling experience, just make a messy bun with your hair and cover it up with a scarf. Bandana buns help you keep your face free from hair and save time spent to prepare for your workout, which makes it a win-win situation for all.

11. Braids with low buns

If you are tired of styling your bun the same way, try out the braids with low buns for a change. All you need to do is to part your hair into two and weave it to the nape of your neck. It doesn’t have to be extremely tight as you want to use it for the workout, so hold the braids loosely as you play.

Finish it up with a bun of the two braids packed together and get the result you will surely love. Though this sporty style is not so simple, it is one of the best hairstyles with varieties depending on how you want to finish the bun.

12. Messy low bun

This is one of the quickest hairstyles on this list that many can imitate seamlessly. In fact, almost everyone has done a low bun one time or the other. Either you were trying to pick something for your kid, and you needed to pack your hair backward, or you were just tired of having to make a complicated style.

The point is, it is an effortless style you can try, and you won’t have to worry about your hair touching your neck with the bun securing them all. So, if you are not a fan of braids or ponytails, the messy low bun has got you covered.

13. Braided low ponytail

Not every exercise requires so much vigor, which means you won’t have to sweat in some as much as others. For those kinds of low-impact workouts, you can take a more relaxing hairstyle to enjoy the moment. A low braided ponytail is one of those styles that are particularly cool to rock any time of the day.

The hair at the front will all go back to the neck in braids and end up as a ponytail that sits on your back. Whether your hair is super long or not, you can achieve this style and work out without distractions.

14. Side braided ponytail

Ponytail has many hidden styles you can customize, with the side braided ponytail as a prominent example. You know how to create both high and low ponytails.

Now, take that same hair to the side of your hair to achieve a different look. Then make the side that has less hair into a braid to spice up the look. That means one side is braided while the other is well packed. Finish up the style by turning the ponytail into a braid, promise – it will be a look that will make everyone stop and stare.

15. Two twists and a bun

If braiding is taking too much time, try twisting your hair instead. This time around, make two twists and end it with a bun. A simple way to achieve this is to first divide your hair into two. Pack one side and focus on twisting the other when you are sure you have gotten the sectioning you want.

Tie the first twist and do the second the same way you did the first before finishing the style with a bun at the end. This fabulous style is straightforward and can be done in two minutes, making it a good choice for a busy schedule.

16. Braided ponytail

Who says you can’t look great when working out? The braided ponytail assures that you don’t lose your glow during a workout. With just one headband, you can pack all your hair up into a ponytail and keep your face hair-free.

The edges might want to fly a little bit so keep it in check with either gel or pomade. Braid the ponytail tightly to give a confident yet sporty look for any workout to complete the look. In fact, you can go from your workout venue to hang out with friends without having to adjust your hairdo.

17. Cornrows

If you don’t want to think of different styles every day before a workout, settle for cornrows that last for weeks. You might have to meet an expert to do it for you as it is often not a DIY hairstyle, but it will be worth it. This style will require minimal hair wash after working out since all the hair is tightly knitted into cornrows.

This means you won’t have to think about that stubborn hair that flyaway when your hair is packed, neither will you be concerned about tucking in hair tips. Interestingly, you can still restyle your cornrows if you wish, but they don’t need much hassle. 

18. Fishtail braids

If you don’t want to make a tight braid but still want a braid, a fishtail is what you are thinking. It is a loose braid that is perfect for those who gets itchy head from tightly made hair. All you have to do is pack your hair into any style of your choice, which could be a low or high ponytail, and make braids at the tip of the hair.

If you don’t want a ponytail, try packing your hair to the back and finishing it with a braided fishtail. If you are comfortable, great, if not, make a slight adjustment until you have gotten the comfort you deserve.

19. Double buns

This is a modification of two styles, but that’s what makes it one of the best sporty hairstyles you can try for any workout. Remember the pigtail description, roll it up into a bun to achieve this style if you can make the necessary sectioning.

Double buns are stylish and appear to be more comfortable for many people. If you cannot stand your hair touching your face or neck during a workout, modify your pigtail hairstyle into a double bun to feel more relaxed. Plus, you can even add fancy scarves to secure both buns and prevent them from loosening.

20. Rope braided ponytail

Are you getting tired of a high ponytail? Not yet, I have one more style you will love to try, which is the rope braided ponytail. It might look like a regular high ponytail as you begin the styling, but the rope braids at the end are the surprise package that modifies it.

To achieve this beautiful look, divide the ponytail into two, twist it down, then use a band to hold the twist from loosening. No doubt, this is one look that you can never go wrong with, especially if you are a lover of ponytails.


The listed hairstyles are not just options to choose from when working out, but they are also escape routes every woman needs to break out of a monotonous look. If you don’t want to stay on one style throughout the year, choose as many styles as you want from this list but make sure they don’t interfere with your workout goals.

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