Softball Hairstyles: 10 Cute and Easy Softball Hairstyles for Girls

Being under the hot sun during an intense softball game is not easy. And when sweaty hair gets in your face and blocks your vision when you’re about to make the perfect catch is the worst thing ever.

When playing ball, it’s wiser to put your tresses up in a hairstyle that keeps them away from your eyes and face. And while you’re at it, you can choose a style that’s super cute and endearing.

Wondering how you can stylishly do your hair at your next game? Check out these 10 cute and easy softball hairstyles for girls of all ages.

Cute and Easy Hairstyles For Softball:

Braided, Loose Space Buns

What better way to keep your hair out of your face during a softball match than pairing braids with buns? 

Make two French braid pigtails down your hair and stop at the lowest part of your head. Instead of continuing the braid, create ponytails. Just when you’re about to tie the pony one last time, don’t pull the hair all the way through to create a loose knot or “bun.”

Bubble and French Braid Hybrid

Combine the traditional French braid with the more modern bubble braid in this pigtail hairstyle. 

French braids are meant to incorporate a little bit more hair as you go further down your mane, and that’s exactly what you should do when creating a bubble braid for this style. That way, the braids are “attached” to your head and won’t loosen as you run and catch the ball.

Half-Braid, Half-Pony

If you don’t have time to do a full braid down your back, you can create this half-braided ponytail instead. Put your hair in a chunky single braid of your choice going down your hair. When you reach close to your nape, tie the rest of your locks in a low ponytail. This look is extra pretty on curled hair!

French Braided Pigtails

Here’s another version of that half-braid, half-tied look—this time with pigtails! 

Part your hair down the middle to divide it into two sections. Do a smooth French braid going down each section halfway through and tie them in pigtails when you get to the nape. Lastly, take a thin lock of hair from each pigtail and wrap it around the hair tie to conceal it.

High Fishtail Pony

The classic high ponytail is great for sports, but a braid is much better at keeping your hair in place as you play. To do that, put your hair in a tight, high ponytail. Then, create one thick, smooth fishtail braid. You can also tease the top of your hair a little to get extra height and volume if you want!

Ponytail with Cute Scarf

If you’re sick of your plain-looking ponytail, add a cute new accessory to make it look more upbeat! First, put your hair in your regular ponytail with a secure hair tie. Then, tie a beautiful, colorful scarf around the area where your hair is tied. Make sure the scarf is secure too, so it doesn’t fall off as you play ball.

Neat and Tidy Braided Buns

For a clean and neat look, try out these meticulously tidy braided buns. Put your hair in two pigtail braids of your choice, going all the way down and securing each braid with a hair tie. Then, by your nape, twist each braid into itself to create a bun. Secure each bun with another hair tie and bobby pins.

Half-Up Braided Space Buns

It can be tricky styling medium-length hair for sports. It’s not long enough to make thick braids or put in a high ponytail. So, why not do a half-updo instead?

This one incorporates the braided bun look, but only on the front and top sections of the hair. It keeps your tresses out of your face and is so cute that it’s sure to be a home run with the crowd!

Simple Heidi Braids

If you love braids but hate how they swing around as you run, try a Heidi braid. It’s super quick and easy to recreate! Form two Dutch braids on each side of your head. Then, stretch each braid across the upper part of your head. Pin it in place and tuck the ends behind the braids to hide them.

Braids Weaved with Ribbons

On game day, you should show your team spirit! Use ribbons and thick strings and incorporate them into your pigtail braids to be extra pumped for the game and show your love for your softball team. This is an excellent style for little girls who love softball.

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