Skater girls are known to be tough and adventurous but stylish and charming at the same time. It shows in their clothes, attitude, and even in their skateboarding skills. But another hallmark of a true skater girl is her eye-catching hairstyle that is both breezy and bold.

These girls can pull off almost any type of hairstyle, whether it’s long and messy or short and meticulously styled. Either way, they always pack a punch and are the cherry on top of any skater girl outfit.

Not sure how to style your hair to look like a bonafide skater girl yourself? Here are 10 cute skater girl hairstyle ideas we think you’ll love.

Skater Girl Hairstyles:

Long, Messy, Natural Waves

Although lots of skater girls love to dress up in punk outfits and put their hair in dramatic styles, a true skater girl is laidback and relaxed. So, a natural, messy hairstyle would be a go-to for any girl who just wants to ride on her board.

Achieving this look is really easy. Some girls are lucky enough to do a wash-and-go, but others with pin-straight hair might benefit from using a salt spray to add extra waves to their hair. Wear your hair down and in its natural part, and shake your fingers through it for that tousled finish.

Straight Locks with Statement Beanie

Another uncomplicated, low-maintenance look is wearing your hair completely straight and topping it off with a beanie. 

You can do this with your hair unstyled if you have naturally straight hair. But if you’ve been blessed with curly locks, a trusty flat iron will give you that pin-straight look in minutes. 

When done, wear a cozy beanie to hold your hair down as you skate! We recommend choosing one that makes a statement, like this one that has “weirdo” written all over it.

Loose Pigtail Braids

It can be a bit annoying skating with your hair getting in your face. So, many skater girls opt for a braided look before they get on their board. The classic pigtail braids are a fantastic option for that, especially if you have long hair.

If you don’t want to look too young, you can tug and stretch out your braids to loosen them up, making them look chunkier. This gives off a carefree vibe.

The Classic Pixie Cut

If you’re a skater girl with a boyish side, you might find this haircut more interesting. Styling long hair can be a hassle if all you want to do is go skateboarding. If you’ve gotten enough of long hair, why not chop it off and go for the classic pixie cut?

Not only does a pixie cut scream punk and skater, but it can also show off your strong facial features. It also makes you look more androgynous, which is incredible for those who are gender fluid.

Lazy, Relaxed Pigtails

Who says pigtails are only for little kids in the playground? When styled correctly, this super easy hairstyle will look cute in the skate park as well! Instead of doing neat, prim-and-proper pigtails like a child would make yours tousled and messy, so it looks more grown up. Leave a few strands out of your pigtails to frame your face casually.

Rogue Highlights

If you want to wear your hair down but still want a bit of extra oomph and boldness, try getting face-framing highlights like these. These aren’t your typical balayage or babylights since they look chunkier and are strategically placed in the front pieces of your, like Rogue from X-Men. That makes it all the more perfect for skater girls who love comic books!

Trendy Braided Tendrils

Many people think braids are complicated, but they can be as simple as wearing your hair down naturally and creating thin little braided tendrils to frame your face. 

To achieve this trendy look, simply part your hair down the middle and take a thin lock of hair on each side of your face. Put these locks in braids (an easy Dutch braid will do!) and secure each one with an elastic band.

Red Rogue Highlights on Chic Bob

Here’s another take on the “Rogue” highlights look, this time with a bit of extra flair and drama. Instead of putting it on long hair, try rocking a chic, stylish, blunt bob. And if you’re not too keen on white or silver highlights, you can opt for a deep, dark red for your chunky highlights. This is awesome for any skater girl who wants to emulate that bad girl energy at the skate park.

Curly Baby Mullet

If you want short hair with a vintage rock and roll touch, ask your stylist to give you a baby mullet. It won’t be as long as the mullets country stars flaunt, so it will be much easier to take care of. Plus, since it’s pretty short, it won’t get in your face as you skate. This look is extra cute on naturally curly hair! 

Long, Hot Pink Hair

Want to stand out from the crowd at the skate park? Get creative and dye your hair in a vibrant neon color that is sure to turn heads.

This hairstyle is quite simple but packs a punch because of its bold, captivating color. It’s just long, straight hair, but you can never miss it at the skate park because of its bright, vivid, hot pink color. Top it off with a matching cap, and you’re ready to skate while intriguing everyone you meet.

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