TOP 50: Best Pop Smoke Braids (Hairstyle Ideas) in 2022

Have you ever tried the pop smoke braiding style? Whether you have been attempting the popular braiding style or not, today, we will see some of the different hairstyles you can try. This braiding style is well known among every other community but most commonly the black and Hispanic.

Are you always late for school or work every morning because of your time on your hair? Braiding once in a while protects our hair from damage and reduces the process and time we spend every day while getting ready. Braiding minimizes the time spent by half because it eliminates the hair step process in the morning.

The Pope smoke, a famous rapper, and singer had a signature braiding style before passing away. The distinct style influenced people to start trying out the hairstyle, so he also influenced the name. The braiding method involves the hairstylist braiding your hair into four rows with a middle or side part.

The hair is braided in to achieve the complete look of cornrows or braids. In most cases, the hairstylist uses a lot of products to achieve that style in women. Therefore, expect products like a lot of gel, foam, or moose and a super hold styler for the edges.

If you are in a hurry or looking for something quick and straightforward, you can try this hairstyle. The good thing about the pop smoke hairstyle is that it only takes a few minutes to an hour to braid. The Pope Smoke hairstyle with the middle part hair is also called the feed-in or the tribal braids.

This article will discuss some famous pop smoke hairstyles and how we can easily manipulate the style to the desired design. For this reason, here are the ten most popular pope smoke braids which can inspire you.

Best Pop Smoke Braids:

1. The Short Pop Smoke Braids

The short pop smoke braids are the standard cornrows with the four-part like in this image. Many girls like the fuller look and add braids or extensions to the hairstyle (image). While some people also like the pop smoke style with braids and a blunt cut at the end (image).

Other times, hairstylists can dip your rolled-up hair in hot water to achieve defined curls at the end like this image. Beads are also a fun way of designing the hairstyle. You can add some beads at the end of the short hairstyle and the middle part, like the lady in this image.

2. The Long Pop Smoke Braids

Many people add longer extensions to make the braids longer (image). For some people, the braids extend to their waist level or longer, like in this image. The long pop smoke hairstyle can also have different starting points to improve your look (image).

Some people also like the long smoke hairstyle with curved cornrows at the front (image). You can also get the long pop smoke hairstyle style with unbraided ends like the lady in this image.

3. The Different Part Areas Of The Pop Smoke Hairstyle

The hairstylist can improve the pop smoke hairstyle by giving you a side part (image). You can also add some curves to the side par to achieve the look in this image. There is also the pop smoke style with the side part with smaller cornrows between the large curved cornrows (image).

The other pop smoke hairstyle is the one with the side part at the front, with the following line having a side part on the opposite side. The parts keep alternating sides (image). Ladies can choose to get the regular cornrows or stitch the cornrows like this image.

4. The Pop Smoke Zigzag Part Braids

The zigzag partition of the pop smoke braids is another hairstyle that you should try. The first style is a zigzag partition at the middle part of the hair (image). The second one is where girls get the zigzag partition between rows like in this image. The hairstylist can combine the two styles to create an elegant look like this image.

Furthermore, it is possible to add some curls at the end for the zigzag look (image). You can also get the zigzag look with beads at the end of the birds like this image.

5. Jumbo Pop Smoke Braids

The jumbo or tribal braids are different from the regular pop smoke braids because they appear fuller. This look will need more extensions to make the cornrows look thicker (image). The oversized look with curved cornrows usually appears flattering (image). Also, you can add some at the end if you want the ultimate look (image).

The jumbo pop smoke braids are thinner at the end, making it possible for you to get beads at the end like the girl in this image. The jumbo braids are heavy, and they can strain your hair strands. Getting the layered cornrows is also an option that will relieve the weight of the extensions (image).

6. Closure Pop Smoke Braids

If you are the type of girl that doesn’t mind capturing people’s attention, then you can get the colored pop smoke braids. Colored braids bring out people’s styles in different ways. The highlights or the brown hairstyle are subtle, and you can rock it to your job (image). We also have the ombre look with various colors that make a statement when you walk into a room (image).

The other style is the colored hues which is a look that you cannot go with to a corporate job, but it is a fun style to go rock on a summer vacation (image). Speaking of bright and fun summer colors, you have an option of attempting to rock full-colored hair like the one in this image. However, if the full hair color is too much, the color accent looks where you get one bold color while the rest are dull colors (image).

7. Pop Smoke Braids With Smaller Braids

The smaller lines between the more oversized cornrows are another way to try out the pop smoke braids (image). Many people like the hairdo with the smaller line at the middle part that goes all the way to the back (image). In the central region, the minor cornrows are not limited to only one. There can also be two or three smaller cornrows (image).

The other complex and exciting hairdo is the one with smaller cornrows that complement the curves of the more oversized cornrows (image). Finally, you can spice up the look by getting smaller cornrows that work with the larger cornrows to create a complex geometry finished look (image).

8. Pop Smoke Box Braids

The pop smoke hair is versatile, and you can wear them into box braids. The box braids look simpler to achieve than the cornrows. Instead of enormous box braids, you can layer the box braids (image). You can also accessorize the box braids with beads to break the monotony (image).

Instead of beads, some people love the curls at the end of the box braids because they give a more natural look (image). The hairstylist can also add extensions to the braids to make them longer and accessories at the end (image). You can also layer the box braids below the cornrows like the lady in this image.

9. The Men’s Pop Smoke Hairstyle

The men’s pop smoke hairdo is simple and easy to install. They do not need any extensions while braiding (image). Usually, the men’s pop smoke hairdo is always straight. Men can also include a curve at the front to create a seamless look (image).

Many guys like the layered cornrows pop smoke hairdo because they don’t have to shave the sides (image). The long hair falling to the sides can be irritating to the skin. Therefore, men can get a high fade on the sides with cut edges (image). The other men’s hairstyle option is requesting the barber for the middle part cornrows like this guy (image).

10. The Kids’ Pop Smoke Hairstyle

The hairstyle is also great for kids to protect their hair from friction and breakage when they play. The pop smoke hairstyle also makes the kids cute and adorable (image). Children like beads, you can add colorful beads at the end with rubber bands so that the braids do not unwind (image).

To avoid straining the child’s hair strand, you can add a smaller cornrow at the middle part (image). The curved cornrows are simple and unique, giving your child a glowing natural look (image). Lastly, little boys as young as toddlers can also rock the pop smoke hairstyle (image)


You don’t wash your hair to look tousled or brittle after leaving the salon. You need to have the right products which will leave your hair looking sleek, shiny, and healthy (image). Laying your edges is another stylish way to style your hair, but it is the crucial element that completes the pop smoke hairstyle (images). Besides, we have seen that beads can also accomplish the fun pop smoke hair look.

However, if you don’t like them, you can accessorize them with other hair accessories (image and image 2). It would be best if you also got a hairstylist that you had seen their work before through pictures on their pages or a friend who referred them to you. If you get a shoddy hairstylist, you can end up with uneven hair like the girl in this image.

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