TOP 10: Medium Length Hairstyles For Women

Medium-length hairstyles are all the rage at the moment and have become a trendy look in their own right. Traditionally, you either had long hair or short hair, but with a medium-length style, you can have the best of both worlds.

Medium-length hair is a versatile option as it suits any hair type and texture and allows you to easily play around with your look. There are some benefits to having medium length, like being able to keep your hair healthier. Shorter hair also means less maintenance and less money.

Having shorter hair means fewer trips to the salon, less time styling, and your products will last longer. Medium-length hairstyles suit all face shapes, and you just need to find the length that suits you best. After the last two years, lots of which were spent at home, and your hair might be in need of TLC, or at the very least an update.

Now I know, you have probably been loving your mom-bun, but it is time to take some time for yourself and get your hair cut in a way that makes you feel strong, powerful, beautiful. A medium-length hairstyle is a great way to transition from Zoom calls in your sweatpants to life outside your living room.

Whether you want a carefree tousled look or a modern asymmetrical cut, a medium-length hairstyle will offer you a variety of options for any occasion. Not only will you be able to still tie it up for the school run, but you can look chic in minutes for an office brunch.

So, if you have found yourself looking critically in the mirror, wishing your hair was more vibrant and effortless, then why not make that appointment? A medium length hairstyle could be just the thing you need to kickstart 2022!

Medium Length Hairstyles For Women

1. Shaggy Lob

Gone are the days of dead straight hair that has been tortured into submission with a GHD. Now, you can embrace the messy state of your hair, and everyone will think it was always meant to be that way.

A shaggy lob is one of the trendiest medium length hairstyles at the moment, so why not embrace it? It is more natural and means you can be out of the house and look good in just a few minutes.

For this style to look effortless, however, it needs to be cut right. It needs to just touch your collarbone with soft layers for texture and movement. Why not try some texture spray to help you achieve the chic, tousled look?

2. Sliced Lob

A long bob usually falls between your chin and collarbone. This style is great if you want the appearance of longer hair without all the fuss. Why not add something extra to your usual style with a sliced lob?

This medium length hairstyle can be worn in luscious waves or kept chic and straight. That means you can transition from office powerhouse to fun party girl with a few simple steps.

A sliced lob looks great on any face shape and hair texture, and you can choose the best layering option for your features. A lob is definitely one of the hottest medium length hairstyles of the moment, so why not give it a go?

3. Bangs And Angled Layers

If you are wanting a more edgy and retro look, then angled layers and bangs are a great way to style your medium length hair. This look can be soft and sultry or feathered and flirty, all depending on the cut of the layers and the way you style them.

It is a great way to thin out thick hair and give it more texture, but it is also an easy way to add volume and body to thin hair. The options are endless with this medium length hairstyle, as you can choose layers that work best with your face shape.

4. Messy, Inverted Lob

Styling your hair can be tedious and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Opting for a highly textured cut means you can get away with messy layers and look chic rather than sloppy.

An inverted lob will elongate your face by drawing attention to your chin and accentuating your jawline. It is a clever way to frame your face with soft layers that highlight your features.

You can have a subtle inverted lob with a slight elongation in the front. Or you can be bold and create a dramatic silhouette. Regardless of your preference, an inverted lob is a medium length haircut that will leave you feeling chic, elegant, and powerful.

5. Ombre Shag

An ombre effect looks like the hair has been dipped in color and usually moves from darkest to lightest. Finding a hairstyle you love can be tricky.

So, if you have a medium length hairstyle that suits you, then why not try an ombre look rather than changing the style? This allows you to be bold and creative in your color choices while keeping the haircut you love.

An ombre style works well on any hair texture, and because your roots are kept darker, it is easy to maintain. If you have a medium length hairstyle, then an ombre effect is definitely worth considering.

6. Curly Shag

Styling curly hair can be a challenge, one only understood by those of us who have had to deal with tedious wash days and hours under the diffuser. A shag cut is not necessarily the easiest as it does require some styling, but it is a great option for girls with curls.

The layers give this style a soft texture, volume, and movement. The more tousled, the better as it appears effortless and frames your face.

If you have curly hair and want a shag cut that won’t have you spending hours in front of a mirror, then try one that has longer layers and less fringe.

7. Long Bob With Bangs

If you have straight or wavy hair, then adding bangs to your medium length hairstyle is a fun and fast way to update your look. Bangs pair well with a long bob as it softens your features and frames your face.

This medium length hairstyle is a classic and one that women have adored for years. It is easy to style and looks just as good up as it does down, allowing you to pair it with a variety of outfits.

If you love having a medium length hairstyle but feel like it needs updating, then why not add some bangs?

8. Midi Shag With Curtain Bangs

If you love the idea of bangs but don’t want to commit to the maintenance of straight bangs, then why not try curtain bangs. These are longer, so they require less styling and can be worn parted to the side or down the middle.

Curtain bangs paired with a midi shag allow you to have a medium length hairstyle that feels light and fresh, and simple to style. The messy layers of a midi shag add volume and movement without the heavy feeling of longer hair.

9. Choppy Cut With Shadow Roots

Regrowth used to be a thorn in the side of hairstylists and clients alike, but no longer. With the shadow root technique, you can now enjoy a blended hair color that keeps your natural roots and allows the color to grow out without having to visit a salon.

After the last two years, I’m sure we can all appreciate the importance of this technique. It is becoming increasingly popular and is a fun and convenient way to try something new and play with color.

Because this technique works with any hair length, it is an ideal way to update your medium length hairstyle. By keeping the layers choppy and your roots dark, you can have a modern and fresh look that requires little maintenance.

10. Two-Tier Cut

This may seem like an outdated option for your medium length but done right, and this cut can look fresh and modern. In a world of feathered layers and messy shags, keeping things simple with a two-tier cut could be just what you need.

You could go for two definite layers that you can keep straight or style with an outwards curl. Or you could try the retro mullet version of this style.

This style works especially well for older women who want to update their medium length hairstyle without getting too daring.



There are so many medium length hairstyles to inspire you. Your hair is such an important part of your identity that changing it can be difficult. But having the same hairstyle year in and year out can become boring and have you losing interest in caring for it.

Maybe your hair is growing out and you are not sure how to handle the length? Or maybe it is too long and heavy for you to deal with?

An easy solution to these problems is to try a medium length hairstyle, one that offers a fun change to your look. It is such a versatile style that you will be able to find a variation of this look that works for you.

So, go on, be bold and make a change that you and your hair will love!

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