When you think long, flowy, silky hair, you probably picture a shapely woman with charming eyes and a feminine sweetness to her. And while you’ll typically see luscious hair on women, long locks are also amazing on men. In fact, some male models are hired specifically for their lush mane.

There are lots of types of long hair for men. Some flaunt a curly mop for that adorable surfer boy look, while others have long, golden hair that almost reaches their chest a la Fabio or Prince Charming. Either way, It still looks gorgeous on any man confident enough to rock those beautiful tresses.

Can’t get enough of men with luscious locks? Here are 30 hot male models with long hair you won’t be able to stop thinking about!

Male Models With Long Hair:

Willy Cartier

French model Willy is a huge name in the high-end fashion world. He has a unique look thanks to his European roots with a mix of Senegalese and Vietnamese. 

Aside from his beautiful, naturally wavy black-brown hair, he is known for his work on the runway with huge brands like Givenchy, Chanel, and Benetton.

One cool thing about Willy is that he attended a private Parisian drama school and the International Dance Academy in California. This informs his craft as a model, making his poses and facial expression almost a gorgeous performance each time.

Ton Heukels

Ton is a Dutch model who is represented by renowned global agencies, such as Elite and Two Management. He’s done print and runway work for designer brands such as Giorgio Armani, and even smaller brands like Les Hommes Publics. He’s also been an editorial model for publications like GQ.

In his free time, it looks like this blonde-haired lad loves to travel and see the world. His Instagram feed is filled with photos at the beach and going around old cities. A handsome man who has luscious locks and a penchant for travel? What more could you ask for!

Giaro Giarratana

Italian-Dutch Giaro is most known as a blogger and fashion infuencer, thanks to his time as a travel enthusiast. But during his time under the spotlight (and because of his tremendously good-looking appearance), he also turned into a model. His main modeling jobs happen in Amsterdam, where his agency is.

Aside from modeling, Giaro is also an ambitious entrepreneur. He has a brand called Giomi Italia, which is a vegan, unisex beauty brand—a brand that he frequently models for too. He also handles an eyewear and lifestyle brand called 90CIG.

Marlon Teixeira

Brazilian model Marlon has over 500k followers on Instagram—a testament to how well-loved he is by supportive fans. This 30-year-old hottie has been seen doing work for big fashion houses such as Chanel, Emporio Armani, Balmain, Dior Homme, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. 

As a huge name in the modeling industry, Marlon is handled by lots of agencies wherever he is in the world. This includes Wilhelmina Models in New York, Elite in Milan, and many more across the globe’s fashion capitals.

Now, Marlon doesn’t have hair that’s quite as long as the previous models. But he has a signature brown shag that makes him the ultimate surfer hunk!

Luke Eisner

Luke is a triple threat. First, he’s a fashion model who has done work for some of the world’s favorite accessible brands, like American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and H&M. But he’s also a fabulous actor (who you might have seen play the male lead in Netflix’s Tall Girl in 2019) and a passionate musician.

While Luke has a plethora of talents he loves to share with the world, it’s hard to ignore his good looks too. He’s the typical dream boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, giving his appearance a romantic touch.

Tony Thornburg

Tony is an American model with quite a global look. He has Japanese and Swedish blood, giving him the strong features of his European heritage along with soft eyes and luscious hair from his Asian side. 

Because of his unique look, he works with a wide range of brands across the world, from Giorgio Armani to Yohji Yamamoto. And while a lot of his work has to do with fashion and high-end menswear, he is sometimes also photographed for fantasy and cultural projects, decked out in the finest costumes.

Josh Heuston

With Anglo-Sri Lankan Josh’s smoldering, piercing eyes and long brown curls, it’s no surprise that he has done well as both a fashion model and an actor. 

As a model, he’s done fashion campaigns for big labels like Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Tommy Hilfiger in cities like Shanghai and Milan. He’s even worked on more fun and quirky campaigns, like the dating app Bumble in Australia.

With his dazzling looks, he’s also landed quite the roles as an actor. He played Zeus Pretty Boy in Thor: Love and Thunder, and bagged a role in the remake of the iconic Australian teen show Heartbreak High. 

Jonathan Bellini

Bad boy Jonathan has it all—deep-set eyes, sexy piercings, bold tattoos, and a banging bod. He’s done print work for L’Officiel Hommes, Capricho, and Adon. He’s represented by prestigious agencies around the world, such as Wilhelmina Models, Modelwerk, and New Madison Models.

He sometimes puts his relatively long, curly, shoulder-length hair into cool new styles, such as cornrows, braids, and man buns. 

But this guy isn’t just a pretty face—he’s a hard worker too. He’s a co-founder at Preserve Streetwear, a shop that sells sneakers, socks, bags, and more. He also loves to travel the globe!

Brock O’Hurn

When it comes to man buns and facial hair, there’s arguably no one quite as iconic as the big and buff Brock O’Hurn. 

This California-based model and fitness enthusiast has done a lot of cool and exciting projects, from campaigns for LG Electronics to posing for fantasy and romance book covers. He has a whopping two million Instagram followers, which is no surprise seeing the range of his work.

Brock is also actively working on Studio 22, a podcast that tackles business, sports, and entertainment. In recent years, he’s also found lots of work in the world of media, whether it’s small roles for movies or founding his own media company, Outlaw Logic Pictures.

Miles McMillan

Curly-haired Miles is an American actor and model who worked his way up the ranks of his fashion career. He started modeling in college for accessible apparel brands like Urban Outfitters. A few years later, he was tapped by major agencies, and his professional modeling career boomed.

Throughout his decade-long career as a model, he’s walked runways or done print campaigns for brands like Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fendi. He’s also done editorial photoshoots for Vogue and Daily Front Row Magazine.

Luka Sabbat

You might have known young Luka as Kourtney Kardashian’s ex from a few years back, but since then, he has made quite a name for himself in the world of media and the arts.

Luka is a social media influencer and fashion model. With his long, perfect traditional dreadlocks, he gives extra oomph to the accessories and clothes he models. He’s worked with trendy brands such as YEEZY, but also timeless, high-fashion labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, and Swarovski.

Justin Gossman

Not every male model with long hair has to look dreamy and prince-like. Some of them, like Justin, emit a different kind of aura—one that screams rock ‘n roll and gothic punk. His dark, shaggy, mullet-style hair is very reminiscent of Mick Jagger, who some say Justin resembles. His look is so intense and heart-wrenching that he makes a huge impact with a single glance.

Justin has posed for high-end brands like Baccarat, NARS, and Breil, and walked the runways of big names like Guy Laroche and Borsalino. 

Michael Lockley

Now, let’s hear it for the men with long, curly hair! Afros may not be as trendy as they were in the 70s anymore, but men like Michael make them look amazing and fit for the modern age. His copper curls are styled to perfection each time he steps in front of the camera to look lush and fluffy every time.

Michael mostly does print work, specifically editorial spreads for popular magazines. He’s had shoots with publications like GQ. He’s also walked in various shows, like those of Todd Snyder and Abasi Rosborough.

Kevin Creekman

When it comes to tattoos, Kevin Creekman is king. Not an inch of his skin from the neck down seems to have zero ink, giving him that tough guy vibe. And the tatts are more than meaningful. This LA-based model had an intense weight loss journey since his teen years, and his tattoos are there to cover up his scars and stretch marks.

His face, however, looks incredibly dashing, thanks to his head of long, blonde hair and scruffy, rugged facial hair. It’s no surprise that brands like The Beard Struggle and Celsius Energy Drink are clamoring to get him to endorse their products online. If you love that sexy bad boy aesthetic, you might want to give him a follow on Instagram!

Jordun Love

LA-based Jordun loves to flaunt his naturally curly hair in his photoshoots and personal photos on social media. His look and style are quite versatile, so he’s landed projects from trendy brands like Crocs and ASOS, to luxury menswear labels like Zegna. He’s also done some photoshoots for magazines like Dazed and Mission Magazine.

Augusto Werle

Who says lusciously long red hair is just for mermaids and girly girls? Brazilian Augusto shows us that sexy men can sport copper-colored tresses and look like a smoke-show too! His long, straight hair may seem basic at first, but when you look closely at its unique auburn tone, you’ll realize how special Augusto’s look is.

Augusto is represented by Another Agency in Brazil and Boom Models in Italy, making him a global model. 

Bram van Adrichem

Bram is more than just a model—he’s a travelbug too. He’s currently driving around Europe, discovering new cities and documenting his life on the road on his Instagram. 

His recent content has tons of photos of farm life and cooking while he’s on the road, but when he’s in front of the camera to model, it’s a different story. He can switch from his warm, adventurous side to looking debonair when modeling for posh, masculine brands. Bram has worked with luxury brands like Mercedez-Benz, Dstrezzed, and Etro. 

Levi Stocke

Can’t get enough of long-haired, tattooed men? Feast your eyes on Levi, a male model who loves motorcycles as much as he loves flirting with the camera. 

Levi is part-actor and part-model, and has found huge success in both paths. As an actor, he’s landed roles as bad boys in movies like Laudanum and Babel. And as a model, he’s known to have led campaigns for commercial brands like Diesel, Levi, and H&M. 

Ric Wersig

Ric is a German actor and model who used to wear his hair up to his shoulder, but in recent months has had it cut to a semi-long shag. When he’s not posing in front of the camera for fashion shoots, he’s busy filmmaking—sometimes even acting. He’s graced the covers of magazines like Lana Grossa and done social media ads for Urban Sports Club.

Douglas Norbim

Brazilian fashion model Douglas may just have the most golden blonde hair you’ve ever seen. Not only is it long and thick with a natural wave, but it also has that luminescent warm tone any woman would kill to have in her blonde locks. Coupled with his fit body, Douglas looks like your dream beach boy. 

In his free time, Douglas is a lifeguard, as well as a surfing and swimming instructor.

Jordan Barrett

Australian model Jordan may be young at 25, but he’s already more accomplished than many of his fellow male models older than him. He was scouted by IMG Models at the ripe age of 14. And in 2016, Models.com named him the Model of the Year. He’s worked for brands like Versace, Coach, Balmain, and Tom Ford.

Aside from being an outstanding male model, Jordan is very well-loved on social media for his playful personality. On his socials, this young model likes to post silly candids and photos with friends.

Patrick Hoffman

Blondie Patrick has a range of interests that make him even more good-looking, if that’s even possible. He loves bikes, tattoos, and fitness—all things he loves to share with his followers online. It’s interesting to see how he can quickly adapt to what a photograph is asking for, whether it’s an upscale fashion look to casual riding on a motorcycle.

Elias Black

Before Elias was a model, he was once a reality star (you may have seen him on Love Island!). But today, he focuses more on his modeling career. While on the show, he had super long hair down to his chest, he now maintains a shaggy cut that falls right above his shoulder.

Elias has worked with brands like Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. He is handled by Kult Models and LA Models.

Alessandro Pierozan

Alessandro is a Brazilian model who can look princely and stately if he needs to, but more often than not has a wild and playful look—something that seems to reflect his personality. He’s worked with fashion and accessories brands like GUESS and Calvin Klein, but has also done a few quirky campaigns for commercial brands like Colgate.

Cole Monahan

Cole has curly brown hair that looks perfect for all kinds of shoots, from fashion spreads to simple portraits by photographers. It’s no wonder why so many agencies represent him, like Block Agency and Wimbley Man. When he’s not modeling, Cole works as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Jonathan Almeida

Here’s yet another male model who loves fitness—Jonathan from Brazil. He’s the type of model who already has his signature look down pat—long, messy hair, a cowboy hat, and a fat cigar. It makes him eye-catching and engaging in any photo!

Matheus Martins

Matheus is yet another hunky Brazilian we can’t resist but include in this list. He’s done spreads for huge fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ, and posed for Brazilian lifestyle and fashion brands like Chilli Beans and Lightning Bolt. 

Aside from modeling, he’s also a DJ, producer, and actor—wowza! He’s even founded a fitness project called Life in Action, a muay thai and yoga event.

Maximiliano Patane 

Argentinian Maximiliano has an interestingly laidback, hippie style that most people don’t know how to rock. But he makes it look as natural as can be. His long hair pairs nicely with his personal style of breathable clothing and beachy aesthetic.

It may come as a surprise that this uber-relaxed model has graced the runways and ads of Vakko, Rochas, Banana Republic, and other luxe brands.

Nitin Chauhan

Of course, we can’t end this list without featuring Indian model and actor Nitin. He has a refreshingly cool and breezy vibe to his style, which is why photographers and brands clamor to have him model for them. He’s amazing at taking portraits, as can be seen on his social media pages. He’s also a visual artist with a page dedicated to his paintings—check it out if you love art!

Matti Ceulemans 

Lastly, we have LA-based model Matti. Although he’s not as popular as the other models on this list, his current portfolio looks quite impressive. He’s modeled for fashion brand One Golden Thread and GMARO Magazine, among other projects. With his strong jawline and sexy smirk, we won’t be surprised to see him in more and more fashion projects soon.


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