20 Best Christmas Hairstyles For Girls

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Christmas is a time of the year that nearly everyone loves. No matter where you live in the world, the feelings of good cheer and family can’t help but make you feel happy.

Christmas as adults is fun, but having kids takes it to a whole new level. Suddenly you are caught up in the magic of the season, and you get to experience it through the fresh eyes of a child.

It is pretty magical to recreate those feelings from your childhood. But with the festive season comes the inevitable Christmas parties, cards, and family photos. The ones where you need to squeeze into that red dress and make sure your kids are clean and presentable.

It also means added pressure to buy gifts, cook, and partake in advent activities. It can be overwhelming rather than magical as a parent, which is not what the season should be about.

How about this year? Instead of splurging on Christmas outfits that your kids will outgrow in a few months, why not try a festive hairstyle?

There are so many quick and easy Christmas-themed hairstyle options for girls that you won’t need to worry about appropriate outfits, and your kids will still look fit for the season.

Christmas Hairstyles For Girls:

1. Snowflake Stickers


If you have a little girl who wants to be Princess Elsa when she grows up, then this festive style is for you. Not only will this look impress at parties, but your daughter will happily get involved because she will look like her favorite Disney character.

Use a French braid and secure it at the end. Then stick on a selection of snowflakes and crystals followed by a sprinkle of glitter. If you have any festive clips, then add them as well.

This is a quick, easy and affordable way to jazz up any hairstyle for a holiday party. Not only will your daughter sparkle at the Christmas party with her festive snowflakes, but she will be happy doing it.

2. Fake Poinsettia Hair Accessory


Nothing says Christmas quite like a poinsettia, so why not use that in your daughter’s hair for the next family Christmas card picture?

You can find fake poinsettias in almost every craft store at this time of year, so why not buy one large one or a few smaller ones. Instead, attach them with hot glue to some clips and viola! A cheap and simple hair accessory that will stun.

You can create a simple updo like a bun, ponytail, or chignon and add the poinsettia clip for glam and festive flare. Don’t forget to add it to the Christmas box for next year!

3. Ribbon-Laced Braid


This one may seem complicated, but it’s actually very simple.

Make two braids in your daughter’s hair, starting from near her forehead and working back. A simple 3-strand braid will work best for this hairstyle. Once you have finished, choose some festive ribbon and weave it in and out of the two braids in a corset style.

Once you have reached the end of the braids, tie them together using the ribbon, preferably in a festive bow. This quick and painless hairstyle doesn’t require anything fancy, yet it looks very impressive.

4. French Braid With Giant Bow


Christmas is usually over the top and ostentatious, but sometimes the most effective decorations are the simple ones. Why not try a hairstyle that packs a punch with its elegance and simplicity?

Do a chunky French braid in your daughter’s hair, and then tie it at the bottom with an oversized bow. Any bow would work, but try to find a red velvet or red plaid ribbon for that extra Christmas flair.

5. Glitter Parting


Everyone loves a bit of glitter, especially little girls. Luckily it wouldn’t be Christmas without glitter, which is what makes this simple and pretty hairstyle so effective. It can also be done with long or short hair.

Part the hair down the middle. Make a simple braid on each side of the parting with the top portion of the hair, leaving the rest loose. Then, secure the braids together in a bun at the back of the head.

Now for the fun part. Add glitter, gold works well to the middle parting. This creates a festive hairstyle that you can put together for a last-minute party or school play.

6. Reindeer Bun


This is a fun, festive hairstyle for younger kids. Making a bun using a bun ring or just a regular bun will work fine.

Then glue two eyes and a red pom-pom nose onto a bobby pin. Once they are dry, insert the pins into the bun, making a reindeer’s face. Brown pipe cleaners make great antlers, and they are easy to adjust.

This can double up as a fun activity with your kids. Let them get involved with gluing the parts together and bending the pipe cleaners. Not only will your daughter have a fabulous Christmas hairstyle, but you will have happily occupied your kids with some festive crafting.

7. Christmas Bauble Bun


Another sweet Christmas bun hairstyle is to make the bun look like a festive bauble. You will make a bun, preferably using a bun ring for this, as it will be a neater finish. Then fold pipe cleaners over the edges of the bun into the center.

Finally, use the plastic top off of a Christmas bauble, glue it to a bobby pin and stick it at the top of the bun. You can use any color pipe cleaners you like, maybe even try the tinsel ones for a bit of extra festive glam.

8. Christmas Tree Braid


This is another hairstyle that looks tricky but is actually quite simple. It also looks very impressive, and your daughter can proudly show it off to her friends.

Separate a top section of hair and create a simple, three-strand braid. Tie the braid and the remaining hair tight at the nape of the neck. Now, gently pull out the side strands of the braid to make a triangle tree shape.

The braid should be tight at the top, and then the pieces pulled out slightly toward the bottom. Add some festive bauble bobby pins to your “tree” and a little star clip to the top of the braid, and you are set.

9. Gift Bow Headband


This gift bow headband will work a treat if you are really in a pinch for time. This is also an excellent option for the younger members of your family.

We all know what happens with all the leftover ribbons and bows from Christmas time. They either get tossed or kept in a repurposed gift bag under the bed. Why not put them to good use this year?

Use any remaining ribbon to make a headband around your daughter’s head. Secure it with staples covered by tape or hot glue if you have the time. Then choose a festive bow (or tie your own) and stick it on.

And there you have it! A quick and easy repurposed Christmas accessory that is sure to be a talking point.

10. Holly Sprigs


This is a versatile hairstyle as it can be done with any kind of hair and only requires a few sprigs of holly. You can get creative here and do a hairstyle that works for you. Maybe you choose a messy up-do or a simple braid or perhaps a half-up, half-down creation?

Regardless, all you need to do is add some festive holly sprigs to your hairstyle, and it will instantly be Christmas party-ready. Because you can play around with this one, it means you can use it for more than one fee=stive event.

Just be careful when using holly, as it can be quite spiky.

11. Christmas Wreath         


Nothing says Christmas quite like a festive wreath, so why not incorporate one into your daughter’s hairstyle? This one works best if your daughter has long hair. Make one long braid, and then wrap it around your daughter’s head and secure with pins.

Then thread some ribbon through the braid. Add some festive decorations by pinning them around the wreath. You can get creative and use baubles, glitter, fake greenery, poinsettias, or mini pinecones.

If your daughter has shorter hair, then why not make a mini wreath and use it as a headband? It will have the same festive flare and won’t be any less effective.

12. Christmas Tree Hair


This one might be slightly challenging and more time-consuming, but the results are worth it. You will need some stronghold hairspray, an empty plastic bottle, and some festive decorations like tinsel and baubles.

Place the plastic bottle on top of your daughter’s head. Pull all the hair up and around the bottle and secure with a hair tie. Spray it with hairspray to help it hold the cone-like shape.

Then start to decorate, wrap it in tinsel, add some baubles and maybe even go so far as putting a star at the top. This is an impressive Christmas hairstyle that will make your daughter the talk of the next party.

13. Christmas Bauble Braid


This is a unique and pretty Christmas hairstyle that your daughter will love. Take a section of hair from the left side and begin to create a braid, moving across to the right-hand side. Be sure to incorporate pieces of hair into each section of the braid as you move across, so the braid stays securely in place.

Use a bobby pin to secure the end of the braid behind the right ear. Then glitzy Christmas baubles to bobby pins and push them through the braid, allowing them to dangle underneath it. This will create a beautiful effect that will suit any festive function.

14. Funky Christmas Headband


If your daughter has short hair or a sensitive head and won’t allow you to create a Christmas hairstyle, why not make a festive headband? This could also double up as a fun family activity, and maybe every family member could make their own for your Christmas card photo.

All you would need is a plastic Alice band, a glue gun, and a selection of Christmas decorations. Then it’s time to get creative.

You could glue mini gifts, baubles, the tinsel of faux mini-Christmas trees onto your band. Or maybe you could create a winter scape with some snowmen and fake snow? The options are endless, and you could create something classically Christmas or something a bit more Christmas kitsch.

15. Tinsel Headband


If you need a festive hairstyle fast and don’t have much on hand, then try a tinsel headband. Leave your daughter’s hair loose and tie the tinsel like a headband with a large bow on top.

Nothing says Christmas more than tinsel, so your daughter will look festive, and you won’t have to go through much effort. You could also use tinsel around a bun or pony for the same effect.

16. Faux Snow Stencils


Not only will this hairstyle be fun and festive, but it is quick, painless, and washes out easily.

You will need some Christmas stencils and a faux snow spray paint bottle. This will work best on straight hair, so if your daughter’s hair is wavy or curly, you will need to straighten it beforehand.

Once the hair is straight, hold the stencil against the hair and spray on the faux snow. This will leave a beautiful print on your daughter’s hair, suitable for any Christmas party or family photo.

17. Glitter Pony


Glitter spray is an easy way to jazz up any hairstyle and add that festive flair.

Tie your daughter’s hair in a low pony at the nape of her neck. Use a piece of her hair to secure the pony or cover the elastic for a seamless finish. Then add some glitter spray to the pony to add some glitz and shine.

You could also be bold and spray your daughter’s loose hair with the spray, making her look ready for any party. Glitter is a quick way to add a festive feel to any hairstyle.

18. Snowman Bun


This is another fun way to style a bun at Christmas. You will need three bun rings and some hairspray, plastic eyes, pipe cleaners, and a mini top hat.

You will need to form three buns using the rings on top of your daughter’s head. Use hairspray to keep any flyaway pieces in check. Then use the pipe cleaners to make arms and push them into the second bun. The eyes and top hat get added to the top bun.

To finish your snowman off, use a piece of festive ribbon and tie it around the top bun like a scarf. This is a cute hairstyle you will definitely want to try.

19. Stars


Stars make any hairstyle look fanciful and festive so consider adding them to your daughter’s hair this Christmas.

This also allows your daughter to choose any hairstyle she wants, and you can easily add star clips or stickers to make it more festive.

You could even make a star headband for Christmas this year. Stick stars onto a thin wire and tie them onto a simple Alice band. This is a simple way to jazz up any festive outfit.

20. Ribbon Pigtails


Finally, ribbon pigtails will look adorable on your daughter this festive season.

Tie your daughter’s hair into pigtails and tie the Christmas ribbon at different points down each pigtail. Or you could use a ribbon to tie one big ribbon at the top of each pigtail.

Another option is to wrap red and white ribbon around each pigtail and turn your daughter’s hair into candy canes. Pigtails on little girls are always adorable regardless of how you choose to style them.

So, Why Not Try a Holiday Hairstyle this Christmas?

Christmas is such a special time of the year, and it is definitely worth taking the time with your festive outfits.

Sometimes you can’t get out of wearing the holiday sweater of Rudolph proudly displaying his nose, while other times, you have the freedom to create something magical.

Helping your daughter style her hair for Christmas can be a fun, bonding experience that allows you to make memories together. It is a time of the year to be together with those you love, laughing and making memories you will all cherish forever.

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