Hawaii is known for gorgeous teal beach water, powder-like white sand, and glorious volcanoes. But everyone knows that the beauty of women in Hawaii is just as memorable.

It’s difficult to wear the same breezy, tropical clothes as Hawaiian women if you don’t live by the beach. But you can always mimic the beautiful hairstyles the women on the islands wear. As long as you have long, thick tresses and some exotic flowers within reach, it’s easy to do a charming Hawaiian-style hairdo.

Whether you have a beach wedding to attend or a Luau BBQ evening get-together with your friends coming up, there’s always a suitable hairstyle you can create to achieve that breezy Hawaiian vibe.

Here are 20 cute and easy Hawaiian-themed hairstyles for women to draw inspiration from!

Hawaiian Themed Hairstyles for Females:

Long, Flowy Hair with a Deep Side Part and Flowers

One of the signature hair looks in Hawaii is wearing flora and fauna from the islands tucked behind your ear. It looks stunning on long, thick, flowy hair, like in this style.

Before wearing your favorite flowers behind your ears, add subtle, natural-looking waves to your locks for a beachy feel. You can do this with a thick curling wand, or you can simply leave your hair in a bun for a few hours and let it down later. Create a deep side part for a sultry look, and then add your flowers to your ear for the finishing touch.

Hip-Length Straight, Black Hair

But you don’t always have to accessorize your hair to get that Hawaiian vibe. Sometimes, simplicity is key when you want to honor the style of Hawaiian islanders. One way to look sleek and simple yet still emulate the tropical vibe is by wearing super long hair straightened.

Just use your trust flat iron to get rid of your natural frizz from root to tip, and you’re done. This look is fabulous on thick, black hair but will work on anyone with long tresses.

Chunky Braid with Exotic Flowers

If you want an enchanting touch to your Hawaiian hairstyle, go all out with an intricate braid and some exotic island florals to match.

Put your long hair in a thick, chunky braid of your choice. A French or fishtail braid should be easy enough to make on your own. Make it a bit lose to give your hair that look of fullness. Then, secure some colorful flowers across the braid using bobby pins.

Beachy Waves and Hot Pink Flower Crown

Hawaiian island meets Coachella in this hairstyle that combines beachy, wavy locks and the classic flower crown.

You can create tousled, beachy waves in just a few minutes with a curling wand. Just make sure you curl your hair with a thick, one-inch barrel so that the “curls” come out softer and wavier, never kinky.

When you’re done, shake your hair out and top it off with a colorful flower crown, like this one with hot pink flowers!

Luscious Natural Curls

One thing Hawaiian women love to do is wear their curls down. It’s an awesome way to show off the natural texture you’ve been blessed with while still looking super glam.

This look is excellent on thick, 4A-4C hair. To make those curls look super defined, use a curling cream or gel and glaze it over your locks. Then, flip your head over and scrunch your locks to create those spiral-like curls. Air-dry until you have a lush mane of pretty curls.

Hair Half-Up with Orchid

If you want to wear your hair down but also keep it away from your face as the ocean breeze hits you, try a half-up, half-down look. Instead of tying your hair in a full ponytail. Grab only the top section of your mane and tie half of it up while leaving the rest down. Add a gorgeous yellow orchid to cover up the hair tie for a bright, tropical touch.

Super Long Beachy Waves

There’s no hairstyle more perfect for the beach than tousled waves like these. One easy way to achieve defined waves like these is by using a flat iron. Clamp down the iron on a lock of hair and twist it to an angle as you pull down to achieve the perfect wave.

When you’re all done, you should have hair that’s so bold and eye-catching that you won’t feel the need to accessorize with flowers or headbands anymore!

Sideswept Hair with Multi-Colored Flowers

If you want a more romantic-looking Hawaiian hairstyle for a wedding or date, you can try out this side-swept look. Drape all your hair on one shoulder (exposing your other shoulder only adds to the sultriness of the look!). Clip your hair up to keep it in place, and add some multi-colored floral arrangements for a pop of color.

Long, Brown and Blonde Curls

Hawaii is home to some of the world’s hottest surfer babes. Emit that athletic, beach-loving energy by styling your hair in tight but long curls. You can do this with a curling wand that has a medium-sized barrel.

This look is fantastic on hair that has shades of brown and blonde. The brown has an earthy feel, while blonde streaks make you look sunkissed from spending so much time under the Hawaiian sun.

Messy Blonde Braid and White Flowers

Here’s another take on the long braid with flowers—this time with a messier touch for a laidback vibe. Do one long fishtail braid, and then add on the prettiest white flowers you can find.

Try doing this if you have blonde hair. The white flowers go exceptionally well with your light hair color, making you look serene and pure but cheerful at the same time.

Natural Waves with a Messy Braid

Get that instant island girl look with naturally wavy hair paired with a thin, messy braid for a touch of girliness. 

To achieve this look, simply use a sea salt hair spray to bring out those naturally imperfect-looking waves in your hair. Then, take a one-inch lock of hair on one side of your face and braid it in a simple style, like a Dutch or French braid. Make it lose and messy for that relaxed beach vibe.

Layered Natural Curls

Curly hair looks beautiful when it’s thick and full. But if you have naturally fine hair, don’t worry. You can still create an illusion of fullness and volume in your curls by getting a layered haircut. That way, you can show off your springy curls while adding more shape to your beachy hairdo. Pair this look with some long lashes and a bold lip for extra drama!

Black to Blonde Ombre with Flower Braid

Black hair is quite common in Hawaiian people, but adding a golden blonde to your tips makes your locks look even more beachy. Do an ombre so that your hair goes from black at the roots to light blonde at the ends. 

A fantastic way to style this hair shade is with a single fishtail braid on the side of your head as you wear your hair down. Accessorize with your favorite flower for more fun!

Sunkissed Balayage

Balayage highlights might be common in the big city, but this chic style’s depth of colors makes your hair look sunkissed as if you hung out on the Hawaiian shores for days. Asking for your stylist to give you a balayage with golden streaks can bring out the beach girl in you while still maintaining that air of sophistication that’s perfect for the busy metro.

Red Ends with Orange Flowers

Another way to highlight your hair is by creating deep, maroon ends. This shade of red gives you a darker, edgier look. But when styled in wavy locks like in this photo and with a bright orange flower (like birds of paradise), you’ll emulate the feel of a tropical island girl.

Ponytail and Pretty Pink Flower

If you want a neat, fuss-free, super easy hairstyle, you can do it with a simple ponytail like this. You can opt for a high pony for a more modern vibe, but this style that sits right at the crown of your head adds a bit more maturity to your look.

Complement this simple hairstyle with a big, bright-colored Hawaiian flower to grab a bit of attention. Secure it in place right where your hair tie is using bobby pins.

Giant Hibiscus Crown with Hair Down

Don’t be afraid to go super bold and dramatic with your Hawaiian hairstyles. One way to turn heads is to wear your hair super long and wavy, but with an eye-catching accessory—a hibiscus crown!

This mother-of-the-bride look is perfect for older women who want to look regal and respectable but also wish to honor the gorgeous style and florals of Hawaii.

Lowkey Chignon with Purple Flowers

Another way to keep your hair looking lowkey but still aligned with the Hawaiian theme is with a sleek chignon. 

Simply make a bun in the lower area of your hair, by the nape. You can do it right at the center or on one side. For a finishing touch, add some deep purple flowers. This look is perfect for an evening event or a romantic dinner by the beach.

Curled Ponytail and Rainbow Flowers

Spruce up your next wedding look with a touch of Hawaiian flowers that mimic the colors of the rainbow. Try out this long, low, perfectly curled ponytail that has colorful flowers as the centerpiece. It’s elegant but also playful and breezy, thanks to the floral touch.

For this look, you can either use fresh flowers or a clip. Either way works, but make sure you have tons of pretty colors in it to achieve that rainbow hue.

Curly Half-Updo with Leaves and Flowers

Flowers aren’t the only gorgeous plants in Hawaii. The islands have tons of lush greens, too. So, try to incorporate bright green leaves as well when you accessorize.

Here’s one look you may want to try if you have naturally long, curly, kinky hair. Put your hair in a half-updo. Hide the hair tie by placing an arrangement of colorful flowers and green leaves around the area. This creates the illusion of a dainty, feminine crown on your head to complement your big, coily curls.