Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair: 40 Hairstyles & Haircut Ideas 

Planning to chop those long curls? Are you tired of styling long hair and looking for shorter haircut alternatives? Then let us put you at ease.

We have curated for you 40 hairstyles and haircut ideas for short curly hair. Short hair has been and will always be very much in vogue. Especially if you have beautiful curly hair, then it is just a matter of finding the right hairdresser because the possibilities are endless.

Each style is unique and yet looks gorgeous on women. Whether it is a buzz cut, afro, pixie-cut, short bob, asymmetrical bob, or long curly bob, they all look incredibly fashionable.

So, it is only a matter of matching the hairstyle with the face frame and type of hair. Scroll down to find your favorite hairstyles for short curly hair.

Hairstyles for short curly hair:

  1. Buzz cut for curly hair

We understand that curly hair is high maintenance. The hair-care routine is a bit fussy, and you must take care of the frizz. So, if you have naturally curly hair and need a break from styling and maintaining, then give a buzz cut a try. It is a natural and easy hairstyle for ultra-short curly hair. For a few days, and perhaps even after that, you’ll have a badass image. And it is only a matter of time before it grows back to its long form.

  1. Short Afro for short curly hair

A little longer than the buzz cut but still close to the scalp is a short afro hairstyle. You will need a hairdresser who knows how to handle naturally curly hair to get you this haircut. The curls will be only an inch long and will give a perfectly bouncy look. Plus, it’ll be a low-maintenance style too. To keep it short, trim it every 6-8 weeks. However, if you plan to grow it out, then just practice good hair practices. We know the soft swirls will never fail to impress you.

  1. The quintessential round Afro look

Imagine your head has an aura created by your hair. For women of color, this is such a powerful image. For women with 4c type of curls, this may be the most natural hairstyle. It looks alluring, captivating, and stunning. The natural curls just form this big ball of Afro hair around your head, drawing everyone’s attention to you. Also, this hairstyle works for all women with 4c hair throughout their lives. To manage this hairstyle better, tie it up into a bun or space buns for a fun look.

  1. Tight ringlet Afro look

For women who like to wear their short hair slightly longer, this tight ringlet Afro look works wonders. Get your hair styled in a way that frames your face beautifully. The whole point of styling your hair is to accentuate the best features of your face. You’ll love how bouncy and soft your hair feels, and we’re certain anyone who looks at you also feels cheered by it. For maintaining your curls, use a non-lathering shampoo and a soft, water-soluble conditioner.

  1. Basic curly pixie look

For a curly head, carrying and maintaining a pixie cut is a cakewalk. And there are so many variations to this style. Read on for more details. A pixie cut is a boyish-looking haircut for women. The basic pixie hairdo looks cute and coy on women. Especially if you have fine curly hair, then this hairstyle will look great on you. A perfect hairstyle to beat the summer heat, it also works on formal occasions when kept in place with a little mousse. 

  1. Voluminous pixie look

Get a voluminous look with a pixie cut. The top has more hair, and it tapers lower at your nape and the sides. This haircut is at par with the currently trending androgynous looks. When worn tousled, it looks cute and playful. For a cool and retro vibe, you must try out this haircut. For a party look, use a setting gel and a few u-pins to get a sophisticated look. A versatile hairstyle for women with naturally curly hair. 

  1. Pixie with shaved sides

This is one of the coolest looks you can aim for. A pixie cut with shaved sides is like a subtle mohawk. So, it satisfies your craving for drama whilst staying within limits. This haircut gives so much ground to experiment with. As with most pixie cuts, the top has more volume. You could shave one side and have a side partition look. Or you could shave both sides for a more symmetric appearance. Making designs on the shaved sides is another way to amp up the edginess.

  1. Pixie cut with bangs

The magic created by the playful curls on your forehead added with the pixie hairstyle is next level. It is chic, modern, and every bit stylish. The contrast created by different lengths of curls defines the structure of your face. This look frames the face wonderfully and complements a strong jawline and high cheekbones. You can decide on the parting side and create a unique look. It is a powerful look that also looks feminine due to the playfulness of the bangs.

  1. Short even curly bob

From the boyish pixie cut, we go to the girlish bob cut. Essentially, bob cuts have been most seen on straight or wavy hair. But they look just as good, if not better, with curls. The short even bob cuts are unlayered curls that create this hairstyle. And then, you can tweak the parameters to create different bob hairstyles based on your hair type, face structure, and volume. For the best bob cut, use good quality hair products to decrease the frizz, increase the volume, and control stray hair.

  1. Curly crop hairstyle

Where pixie cut meets bob, it creates a curly crop. So, if you admire the pixie look at the back and the bob cut for the front, then this crop haircut is ideal for your curls. This is quite the bold hairstyle and looks very modish. This super cute look requires little to no maintenance. Because of its inherent wild-child quality, it gives a breezy feel to the wearer. Also, the blend of the two hairstyles adds to the apparent hair volume.

  1. Angled or the inverted bob 

The angled or inverted bob is short at the back and long in the front. The angle is such that it frames your cheeks or your face up to your chin. This is one of the most popular and modern looks on our list. It looks great with curls and with waves too. It goes well with formal and party ensembles and can be styled with ease. The overall effect of the angled look accentuates the volume and brings out your best features.

  1. The highlighted curly bob cut

Getting highlights is yet another way to add volume to your hair. Blond, brunette, or colored highlights all work to pick up the hair so that they appear to have many layers. There are a couple of ways you can nail the look. Either highlight a few strands in between or highlight the ends of the curls. Also, when done right, highlights have a way of framing your face beautifully. Use coconut oil to maintain the shine of the highlights and mousse to hold the hair in place. 

  1. Curly bob with bangs

Bangs are the epitome of femininity, and they look simply timeless. If done right, they can easily knock off a decade from your age. These bangs look fabulous when styled with thick curly hair. Like the bob they too, frame your face boundaries. So, if you think you have a wide forehead, then curly bangs are for you. For a little oomph, spray the ends with salt spray. The chaotic and messy appearance sums up a very sexy look. A perfect look for a summer vacation.

  1. Short vintage bob

Look simply stunning with this gorgeous vintage curly bob. This is the most sophisticated look of all time, and it takes us back in time for sure. Bob cuts were extremely popular back in the 50s and 60s and even after that. The curls fall on the forehead and are styled so that they frame the face perfectly. The tight and defined soft curls look classy. Back in the day, women used rollers to create this style. Today, you can just use a curler to recreate this iconic style.

  1. Side parted curls

Side parted curls make for stunning red carpet looks when set to perfection. Even otherwise, side-parted curls are dramatic enough to give you a refreshing look. And when we say side part, we mean a deep side part such that most of your curl volume is on one side. This hairstyle works for women with soft curls and with tighter ringlets. Plus, it works beautifully with super short, short, and slightly longer lengths of curls. A chic way to grab instant attention.

  1. Platinum blonde curly bob cut

It may be difficult to imagine a blonde bob, but trust us, it looks magnificent. Especially for women with a brighter complexion, this color looks extraordinary. Getting blonde highlights is one thing but getting uniform blonde hair is a look revival. This is a bold and fashionable choice that’ll give you an instant glow. If you’re a natural blonde, then you’re halfway there. But if you get your hair colored, then take enough care to maintain the color and the curls.

  1. Side braided curls

Curly hair has a powerful character, and it needs a few products to tame it every once in a while. So, with a few pins, some hairspray, and nifty skills, you should be able to braid your hair. Side braids look very pretty for formal occasions or when putting together a party look. You can start putting a braid at one end and gradually work your way around. Alternatively, find a premade French braid headband and get a braided look. 

  1. Updo for thick curly hair

For formal settings or a change of look, tie your hair into a casual updo. Thick curly hair looks spectacular when thrown into a simple bun. Let the loose curls hang. It creates an effortlessly chic look. For frizzy curls, use their natural frizz to form a messy bun. Pin up the hair on the top and let the curls frame your face along the sides. You can also pull up all your hair into a slick front look and a thick pony at the back.
  1. Short curls wedding hairstyle

Turning short curls into a wedding hairstyle needs expert skills and experience. Since curls are difficult to tame and can look messier than necessary, getting the perfect wedding hairstyle with short curls can be tricky. But there’s nothing that a good hairspray and bobby pins cannot achieve. So, on your very special day, rely on these strengths to get your dream updo. Adorn the hair with matching embellishments and real flowers. Add a braid, headband, or a decorative clip wherever necessary.

  1. Headbands hairstyle

Headbands look cute, and they are lovely for creating fabulous updos. For special occasions, go for adorable and beaded headbands. Headbands are super effortless and look carefree. Play around with different hairbands to go with your moods. For curly updos, headbands will be an elegant addition. It can also be added as an ornamental piece and not just a functional one. So, put together your updo using pins, and then put on a beaded or embellished headband for an elegant look.

  1. Bobby pin curly hairdo
  1. Rubber band updos
  1. 1920s finger wave curls
  1. Sunny beach wave hairstyle
  1. “Messy hair, don’t care” curly look
  1. Faux curly mohawk
  1. Bantu knot curly hairdo
  1. Curly shag hair
  1. Curly double bun hairstyle
  1. Curly half top knot hairdo
  1. Curly pineapple updo
  1. Bandana hairstyle for curls
  1. Short box braided bob
  1. Bowl cut with thick curls
  1. Wavy pixie style for glamorous look
  1. Curly crown braided hairdo
  1. Shoulder-length curls
  1. Asymmetrical curly bob
  1. Grey curls
  1. Short wet curly look
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