20 Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Do you have an oval-shaped face?

If you do, congratulations! You have won the genetic lottery with a symmetrical face with a rounded chin and wide cheekbones.

The angles of your face mean you can enjoy almost any hairstyle. Feel free to play around and take inspiration from the many celebrities who were not only blessed with talent and beauty but an oval-shaped face as well!

You can enjoy short, medium, or long hair with a longer face shape, not to mention that you can rock long, luscious curls, sleek and straight bobs, or daring pixie cuts.

You will need to consider your hair thickness and texture, but you will have no problem finding a style (or three) to enhance your features with such a versatile face shape. Deciding to cut your hair can be a daunting step, but understanding more about the shape of your face will help you make the best decision.

If you aren’t sure what shape your face is, then have a look here before reading further. If you know that you are blessed with an oval-shaped face, then let’s dive into 20 hairstyles that you could rock with ease.

Hairstyles For Oval Faces:

1. Sleek Pixie Cut

We are starting out bold with a sleek pixie cut. Now, I know what you are thinking! There is no way that you could pull off something that short. But believe me, with your face shape, you absolutely could.

A pixie cut is a fun way to make a statement, and it can be a fuss-free hairstyle that evolves as it grows out.   

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Charlize Theron

Just look at the many variations of the pixie cut Charlize Theron has rocked over the years.

She has sported everything from a super short and sleek pixie cut to a softer version as it began to grow out. From deep side partings to bangs, Charlize has proven again and again that a sleek pixie cut can be sexy, sassy, and sweet.

2. Layered Bob

This can be a tricky style to get right, but with your oval-shaped face, you have nothing to worry about.

A classic bob hairstyle is usually a couple of inches below your chin and can work with various hair types, provided it has been cut right. Your oval-shaped face means you can have longer layers or a choppy look for your bob.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a great source of inspiration if you are considering cutting your hair into a bob. She has tried a few options, all of which looked amazing. If you aren’t sure exactly what style you are after, look no further than Jennifer and her bob styles.

Jennifer Lawrence has fully explored everything a layered bob has to offer, from shaggy cuts, long layers, and bangs to middle parts and side parts.

3. Mid-Length Middle Part

A middle parting is not for everyone, but you have room to explore with your oval-shaped face.

Parting your hair down the middle frames your face and accentuates your facial features. And let’s face it (pardon the pun), with cheekbones like yours, you will want to show them off.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Katy Perry

Katy Perry is known for changing her regularly, and with an oval-shaped face, she can. She has often chosen a mid-length to do, parted down the middle to show off her gorgeous eyes, flawless skin, and great bone structure.

So, if you want a more classic style, try out a mid-length style parted down the middle.

4. Long Waves

Not only can you pull off long waves with an oval-shaped face, but they will look amazing with a balayage as well.

If you have naturally wavy hair, this style is a great option. If you don’t, then you can easily create them with a curling iron or hair straightener. Add a spritz of saltwater spray, and your long waves will be the envy of your girlfriends.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Blake Lively

No one comes close to owning this style as Blake Lively does. Her signature blonde waves are as much of a statement as her couture dresses.

5. Straight Fringe

Yes, I know, this look is difficult to pull off. But luckily for you, your oval-shaped face is made for a modern, straight fringe. This style works better with straight hair but if you are set on giving it a go and your hair is curly, then be prepared to style it every morning.

A straight fringe creates a border around your face, framing all your best features. It also hides your forehead, if that is an area you would rather not accentuate.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Jessica Biel

No one rocks a straight fringe quite like Jessica Biel. Whether loose and long or styled in a high pony, her bangs are a statement that we love.

6. Punk Pixie Cut

For those brave and bold ladies out there, a punk pixie cut could be just what you want to make a statement.

Often shorter on the sides and longer on top, this style will accentuate your bone structure and jawline. This cut will only add to your already symmetrical features for your oval-shaped face.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Pink

Like punk-rocker Pink, you too could have your own bold style. The punk pixie cut is an unapologetic nod to an individual sense of style while still managing to be feminine.

Whether you choose to be bold in your color choice or keep it simple, this style will certainly allow you to show off your individuality and creativity.

7. Mid-Length Side Part

This hairstyle is not only perfect for your oval-shaped face but is also a versatile and fuss-free option. It is long enough to style in various ways while still being able to tie it up when you want it out the way.

Suitable for straight, wavy, or curly hair, the mid-length side part style is a sassy statement. Whether you have a slight side parting or choose a deep side parting, this style is as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Emma Watson

Emma Watson loves this particular hairstyle so if you need some inspiration, look no further than the Beauty and the Beast stunner.

8. Shaggy Waves

If you are after a more carefree and easy to manage style, then shaggy waves are what you need for your oval-shaped face. Having your hair cut at different lengths will result in more volume and a more forgiving morning routine.

Whether you have straight or curly hair, you can give this style a try, although it probably works best for hair with a natural wave.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is often seen sporting a shaggy hairstyle with envious beachy waves complimenting her great bone structure.

9. Long And Curly

If you have been blessed with lustrous curls and an oval-shaped face, then you should definitely try leaving your locks long and loose. It can be quite a dominating hairstyle, particularly if you have thick, curly hair, but luckily your face shape can handle it.

Whether you tame your curls with products or let them loose for a boho vibe, this style can be played with for any occasion.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has been giving women hair envy for years. She never strays far from her iconic look, and we love her for it.

10. Curtain Bangs

This romantic style works well with the extended contours of an oval-shaped face. Curtain bangs are long enough that they can be pinned back when you want them out of the way. But they also soften a pony, making a simple hairstyle party-ready.

This is a forgiving hairstyle, allowing you to wear the bangs in a side part of the middle part depending on your mood (and your hair!).

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Zoey Deschanel

Quirky actress Zoey Deschanel can be seen sporting curtain bangs. They are part of her signature look, and she styles them in various ways.

11. Long Layers

This is another versatile cut that never seems to go out of style.

Whether your hair is straight, curly, thin, or thick, this hairstyle can be tailored to suit your needs. The layers provide great shape, while the length makes it easy to style in a variety of ways.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Jennifer Aniston

No one has a hairstyle quite as iconic as Jennifer Aniston. She almost always has her long layers lose and lustrous on the red carpet. She is an excellent example of how this style compliments an oval-shaped face and how it can be adjusted over the years.

12. Textured Pixie Cut

You definitely need to try a textured pixie cut for a whimsical and romantic hairstyle. Not everyone can pull this look off, but it is absolutely worth trying if you have an oval-shaped face.

It might seem like a bold step, but it is a very forgiving hairstyle. The layers create texture that lends itself to a sleeked-back look or a softer bed-head vibe.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is an excellent example of how many ways this look can be styled. Whether styled for a couture gown or left messy for a magazine shoot, this is an everyday hairstyle that you can maintain with ease.

13. Long And Straight

This is a classic hairstyle that works well with an oval-shaped face. Whether part on to the side or down the middle, this look needs to be maintained if you want a wall of sleek hair.

Whether you wear it in a messy bun, high pony, or boho braid, having long, straight hair means you have plenty of styling options.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may change up her style on a regular basis, but her long, straight hair is usually a staple. Worn parted down the middle in a severe line or in a high pony, and she likes to show off her long locks.

14. Straight Bob

Cut below the ears but above the jawline in a blunt line, a straight bob can be a tricky look to the style. Luckily for you, an oval-shaped face means you are already ahead of the curve.

This length is usually too short to wear up, so if you have a bad hair day, you will need to take some time to style it. For example, if your hair is straight, a straight-cut bob can be an easy hairstyle that frames your face.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has an oval face and petit features that are enhanced by her straight bob. She has been seen wearing it sleekly styled on the red carpet and even rocking boldly blunt bangs.

15. Shoulder-Length Layers

This girl-next-door cut is another classic hairstyle that can be fun and flirty or sweet and sensible. The layers will frame your oval-shaped face beautifully, highlighting your cheekbones and rounded chin.

You can wear this style in loose waves around your face, in a top knot, or half up and half down. It is an easy hairstyle to dress up or down, making it a popular option.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a great example of how many ways this haircut can be styled. She always looks incredible and has a hairstyle to match with sleek and straight, retro waves or boho layers.

16. Pageboy

The page boy cut is another bold choice, only accentuating an oval-shaped face.

This style is suitable for all hair types and can be styled in a surprising number of ways. Worn with long bangs, slicked back, left curly, or tied back with a headscarf, this is a fun hairstyle you will love.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Sienna Miller and Audrey Tautou

Sienna Miller wears her pageboy cut in an elegant and controlled way, while Audrey Tautou lightly brushes out her curls for whimsical messiness that is very appealing.

17. Wavy Bob

This sweet and flirty hairstyle compliments an oval-shaped face as it creates a frame for your best features. It can be worn in a middle or side parting, and you could even add bangs.

It is versatile and requires little styling because the layers lend themselves to bad hair days. Ideal for naturally wavy hair, you could add extra volume with products or curling iron.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Rachel McAdams

As if Rachel McAdams isn’t beautiful enough, she effortlessly pulls off a wavy bob. She has styled it in many different ways, giving you a good idea of how versatile this cut is.

18. Close Cropped

Having an oval-shaped face means that you can carry off an extremely short haircut with style. If anything, the shorter your hair, the more your facial features are accentuated.

Having a close-cropped do also means that you don’t need to worry about a time-consuming hairstyling routine, allowing you to get on with your day.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Lupita Nyongo

Lupita Nyongo is a stunning example of how to style short hair in a modern way. She unapologetically adorns her short hair with statement jewelry and allows her natural beauty to shine through.

19. Choppy Curls

Having curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock a cheeky, short hairstyle. If anything, having close-cropped hair will make your curls more pronounced as they will bounce up without the added weight.

Layering your curls will also create a beautiful cap of curly perfection that will leave you feeling lightweight and fun.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Meg Ryan

The best celebrity example of this style is Meg Ryan. She effortlessly combines innocent charm with sweet sex appeal with her golden mop of curls. It is also a style that has aged along with her.

20. Short Wispy Shag

Yes, I know, another short hairstyle! But when you have an oval-shaped face, you can afford to be bold in your hair choices.

Another statement hairstyle is a short, wispy, shag cut. This style is very forgiving and works well with all kinds of hair.

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Halle Berry

Halle Berry is still as alluring as ever, and her shag cut only makes her sassy sex appeal more prominent. She has worn this style in a variety of ways over the years, and we love it no matter what.


And there you have it, 20 hairstyles for oval-shaped faces.

If you have an oval-shaped face, then you owe it not only to yourself but to the other women out there who aren’t so fortunate to be bold in your hairstyle choices.

You have the gift of experimenting with a variety of hairstyles that will make you feel beautiful and empowered while highlighting your best features.

Finding the right hairstyle can be difficult, but having a face shape that works with several fun styles definitely makes the job easier.

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